General Hospital Check Up Week of April 22, 2013

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Vanessa Marcil (Brenda, GH)Brenda comes clean

I understand where Brenda was coming from with her story about supposed sex with Michael. She’s needed to get one over on Carly for years. What I don’t understand is how Brenda could do something so horrible to Michael. The young man has been through so much and Brenda knows his history. Yet, she made Michael think he went to bed with the love of Sonny’s life. To me, that’s unforgivable. So it begs the question – if Brenda really loved Sonny as she claimed, would she do such a thing to Michael? And do Brenda and Sonny belong together or are they finally a thing of the past?

That being said, Michael has really grown into a fine young man. Gone is the angry kid who so wanted to follow in Sonny’s footsteps. Michael is one of the few truly good men in Port Charles. And Starr was a fool to let him go.

It would be nice if Ellie would get a life. Ellie is a bright, interesting young woman. She must have better things to do then try and figure out what Maxie is hiding. So Ellie – please get a life already!! First, it’s none of your business. And second, aren’t you in love with Spinelli? Get a life – go live it and leave Maxie alone.

Magic Milo – it’s really fun to see this character have a story. First Milo went for Sabrina, and now he’s reaching out to Lulu. We’ve seen kind of a different side of Milo lately. He deleted a message from Patrick on Sabrina’s phone. Now he’s hiding Lulu from her family. This is a huge diversion from the usual sweet and honest goofy bodyguard we know as Milo. I do remember that Milo had an interest in Lulu years ago. Maybe he still does. And maybe Lulu will fall for Milo this time around. It’s quite possible since she has no memory of Dante.

In actor news, Maura West will join the GH cast. According to Soap Opera Digest, West will air in May. And Ingo Rademacher is safe to dance again this week on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The reality dance competition airs Monday and Tuesday night. Check your local listings for air times.