General Hospital Check Up - Week Of April 13, 2009

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What a week!  Helena and Jerry return to stir things up in Port Charles


Constance Towers (Helena, General Hospital)Helena is back!  What could be better?  She looks terrific and she definitely has something up her jeweled sleeve.  I wonder if she’s connected to Rebecca?  I’m thinking she is.  Helena is so hilarious.  I love the banter between her and Alexis.  “Alexis, try some collagen,” Helena said.   “You're not aging well.”  I’m sorry, but that was funny.  I have to say though as much as I dislike Alexis, I think Nancy Lee Grahn is aging beautifully.  We should all be so lucky.

Jerry’s back!  GH couldn’t give me a better week if they tried.  I know this is a limited run for Sebastian Roche but still – at least they’re giving us something.  Hopefully we’ll finally get a resolution to some of his unfinished stories.  My favorite thing about his return is that he’s not that sappy, semi normal Jerry.  He’s James Craig, the guy who took over the Metro Court and poisoned Nikolas.  He’s the guy who tried to kill Sam.  I love the way he intimidates Claudia too.  She really is scared to death of him. 
This is the Jerry who’s lethal and scary, yet he still appeals to me, big time. 

Too bad Jerry and Helena aren’t working on something together.  They’d make one heck of a team.  The thing is, I’m not sure who the leader would be.  I’m thinking it would be Helena. 

Poor Spinelli.  His heart is broken, thanks to Maxie.  I could tell she crossed the line when Spinelli called her “Maxie’ more than once.  I even liked the way Spinelli stood up to Johnny.  Even more, I liked that Johnny didn’t fight back. 

I’m not sure I understand Ric’s sudden transformation.  For a while there, he was likeable and really digging Claudia.  Now, he’s all about revenge again.  There’s so much back and forth with him that it gets confusing.  I still love Ric and even more I love Rick Hearst.  I just prefer the Ric Lansing who has a heart.  This current Ric needs to go to Oz and see the Wizard, pronto.

I’m still having doubts about Ethan’s paternity.  He seems to worship Luke.  So is Robert his father?  He also seems to really like Lulu.  I can’t tell if his “like” for her is brotherly or not.  He’s such a flirt and a con; it’s hard to tell what he’s up to.

Don’t shoot me for pointing out the obvious but I think Patrick and Liz made a cute little “family” with their kids in the park.  Look out Robin or you may just lose this man to a woman who seems to really appreciate him.

I kind of hope Carly is pregnant.  But, I also hope she has a successful pregnancy this time around.  This woman needs a happy ending.  And she needs a biological child with Jax.  I love Jax lately.  The “white knight” is back and better than ever. 

I really like the friendship that’s happening between Carly and Olivia.  Carly is a loyal and loving woman, yet she has no friends aside from Jason.  It’s nice to see her bonding with another woman.  And it seems like Olivia is becoming close to Jax as well.  She’s not a sexual threat; she’s just simply a friend and confidant to him. 

I’m looking forward to some interaction between Luke and Helena.  Luke said it best when he said they have a unique relationship.  “We have this sick, psychosexual relationship that feeds on titillation, torture, scorpions, and piano wire,” Luke told Ethan about his relationship with Helena.  As usual, Luke has a way with words.  And man did he hit the nail on the head with that comment.  

I know Sonny will eventually learn the truth about Claudia.  I know what she did was horrible, but she didn’t set out to hurt Michael.  I hope Sonny can somehow forgive her because I love them as a couple.  They couldn’t be more perfect for each other.  And if baby makes three, they’ll be the perfect little mob family.  But if Claudia is pregnant, there’s a chance it could be Ric’s baby, isn’t there??