Soapdom Soap Opera Fresh Peeks/First Looks Week 7-7-08

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Carly has a new suitor.  Katie moves out.  Fresh peeks all soaps.


All My Children

Looks like Aidan’s perseverance is paying off. This week, Greenlee and Aidan start to get back on track.  In fact, Greenlee will actually come to terms with her feelings for Aidan and Ryan, too.  Who will she choose?  While over at the prison, Greenlee’s business partner, Kendall, shares an emotional visit her mom, Erica.  At the same time, Carmen takes matters into her own hands when she urges Jack to go after Erica. Will Jack heed her words?  Back in town, Jesse pays a visit to Annie. What will the visit uncover?  Finally, the week winds down when Frankie defends Randi to Angie.  Apparently, Frankie and Randi are definitely feeling things for each other. Will Angie be open to such a hook up for her son?  Keep your remote tuned to All My Children this week to find out.

As the World Turns

Lo and behold it appears that the date Carly goes on this week with a new gent was somehow orchestrated by Lily and even Holden – much against his better judgment.  How will she react when she finds out?  Meanwhile, as Jack and Janet bask in the aftermath of their steamy night together, Parker will freak out when he learns about it. Why will he be so upset?  At the same time, when Noah admits his sexual preference to the recruiting sergeant, the sergeant warns him of their policy.  Is this what Noah wants to hear?  On the other side of Oakdale, Mike has suspicions about Paul, and before the week is out, will pay a visit to Jack.  The week winds down as Margo pulls a gun on someone. Why and why?  Keep it peeled to As the World Turns this week and see.

Heather Tom (Katie, Bold and the Beautiful)Bold and the Beautiful

Owen shows another side of himself to Donna.  Later, in lieu of Bridget’s and Nick’s engagement, Katie moves out of Nick’s house.  Is he sad to see her go?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we will say this.  Katie is stunned when the Justice of the Peace arrives.  She is even more stunned to learn that he is there for her.  While on the other side of the city, the Marone house is bustling with guests for Nick and Bridget’s wedding.  Will the nuptials actually occur?  Stay tuned to the Bold and the Beautiful this week to find out.

Days of our Lives

We knew it might come to this. Yup. It is fist to cuffs this week as punches fly.  Philip and Lucas are the contenders.  Bo and Hope soon rush in to break up their fight.  Are Bo and Hope too late?  While on the other side of Salem, Caroline is with Victor when he suddenly collapses.  Sacré bleu!  What’s wrong with him?  Will help arrive in time?
Finally, the week winds down as Max takes matters into his own hands.  With bags packed and passport in hand, he plans to take off and find his half-sister.  Does he succeed?  Tune in to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

As the week heats up, Johnny continues to protect Lulu.  Interestingly, Anthony is convinced that Johnny has blood on his hands.  Then, in a true soap opera turn of events, Maxie and Lulu form an unlikely alliance.  And it’s a good thing too, especially as Maxie holds Lulu’s fate in her hands.  While on the other side of town, Sonny steps up and lays it on the line to Carly. He warns Carly to back off Kate.  Will Carly heed his warning?  Finally, as the week winds down, Patrick makes an emotional appeal to Robin. He is so sincere he actually gets through to her.  Will she change her mind about having him in her baby’s life?  Find out this week when you tune in to General Hospital.

Guiding Light

On assignment, Ashlee contacts Alan and tells him she wants to chat. Naturally, Alan is a tad bit wary. Will he grant her an interview?  At the same time, Lizzie has a proposition for Bill. If he wants to run for office, he should give the company back to her.  Will he see things her way?  On the other side of Springfield, Reva tells Josh about the decision she and Jeffrey made.  Is Josh at all affected by this news?  Later, Mallet worries about Marina wanting to one day have children.   When he explains his fears to her, she responds in the cliché – “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”  Is this enough to assuage his fears?  The week winds down as Grady breaks the news to Daisy that someone in her family framed him. Will Daisy believe Grady?  Find out when you tune in to Guiding Light this week.

One Life to Live

As the week progresses, a menacing Todd threatens Michael and Marcie.  Shortly thereafter, it looks like while the cat’s away the mice will play. In this case, the cat is Adriana and the mice are Rex and Gigi.  The two former teen sweethearts start to act on their feelings for each other in the here and now.  How far will it go?  At the same time, unfortunately, Charlie’s attempt to explain himself to Viki goes horribly wrong.  What puts the crimp in Charlie’s plan?  While on the other side of Llanview, Cristain and Antonio are reunited with Sarah and Talia.  Is it a happy reunion?  Then, as Clint wonders if he can use David and Addie’s marriage to his advantage, Lindsay has her day in court.  Will Nora be appeased?  Find out when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.


It’s all about Esme as the week progresses. First up, Esme takes it upon herself to confront Viki.  How will Viki react?  Here’s what we were able to ascertain. Before the week is out, Esme will turn to the witch when she begs Tabitha for help.  Does Tabby agree to assist?  Then, as Eve tries desperately to rescue Julian, Luis is unable to save Pilar.  Oh no. Is this, in fact, the beginning of the end for the quiet little ocean side hamlet of Harmony?  Tune in to Passions this week and see.

Young and the Restless

Amber, torn by guilt, debates telling Daniel the truth about sleeping with Adrian.  Will she go through with it? If so, how will Daniel react?  At the same time, Jeff and Gloria, now in cahoots, formulate a plan to take control of Jabot.  What does the plan entail?  Will they succeed in their takeover attempt?  Oh yeah, lest we forget…. Kathy Hilton’s back as herself this week.  Wonder what pearls of fashion wisdom she imparts on the moguls of Restless Style this time?  Find out when you tune in to the Young and the Restless this week.