General Hospital Check Up - Week of April 27, 2009

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The baby drama continues...

Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)I'm starting to wonder if Ethan is Robert's son. Maybe he wishes he were Luke's son. Didn't Holly marry Robert after Luke was presumed dead? Wouldn't Robert have known if Holly was pregnant and gave birth during their marriage? I remember that Holly left Robert - she got on a plane and left town. It makes sense that she could have been pregnant at that time. I'm starting to think that Ethan is a Scorpio. I don't have a clue if Ethan knows who his father is though. He's very hard to read. But he does seem to have a crush on Lulu. So it would be kind of weird if he were a Spencer.

Ok I'm not crazy about Rebecca but I love seeing Natalia Livingston

playing a role that is totally opposite of Emily. Rebecca is so snippy. She's one of those women who pretend to be sweet. When her true colors come out - look out. The only one who seems to realize that is Liz. I don't like the way Nikolas acts around Rebecca either. He's all serious and sappy. I miss the sarcastic and funny Nik who interacted with Nadine, Jerry, and Claudia.

Speaking of Liz. I'm not sure if I like the idea of her and Nikolas. I'm not too keen on Liz going back to Lucky either. I still have Liason hope, what can I say?

Is it just me or did that whole fight between Jax and Sonny bring back memories? Way back when, they used to fight over Brenda. Now it's Carly. I was impressed that Jax was brave enough to actually hit Sonny. I can understand that Sonny is worried about Carly. But her life is with Jax and he has to respect that. Sonny needs to keep his own life in order. I agree with Jason's take on the situation. Trust in Carly to make the decision. It isn't Sonny or Jason's place to tell Carly to terminate her pregnancy.

Did Sonny say in a roundabout way he won't kill Claudia if he learns she arranged the "hit" on him? The same "hit" that got Michael shot? I sort of got the impression Sonny is very torn. I don't think Sonny will kill his child's mother. He's at a loss right now and has no idea how to handle the situation if Claudia turns out to be guilty. I still believe Sonny is starting to have real feelings for Claudia. Sonny may not admit it, but he's starting to like his wife. But if the baby isn't Sonny's - well Claudia better run.

Ric on the other hand is giving Claudia a run for her money. He's determined to be the father of that baby. I wonder if Johnny will take care of Ric for Claudia? I'm thinking he won't. I'm hoping he won't. Even though I'm not crazy about this version of Ric, he's never dull. And he certainly keeps Claudia on her toes.

I can't blame Jax for giving up on Jerry. Did I just say that? Yes. Jerry has crossed the line one too many times. It's time for Jax to walk away. I don't say Jerry should be killed. I couldn't bare that. But I understand that Jax is finished with him. I also agree Sonny should wait until Carly is out of danger before he handles the Jerry situation. Right now, Carly doesn't need to know the truth about Jerry's involvement in the shooting. Right now, she doesn't need to know.

I absolutely love Patrick and Matt together. The whole "two men and a baby" is very sweet and funny. Poor Matt got so overwhelmed when he took care of Emma alone. Patrick was born to be a daddy. And I give Patrick a lot of credit for arranging the intervention. Robin needs some serious help. Patrick loves her enough to help her get the help she needs.

I would say that Maxie is in WAY over her head this time. I don't think Spinelli is a match for that guy Maxie encountered on the pier. I'm thinking someone a bit tougher better happen by, for Maxie's sake.