General Hospital Check Up Week of April 29, 2013

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Maxie’s secret is revealed

Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH)So Ellie (the woman who needs to get a life) finally got the truth about the baby out of Maxie. Ellie now knows that the baby Maxie is expecting is Spinelli’s. The question is – what will Ellie do with this very important information? Doesn’t she realize how revealing the truth could potentially ruin her relationship with Spinelli?

That being said, now that Lulu has lost her memory, will Maxie change her mind and keep the baby? And if Maxie decides to keep her baby, will she come clean with Spinelli? Right now, it seems Maxie holds all the cards. She has the power to impact several lives. I really believe Spinelli would choose Maxie and the baby over Ellie. So, should Maxie simply tell everyone the truth? More importantly, will she?

It’s kind of interesting and very appealing to see Milo’s crush on Lulu revisited. As much as I love Dante, I never really cared for him with Lulu. But Milo is another story. They mesh really well together and they really are just adorable. So to me, Milo and Lulu are a couple with great potential.

Carly and AJ hooked up – did anyone see that coming? They have an interesting love/hate relationship that makes for some heated moments. But isn’t it interesting how Carly is returning to her old ways? She’s become reckless and thoughtless when it comes to men. When Carly first came to town (in the form of Sarah Brown), she broke up her mother’s marriage. Carly didn’t care who she hurt, as long as she found her means to the end. Lately, shades of that original Carly are coming back strong. And it makes for some interesting possibilities.

In actor news, congratulations to the adorable and talented Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma). This past weekend, the actress won a Young Artist Award for best ‘Young Artist under 10 in a TV Series.’ Be sure and watch Ingo Rademacher (Jax) perform this week on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as the series comes closer to the finale.