Soapdom Soap Opera Fresh Peeks 3-31-08

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Aidan pops the question. Steve and Hope team up.  Fresh peeks all soaps


All My Children

He’s bitten the bullet and asked the woman of his dreams to be his blushing bride. This week, Greenlee gives Aidan an answer to his marriage proposal. Is it the response he was hoping for?  We’re not so sure as Greenlee is still harboring feelings for Ryan.  But does he return the sentiment?  Nope.  In fact, before the week is out Ryan will cut his ties to Greenlee.  What has she done to alienate him so?  More importantly, will Greenlee simply sit idly by and watch as Ryan leaves her forever?  Not likely.  We’ve got it on good authority that she will put up quite a fight. But will her attempt to keep him around only make him ever more determined to walk out of her life forever?  While on the other side of town, and now that the danger has subsided -- or has it? -- Angie and Jesse enjoy a little romance. However, is Jesse really in the clear?  At the same time, Erica and Carmen have one thing on their minds – to confront Carmen’s ex-fiancé.  Are they putting themselves in danger by setting out on such a quest?  The week winds down as a crestfallen – and pretty drunken – Aidan pays a visit to Annie. Is his intent to take her up on her offer of sexual favors from earlier in the week?  If so, will Annie capitulate? Or is Ryan there to protect his wife’s virtue?  Find out when you tune into All My Children this week.

As the World Turns

Even as she is dealing with her oral cancer, Barbara wants to throw Gwen and Will a going away party.  Will they accept or instead opt to leave town unceremoniously?  Speaking of Gwen, she offers up Lucinda’s cottage to those who may be in need of a new place to stay.  Who?  We’re thinking Noah, Luke, Ameera, etc.   If we’re right, will they take her up on that gracious offer?  More importantly, will Lucinda agree?  While on the other side of Oakdale, Katie asks if Jack wants her to wait for him, but he doesn’t think that would be fair to her.  Meantime, Brad is later frustrated when Katie refuses to tell him what happened with Jack.  Katie does, however, tell Margo that Brad has proposed and that she’s thinking about marrying him.  Will she actually go through with that?  The week winds down when Emma agrees to let Lucinda buy her farm. But is Lucinda the only interested party?  Not quite – Mike Kasnoff’s back in town and he’s gunning for the Snyder farm, too!  To whom will Emma sell?  Check out As the World Turns this week and see.

Bold and the Beautiful

As the week develops, a lot of anger is displayed.  First up. Eric wakes from his forced slumber to find he’s with Stephanie, not Donna.  As you can imagine, Eric is not a happy camper. How will he handle the situation?  Will Stephanie be able to put his mind at ease?  While on the other side of the city, Ridge is overly hostile and his anger is pointed directly at Storm.  It’s understandable that the two men soon engage in a bitter battle, and Ashley is at the root of their fight.  Which man will take the upper hand?  Is Ashley’s virtue in question?  The week winds down with even more anger as Brooke and Taylor argue over baby Jack. This poor kid.  Only months old and his birth mother and his genetic mother are bickering like the dickens over him.  Where’s King Solomon when you need him?  Find out if anyone suggests cutting Baby Jack in two this week and giving each mother half when you tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Days of our Lives

Kayla’s tactics work. Stephanie begins to open up.  However, will Stephanie’s responses regarding Steve put Kayla at ease or only serve to heighten her concerns?  Speaking of Steve, he teams up with Hope and the two act quickly to outsmart Ava.  Do they succeed, or does Ava stay one step ahead of them?  Then, can you say cat fight?  You may have to because the claws come out when Chloe and Nicole get into it about Brady’s disappearance. Who will walk away the victor?  Tune in to Days of our Lives this week and find out!

General Hospital

After taking an oath to heal and sustain life – none other than the Hippocratic Oath -- Dr. Ian’s version should more aptly be called the Hypocritical Oath.  Instead of healing and sustaining life, Ian sets his deadly plan in motion this week.  Will someone discover his machinations before it’s too late?  At the same time, Sonny believes the truce with his rivals will last.  Little does he know that Claudia has other things in mind – like putting out a hit on him.  However, don’t count Sonny out just yet. Tragedy results when Claudia and Johnny’s plan backfires.  Is Sonny the cause?  More importantly, who gets caught in the crossfire?  Speaking of Johnny, looks like sparks start flying between him and Lulu. Is Lulu biting off more than she can chew?  Then, as Robin begins to actually have second thoughts about being a single mother, Elizabeth and Jason talk about their future. Will romance win out or will the head win over the heart once again?  Keep your eyes peeled to General Hospital this week and see!

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, GL, soon to be Jake, AMC)Guiding Light

Olivia comes through her heart surgery, but her elation is soon crushed when she finds out the devastating news about whose heart she received.  Yup, you know what we’re talking about. Gus does not survive the car crash.  His heart now truly does and always will belong to Olivia.  At the same time, Harley decides that Gus deserves only the best. She proceeds to plan a huge funeral.  Will Natalia and Olivia go along with Harley’s plan?  Shortly thereafter, Ava tells Lizzie about Olivia and Gus. How will Ava react?  While on the other side of Springfield, Mallet gets some surprising news.  Dinah announces that she wants to get back with him.  Is this a welcome surprise or a shocker for Mallet?  The week winds down as Cyrus vandalizes Vanessa’s room, she catches him red-handed.  Will he be able to talk his way out of this one?  Tune in to Guiding Light this week and see.

One Life to Live

It’s a week of realizations for police detective John McBain.  He’s been doing some digging – like policeman tend to do – and he comes to the conclusion that Ramsey has set him up. Is he on the money?  Later, John accuses Antonio of being on Ramsey’s side.  Could that be right?  Is Antonio siding with the devil?  At the same time, Jared warns Charlie that Natalie knows the truth about him.  Will this put Charlie at ease or make him more concerned that Viki will find out that he’s been lying all this time?  Then, as Lindsay and Nora continue to sling mud at each other, Dorian starts to investigate Shane’s father for Adriana.  The week winds down when Starr gets the results of her home pregnancy test.  Is she – or isn’t she?  Tune in to One Life to Live this week and see.


Soapdom’s sneak peeks for this week alerted us to the fact that Paloma and Noah were being followed.  We now know that the culprit is most likely Paloma’s ex-boyfriend, who just happens to come to Harmony.  Does he want Paloma back?  At the same time, Theresa worries that Rebecca and Ivy recognize her.  Do they?  If so, will they spill the beans?  Speaking of Theresa, Pilar wants to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan’s paternity.  Will she get that opportunity?  Then, hold on to your remotes!  Viki goes after Julian and stabs him!  Is it a fatal wound?  Be sure to tune in to Passions this week to find out.

Young and the Restless   

Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks for this week revealed that the battle for the mansion is over.  We have now learned that Gloria walks away the victor. The mansion is now hers.  But what is the price of victory?  Has she lost everything else -- including her sons -- as a result?  At the same time, Brad sets the scene to lure David back into his gambling addiction  Does Davey take the bait?  The week winds down as Victor takes a trip out of town.  Where is he off to and who will he be meeting with?  Could it be Sabrina?  You’ll find out when you tune in to the Young and the Restless this week.