General Hospital Check Up - Week of April 14, 2014

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Sonny starts to crumble under pressure

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)It looks like Sonny’s guilty conscience is getting the best of him. Who would have thought? But it appears that Sonny is spiraling down into darkness – a place he knows too well. And even more unfortunate is that Sonny has turned to Ava for support. A bad and dangerous move if you ask me. Ava will most likely try to push Sonny over the edge – and sooner rather than later. Sonny should turn to Olivia instead. Like Carly, Olivia is devoted to Sonny and his mental health. Olivia would go the distance to help Sonny. Of course, Sonny would have to tell Olivia the truth about AJ. I’m not sure Sonny is ready for that revelation.

Sonny has one other option to save his sanity. He could turn to Carly. History tends to repeat itself when it comes to Sonny and his mental breakdowns. Whenever the pressure mounts, Sonny heads into darkness. And it’s generally Carly to the rescue.

I think that ghost AJ is so entertaining. It’s the most I’ve enjoyed from the character since Sean Kanan came back. It’s fun watching AJ take charge, instead of being the victim. I love watching AJ taunt Sonny. Remember all the horrible things Sonny did to AJ over the years? I would say this is some much needed payback.

Luke’s behavior really sickens me. He’s chasing after Kiki – a girl who is barely an adult. It’s all too uncomfortable and creepy to watch. I’ve seen Luke morph into many things over the years. But right now, he’s just a ‘dirty old man.’ Taking it a step farther, Luke is one step away from a pedophile.

Speaking of creepy, I do not love Maxie’s new pal, Levi. The guy is way too new to be so judgmental and preachy. Levi doesn’t seem the least bit genuine to me. It feels like he’s more of a tool and a poser. I’m thinking Levi has an agenda.

And with my dislike of Levi comes a new and genuine affection for Nathan (James). He’s really grown on me. Best of all, I think Nathan is a nice, somewhat normal young man. Nathan seems like a good soul. He’s the one Maxie should be with. It’s time for Maxie to choose a normal man to settle down with.

In actor news, a rep from GH confirmed that the character of Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) is not being recast. Fans were buzzing about a possible recast when word came out that the show was casting a character that sounded much like Sabrina. Castillo will be on maternity leave soon, as she is expecting her first child on May 24.