General Hospital Check Up - Week Of June 1, 2009

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Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)They grow up so fast.  It seems GH struck gold when they cast Drew Garrett as the aged Michael Corinthos. Although Garrett is young and a soap newcomer, he's positively fantastic. The outbursts and the anger are very real and believable. I can't take my eyes off this brilliant young actor. I'm not usually a fan of recasts but this guy is fantastic. I love the Michael and Jason interactions. It's nice that Michael has someone who really understands what he's experiencing.

Another recast I'm enjoying is Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina. I love seeing Kristina interact with Jason. One of my favorite things about Steve Burton is his ability to "react" to

someone. He always manages a funny expression or a sarcastic comment just at the right moment. It's nice to see Jason interact with the younger characters. As ironic as it sounds, he's actually a good role model for them.

It seems like all the kids are being aged. I hope they don't age Cam and Jake. We're all still hoping for a Liason reunion and baby Jake is such a huge part of that reunion. I hope Jason and Liz reunite before Jake suddenly turns 10.

Ok so Rebecca is Emily's twin sister who was illegally sold as a baby. I kind of buy that. What I don't buy is why Rebecca didn't just tell the Q's and Nikolas who she really is. They would have happily given her the world. One thing I don't enjoy about Rebecca is she brings out the sappy, sentimental side of Nikolas. I miss the funny, sarcastic Nikolas who used to give Nadine a hard time.

Lucky is a major hypocrite. It doesn't even make sense that he's critical of Luke for cheating on Laura. Did Lucky forget that he cheated on Liz with Maxie? Lucky also goes on about Luke's drinking. Granted, Luke has a drinking problem. But Lucky was a drug addict. I would think Lucky would be more understanding of his father's shortcomings. All I can say is the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

So speaking of apples, why does Luke put Ethan on a pedestal? Seriously, the guy lies, cheats, and steals, among other things. Ethan is a con man and I don't see any redeeming qualities in him. I don't get why Luke keeps saying what a gem Ethan is. I had to laugh when Ethan told Holly "You're a con woman. There's always an angle, there's always a game." Excuse me Ethan - pot meet kettle, don't ya think?

I love Claudia's interactions with Michael. She really seems to genuinely like and understand him. I know Claudia is far from perfect but I also know she never intended to harm Michael. I never thought I would think this, let alone say it but Claudia may turn out to be a good mother after all. I think she's realized her mistakes and wants to make up for them. Claudia is actually becoming a likeable and sympathetic character. She's a far cry from who she once was.