General Hospital Check Up - Week of April 28, 2014

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Patrick issues an ultimatum

Jason Thompson (Patrick, GH)We’re not getting a very fair or complete picture of Robin lately. Aside from idle talk of Robin and her ‘work,’ we haven’t really heart much about her. But, we did see and hear Patrick ask Robin to come home and support him in his time of need. Although the conversation was one sided, it was pretty clear that Robin chose to stick it out in parts unknown. Robin is bound and determined to bring Jason back alive – and who can blame her. But, is helping Jason more important that Robin’s family?

Patrick gave Robin a choice – either come home now, or don’t come home at all. But was that fair? Looking at it from Patrick’s perspective – yes. After all, Patrick’s very premature son is fighting for his life. Both Patrick and Emma could use Robin’s support. And try as I might, I don’t understand why Robin refuses to come home. I understand that Jason is important to Robin – and he should be. But Emma and Patrick should be more important. Especially given the past two years. I understand this is all happening because Kim McCullough (Robin) chose to leave the show. What I don’t understand is why we are supposed to go along with Robin’s actions. They’re just very out of character. The Robin we all know would never put anyone ahead of her family.

Speaking of out of character – why is Julian suddenly such a push over? When he first returned to town, Julian was in control. He was cold and calculating. Julian was the man in charge. Now suddenly Luke is calling the shots. Julian has turned into the lap dog. He’s the ‘yes man’ who does nothing more than take orders. I don’t like it – and I don’t get it. And it doesn’t make sense.

As much as I dislike Britt, it was nice to see her compassionate side this week. Britt genuinely cares about Sabrina’s son. And Britt offered comfort to her former enemy Sabrina. If this keeps up, Britt may actually redeem herself.

So Nina Clay is alive and as of Friday she awoke from her coma. It would be nice if someone at least told Silas his wife is alive. The big question is – what impact will Nina have on Silas’ relationship with Sam?

In actor news, Rick Springfield’s (Noah Drake) first novel, ‘Magnificent Vibration’ hits stores this Tuesday, May 6. And as fans saw on Friday, Michelle Stafford (ex Phyllis, ‘Y&R’) joined ‘GH’ as the much talked about (and very much alive) Nina Clay.