Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 9/14/09

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Grant Aleksander (Phillip, Guiding Light)It's a dance-a-thon in Pine Valley. Holden remains in Eb's web. Donna has a secret to keep. Daniel gets good news. Olivia has a warning for Johnny. It is Guiding Light's last week on air (sniff, sniff), but it's a week full of surprises -- don't miss a minute. Todd comes close to encountering Ross. Victor learns the truth! Fresh peeks all soaps.

All My Children

Can you say Dancing with the Pine Valleyites? As the week continues to unfold, Erica and Ryan's dance marathon gets underway. Who will be competing? Meanwhile, romance takes a front seat as JR and Marissa admit they're falling in love. Will David learn to accept JR as his daughter's love interest? At the same time, Annie knows what Ryan's really up to. What tips her off? Later, Randi falls victim to Madison's revenge plot. Will someone come to her rescue before it's too late? Then, the light goes on for Adam as he begins to have doubts about Kendall's guilt. The week wraps up as Frankie and Jesse find an unconscious Taylor. Why has she passed out? More importantly, will se be okay? Tune in to All My Children this week to find out.

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As the World Turns

As mentioned in this week's Sneak Peeks, Maeve saves Holden from Eb's torture and the two escape, but Eb soon recovers and catches Holden and Maeve. What will he do next to get what he wants from Holden? Back in town, Meg finds out that Paul and Emily are getting married. Is she happy for them or does she wish them ill will? Meanwhile, Brad, Janet and Jack agree amongst themselves that they'll support Liberty and whatever she decides to do, but do they share this news with Liberty? Then, as the week winds down, Henry goes back on his deal with Audrey and instead decides to give the money to charity. Vienna applaudes his decision. But is it enough for her to change her mind and choose to stay with him? Tune in to As the World Turns this week and see.

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Bold and the Beautiful

In this week's Sneak Peeks we told you all about Bill's right-hand-man, the dark and dashing Justin. We also revealed that Justin and Donna share a past. As the week progresses, Donna is put on the spot while trying to keep her secret. Will she be forced to come clean? One thing is certain. Donna will have mixed feelings about revealing her secret to Justin. Will he find out anyway? At the same time, Stephanie has a frightening experience. Does she come out of it unscathed? Then, the week winds down on a romantic note as Katie and Bill take their relationship to the next level. Are they destined to be the fashion world's latest hot couple or will something or someone get in their way. Keep your eyes peeled to the Bold and the Beautiful this week and see.

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Days of our Lives

As the week begins, Daniel gets good news. Does it have anything to do with the gloves he stole from Kate? Speaking of Kate, Stefano offers his assistance, but not before telling her - in no uncertain terms -- that any help from him comes at a price. Is she desperate enough to take him up on his offer? While on the other side of Salem, things go south for Melanie and Nathan when they are arrested. Will they be able to talk their way out of trouble this time? Then, the week wraps up on a romantic note as Chloe admits that she loves Daniel. But to whom does she open up? Does she tell Daniel or someone else? If it's the latter, will Daniel remain clueless? Switch your remote to Days of our Lives all week to find out.

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General Hospital

As the week heats up, Michael confronts Jax with his suspicions. Will Jax be able to calm Michael's fears? Later, Olivia warns Johnny not to trust Dominic. Why is Olivia turning on her son? Speaking of which, it's not long before Sonny tests Dominic's loyalty. Does Dominic pass the test? Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth can't get her mind off Nikolas. It even becomes problematic for her when her jealousy over Nikolas and Rebecca flares. Is Lucky there to witness it? Then, the week wraps up with Claudia who is hurt when Johnny pushes her away. Has Johnny chosen Olivia over his sister? Tune in to General Hospital this week and find out.

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Guiding Light

As mentioned in this week's Sneak Peeks for Guiding Light, there are many surprises in store for us as the show winds down to its final episode. For example, don't miss Lisa Brown ("Nola"), Carey Cromelin ("Wanda"), Morgan Englund ("Dylan"), Melissa Hayden ("Bridget"), Maureen Garrett ("Holly"), Jay Hammer ("Fletcher"), David Andrew Macdonald ("Edmund"), Peter Simon ("Ed"), Nancy St. Alban("Michelle"), Paul Anthony Stewart ("Danny") and Krista Tesreau("Mindy") when they return and converge upon Springfield this week. As preview information was sketchy at best for this, Guiding Light's final week, we were only able to dig up this additional tid bit. Phillip is taken by surprise, in fact, he can't believe his eyes. What does he witness? We've said it before and we'll say it again - only one way to find out. Tune in to Guiding Light this week and see.

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One Life to Live

We all know that Blair has hunted down Ross and has brought him to Llanview. As this week progresses, she hints to Tea that she knows her secret. Will Tea take her seriously? At the same time, Ross scrambles to hide from Todd. Then, as mentioned in this week's Sneak Peeks, Dorian decides to take politics by storm meaning that she and Viki are now poised to battle it out. Is this just another foil for the life-long nemesis to have an excuse to be on opposite sides or is the future of Llanview truly in their hands? Meanwhile, Jessica's stalker sends another ominous message as Jared fights off his mystery attacker. The week winds down on a brave note as Fish summons the courage to come out to his parents. Will they be accepting of their son's life choice? Stay tuned to One Life to Live this week and see.

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Young and the Restless

Whdda thunk it? This week, Ashley comes clean and tells Victor the truth about the night of the rainstorm. How is he going to respond to her admission? From what we can gather, his reaction could turn out to be the one thing that could destroy her. At the same time, Colleen makes decision to stay and help her captor, Patty. But could making that choice end up costing her more than she bargained for? Keep your eyes peeled to the Young and the Restless this week to find out.

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