General Hospital Check Up Week of April 2, 2012

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Sam learns the truth

Kelly Monaco (Sam, GH)Who else guessed that Susan Moore had twins?! And interestingly enough, she had twin boys. If Heather is telling the truth, Susan gave birth to Franco,   And ‘the nurse’ is the woman we know as Franco’s mother. It all makes sense – that’s why the paternity test said Jason was the baby’s father. He and Franco are twins – and Franco was a Quartermaine!

The revelation that Franco was a Quartermaine is huge! Think about it – this crazy murdering sociopath was a Quartermaine. When the news goes public (and it will), imagine the drama. It’s safe to say that Franco was the black sheep, not Jason.

It’s pretty obvious Franco knew the truth way before he died. That sure explains the fascination with Jason. Things might have been more exciting if Jason learned the truth from Franco.

And I don’t buy Heather’s wellness claim. I think she has an ulterior motive and poor Steve is falling right into her trap.

Olivia must really care about Steve. She went to Sonny for help? That’s out of character for Olivia. Didn’t she leave Sonny because of his violent life? Yet she pretty much went to Sonny and asked him to shut John up.

What does it say about Sonny that he doesn’t notice Kate’s unusual behavior? Even Jason knows something is ‘off’ with Kate. Sonny is so self-absorbed that he doesn’t know the woman he loves is falling fast.

John McBain has a connection to Anna. It makes sense since he was an FBI agent. Anna brings up a good point – can John stay objective when it comes to Sonny’s guilt? Because he blames Sonny for the death of his sister, John seems to be looking for any reason to put Sonny away. And it’s quite possible that Sonny had nothing to do with the accident.

Starr and Michael seem perfect for each other. Not only are they grieving a huge loss, they’re just cute together. But – will they be romantically involved at some point? It might be more satisfying if Starr and Michael become best friends like Carly and Jason. Realistically, Starr won’t be ready for a relationship for a long, long time. She’s more suited to be Michael’s friend. And Michael is far from over Abbey.

In actor news, Finola Hughes (Anna) has been put on contract. The news was confirmed by Executive Producer Frank Valentini on Twitter.