General Hospital Check Up - Week of April 21, 2014

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AJ is gone, but far from forgotten

Sean Kanan (AJ, GH)AJ was laid to rest – for real this time. But for Sonny, AJ’s presence is still a huge reality. The numerous visits from AJ’s ghost are over, but Sonny is still wrestling with a guilty conscience. Sonny is such a mess that he took comfort as it were in Ava. In all honesty, I couldn’t watch. I skipped ahead in the episode. Why? Because the thought of Sonny hooking up with Ava is nauseating. I admit it – I wasn’t strong enough to watch.

Don’t get me wrong – Ava is a wonderful and devious character. Her actions tend to astound me. And many times, Ava is so shrill, she just makes me laugh. But I really think the hook up with Sonny was over the line. Ava is supposedly in love with Morgan – Sonny’s youngest son. And Sonny is supposed to be devoted to Olivia. It’s difficult for me to believe that Sonny and Ava would jeopardize their relationships for a quickie in the Q crypt. Sonny stands to lose more than his sanity this time around. He will ultimately lose Morgan and Olivia as well.

As for Morgan – I never really gave the kid much credit. But he figured out what happened in a split second. Good for Morgan for kicking both Ava and Sonny to the curb. And on second thought, Ava and Sonny deserve each other. When things are all said and done, those two will never change. Both will deceive, cheat, steal, and destroy to get what they want. They’re a perfectly matched pair.

I know we’ve been over this before but I just love Spencer. He was wonderfully funny and sarcastic again this week, going up against his evil uncle Luke. Spencer is quite the little spitfire. He’s basically fearless – until it comes to Emma’s safety. I look forward to seeing and hearing what kind of mischief Spencer will fall into next. And I really hope they don’t ever age this colorful young character.

So who’s responsible for the accident that caused Sabrina to go into premature labor? Was it Luke sending a message to Spencer? Or was it Ava keeping her promise to Carlos? And was Britt somehow involved? She certainly appeared out of nowhere. But, had it not been for Britt, Sabrina may have lost her baby on the spot.

In actor news, watch for your soap favorites on the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, June 22. So far there’s no confirmation yet as to which network will air the highly anticipated awards show. The official list of nominees will be confirmed on May 1.