General Hospital Check Up Week May 14, 2012

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Matt learns the truth

Jason Cook (Matt, GH)Does anyone like the idea of Matt killing Lisa? Really? What happened to the potential love connection between Liz and Matt?

Speaking of the murder, does anyone believe Maxie would go to such great lengths to protect Matt? I don’t. The Maxie we know isn’t that selfless. She would never go to prison to protect someone. It’s just way too out of character for her.

And what will become of Matt? Can he be held responsible for murdering Lisa? It’s been confirmed that Jason Cook (Matt) is on his way out. So either Matt will be sent to prison or the charges will be dropped and he’ll leave town.

Shawn is back, finally. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see him paired with Alexis? It seems a shame to let this beautiful, smart, funny man go to waste. And with the return of Felicia, it seems like Mac may soon be off limits.

Those of us who miss ‘One Life to Live’ are very happy to see the residents of Llanview in Port Charles. But are they taking time away from our regulars? As nice as it is to see Todd, Starr, John, and Tea – wouldn’t we love to see more of Diane Miller? Granted, Roger Howarth (Todd) brings some great humor to the show. But it would be nice to see some of our favorite key characters too.

If the two of them would take it down a notch, Todd and Sonny could be friends. They’re so much alike. Both are selfish and devious. Both find the deception of others unforgivable. But both will do anything to protect the ones they love.

With Molly morphing into a bad girl, how long before they age and recast the character? She’s certainly following in her mom’s footsteps as far as romance goes. Honestly, this girl is smart, pretty, and funny – what does she see in TJ?

I have to wonder what Sonny ever saw in Connie. She seems like a vile human to me. Did Connie’s personality do a 180 when she changed her name to Kate? Or are we (and Sonny) just seeing Connie’s evil side now? Either way, recast Kelly Sullivan is doing an amazing job playing both sides of Kate.