General Hospital Check Up Week of April 23, 2012

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Hearts are broken and revenge is in the air

Laura Wright (Carly, GH)Carly sure got invested in John fast. And he broke her heart. Her feelings were real and John knew that. He cares for Carly but revenge on Sonny is the most important thing in John’s world. None of this would have happened had Carly chosen Shawn. And why didn’t she choose Shawn again? I guess I missed that part.

And Sonny actually threatened to kill Kate, as well as John. Remember who we’re talking about. Sonny doesn’t handle betrayal well. He acts without thinking and always has. So, realistically, he could ill Kate without a second thought. But will he?

Forgive me, but if John really cared about Carly he could have done things differently. He could have insisted on ‘faking it’ with Connie. That would have worked just as well. Sonny wouldn’t have been the wiser. So, I’m not completely buying John’s story at the moment. If John really cared about Carly, he would have put her first. And if John was really a nice guy, he wouldn’t have taken advantage of a mentally ill Kate.

Slowly but surely Jason is moving away from Sam. Between the baby secrets and her budding friendship with John McBain, Sam is in trouble. Jason is putting the puzzle together – he knows Sam got Franco’s DNA sample from John McBain. To make matters worse, Liz confirmed seeing Sam and John together. And Jason did some confiding in her. Who better for Jason to confide in? Could this bring Liason back together?

And what’s with Sam? Will she never learn? She continues to confide in John as if they’re close friends. What a blow it was to Jason, learning that John knew the baby’s paternity before he did. Not only is John a stranger, he’s a former FBI agent and a police officer.

It’s possible that Ronnie is attacking all those dancers. Didn’t he have a past with Franco? Ron could have a devious, dark side. He’s acting a bit psychotic – which is very out of character. And Lulu is suspicious and suddenly she’s gone missing. Are we going to lose Ronnie soon?

In actor news, speculation is that Brandon Barash’s (Johnny) days are numbered. Given the situation with Kate and Sonny, many are convinced that Johnny will be killed off. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Kristina Wagner returned as Felicia on Friday. Word is she will be staying in town indefinitely.