General Hospital Check Up ~ Week of April 7, 2014

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Nikolas rushes to Elizabeth’s side – and so does Ric

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH)Elizabeth went from having nobody to having two pretty impressive suitors. Firs, Nikolas risked his life to save Liz from crazy Doctor O. Nik pretty much freaked out until Liz was out of the woods and safely at GH. And then along came Ric, rushing into the hospital. Poor Ric seems to have genuine love and concern for his former wife Elizabeth. The question is – who will Liz choose? Granted, Nik is still a mess over Britt, but he’ll get over it. Ric seems very focused on winning Liz back. So again, which of these men will Liz choose? She has incredible (and dysfunctional) history with both men. Forgive me, but I hope Liz chooses Ric. I love them together. Yes, Liz and Nikolas are wonderful, but Ric is my choice.

Speaking of Britt – she and Nathan (James) are siblings!? Who saw that coming, because I didn’t! They hit it off (albeit drunk) so I’m hoping the two will become friends as well. Britt certainly needs a friend at this point. And what could be better than a brother? And yes, I cringed when the two almost fooled around. I’m certainly glad they didn’t go down that road.

Speaking of not seeing it coming – did anyone suspect that Dr. O and Madeline are sisters? Another shock for me. But it sure made for some interesting conversation in jail. I’m very glad the whole ‘who killed Nina Clay’ mystery is over. And a part of me is glad that Ava is innocent – at least in that case.

Back to Prince Nikolas – little Spencer (played by Nicolas Bechtel) just slays me. The kid is a scene stealer. The dialogue that comes out of that little boy’s mouth is something. Young Bechtel is a very natural and effortless little actor. He makes Spencer both adorable and sarcastic all at the same time. I think the cutest moment was when Spencer and Nik were stretched out on the bed talking. They’re just beyond cute – both of them. And Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) is clearly very comfortable working with his on-screen son. I’m looking forward to much more of their father and son relationship.

I also really like Spencer’s vibe with his uncle Sonny. I’m thinking little Spencer will share what he heard in the stable with Sonny. It seems like Sonny is already perplexed (maybe even suspicious) when it comes to Luke. When Spencer shares what he overheard, Sonny will take him seriously. Can’t you just see an aged Spencer becoming Sonny’s right hand man? I sure can. It’s not something I look forward to, but I believe it will happen one day.

In actor news, former GH actress Alicia Leigh Willis (ex Courtney) joins the cast of ‘Days of Our Lives’ on April 22. And fans of Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli) are waiting with open arms for the May 6 release of his new novel ‘Magnificent Vibration.’