General Hospital Check Up Week of April 16, 2012

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Secrets are everywhere just waiting to be told

Kelly Monaco (Sam, GH)Sam is making a deal with the devil in Heather.  The fact that Sam knows Heather sold Franco as a baby is dangerous.  Heather will do anything to keep that information from Steve.  Sam is taking a huge chance holding Heather’s secret against her.  

I didn’t think Sam would tell Jason the truth.  She did but now Jason knows she lied anyway.  What will Sam’s latest deception do to her marriage this time?  And can Jason really handle raising Franco’s child?  He doesn’t seem to be coping so well with the news.  And if he’s having trouble now, imagine when the baby arrives.  What happens if this child looks like Franco?

Sonny needs to work on his listening skills.  He does way too much talking and not nearly enough listening.  He just bushes past Kate’s words and talks about his own feelings.  Sonny’s vision isn’t so great for that matter either.  Kate is falling apart before Sonny’s eyes and he can’t see it.  

This whole mental illness thing with Kate – once she goes in for treatment, is it the end of this character?  It’s happened before – a favorite character gets committed and that’s the end of them.  The ‘crazy’ side of Kate is really fun to watch.  But it seems like ‘Connie’ really dislikes Sonny.  She really seems sick by the thought of him.  It’s all a little bit strange, but definitely worth watching.

Does Starr have an ulterior motive where Michael is concerned?  I don’t think so.  I really believe the two have a real connection.  Love will follow – wait and see.

In actor news, watch for Kristina to come back home soon in the form of Lindsey Morgan.