General Hospital Check Up May 7, 2012

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Michael Easton (John, General Hospital)Don't mess with Heather

Apparently Heather isn't a bit reformed. I'll admit I'm not broken hearted that she got rid of Maggie to save Steve. But, Heather is Heather. She won't ever change. And she's sure bringing excitement to our Port Charles friends. They still don't know what hit them – but I'm betting they soon will.

Too bad about Ronnie – but I guess now that we have John McBain in town, there's no place left for Ron.  It's unfortunate...

Ronnie was a likeable character. He sure wasn't the type of man to beat up on women. The whole ending to his chapter was a bit out of character.

Speaking of John McBain, fans are more than likely happy with his budding relationship with Sam. But One Life to Live fans can't help but think about the love of his life waiting in Llanview – Natalie. John has himself a great lady in Nat. So why is he suddenly so involved with Sam? It would be nice to see John do right by Natalie and their son. Rather than get swept up by Sam – a woman he just met.

Johnny really is just a coward. He took advantage of a mentally unstable woman. Carly is correct – John is no better than a rapist. It's all pretty sick. Maybe he'll die at the hands of Carly. Wouldn't that be an interesting twist?

It's interesting to see Jason comforting Kate. He's avoiding his own personal issues by trying to help with Kate.

Sonny won't accept Kate's mental state because he knows he caused it. Jason is right. Given Sonny's own mental health issues, he should understand. But he's so stubborn. Sonny can never admit to being wrong. And he can never forgive and forget. Even in this type of extreme case.

It's unfortunate that Elizabeth is too noble to step into the relationship and fight for Jason. But, if Jason continues to turn to his former love, anything is possible.

I really do understand Todd's hatred of his brother Victor. But Victor wasn't in control of any of the things he did. So he really can't be held responsible. Victor didn't deserve to die. But wait! Isn't Victor really alive somewhere? We certainly were lead to believe that he is. More on that later, hopefully.