Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 7-21-08

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Greenlee gets shocking news.  Agnes Nixon plays God!  Fresh peeks all soaps.


All My Children

As noted in this week’s Sneak Peeks, Annie overhears Colby and Cassandra discussing the possibility of hitting Richie with Colby’s new car.  Not one to let such an opportunity slip away, a scheming Annie decides to pin Richie’s demise on the kids.  She sets a trap for Colby and Cassandra.  Will her plan work? Not so fast. Before the week is out, Ryan will pull the plug on Annie’s scheme.  Speaking of Ryan, it’s not long before the mother of one of his son Spike, none other than Kendall, drops a bomb on Greenlee. Does she tell Greenlee the truth about Ryan remembering being in love with her?  If so, how will Greens deal with this news?  While on the other side of town, Erica’s out of jail and out of hand.  She and Samuel get caught in a kiss. But by who?  Then, as if that weren’t enough, Erica stirs up trouble between Jack and Samuel.  The week winds down as Randi wars Frankie not to get involved with her.  Will he heed her advice?  Keep your remote glued to All My Children this week and see.

As the World Turns

Carly finds out that Parker knows about her and Holden.  In fact, Parker is the one that tells her about it.  Naturally, he is angry and upset. Will she be able to talk her way out of the situation to Parker’s satisfaction?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we can say this.  Before the week is out, Carly tries to make things right.  She goes to Lily and asks her to at least forgive Holden.  How will Lily respond?  We’ve got a feeling that Lily is not going to welcome the notion.  At the same time, Cole is on the rampage and it looks like Meg becomes Cole’s next victim. Will Paul get to her in time? More importantly, does she survive the attack?  While on the other side of Oakdale, Alison gets very edgy and takes her anger out on Aaron.  Is he taken aback by her behavior?  More importantly, is he concerned?  Meantime, Casey tries to talk sense into Tom regarding the custody hearing.  Will Tom agree to forgo the proceeding?  Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful
While Eric struggles for his life, Brooke assists Ridge in carrying out his plan against Donna.  Will Ridge win this one?  Here’s what we do know. Along with taking Brooke’s help, Ridge will call in the cavalry – namely his lawyer.  He is not fooling around.  At the same time, Felicia becomes irate, but that’s not all. In her aggravated state she makes a threat.  Who is on the other side of it?  More importantly, will they take it at face value? Then, as the week wraps up, a shift of power occurs at Forrester Creations – but hang on to your remotes. Things may not work out as many Forrester honchos expected.  Be sure to tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week to see how it all plays out.

Shawn Christian (Daniel, Days of our Lives)Days of our Lives

He’s been back and forth on this for some time and this week, Daniel makes his decision. He chooses to remain in Salem. As a result, the first thing he does is sublet an apartment.   Wonder where?  At the same time, Bo comes clean to Steve when he reveals that he stole police evidence. How will Steve deal with Bo’s confession?  We gotta figure Steve’s less than happy about it.  After all, it could compromise the investigation.  Will Bo be able to make things right?  While on the other side of town, things take a dire turn when Ava’s bodyguard takes aim at Morgan, but Philip dives into the line of fire!  Does he meet the business end of a bullet?  Tune in to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

Oh yes. Don’t they make a great team?  We’re referring, of course, to Maxie and Spinelli who work together to try and track down Lulu.  Do their efforts pay off?  All we can say is that they, along with Lulu and Johnny, best beware. Scott is out for Johnny and Lulu’s blood.  Meanwhile, Sonny steers Karpov away from Jason.  Shortly thereafter, Sonny doesn’t take the bait when Claudia tries to blackmail him.  Will Claudia leave well enough alone?  At the same time, Carly devises a plan. She wants Spinelli to help her frame someone else for Logan’s murder. Can Spinelli make that happen?  Then, the week winds down as Carly takes action in an effort to save her marriage, but will it be too little too late?  Keep your eyes peeled on General Hospital this week and see.

Guiding Light

Josh and Reva fans your week has come!  Josh tells Reva it was a mistake for him to have walked away from her.  Then, in a soap-like turn of events, Cassie gives Josh up.  Is it truly the end of the Cassie/Josh era? Is Josh now free to return to Reva?  While on the other side of Springfield, can you say catfight? Well, maybe the actual claws won’t come out, but it will be close.  We are referring, of course, to the Ava and Lizzie face off. What are they arguing about this time? More importantly, will either of them walk away victorious?  Finally, Dinah gives Remy a hard time for looking at the pics of Lizzie and Bill on the net.  Does he have a good excuse?  Only one way to find out.  Keep your remote glued to Guiding Light this week.

One Life to Live

Don’t’ forget to set your VCRs and TIVOS and DVRs for Monday and Tuesday of this week as One Life to Live celebrates its 40th Anniversary with special episodes. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for God to make an appearance, played by none other than the show’s creator, Agnes Nixon!   How cool is that?  At the same time, Dorian struggles with her guilty conscience. Then, low and behold, Dorian swallows her pride and tells Viki what she wants to hear.  While on the other side of town, Marty presses Todd for answers about her past.  She is so persistent; he actually fesses up and tells her about the rape during her college days. But will he admit to being the rapist?  Speaking of Todd, his recent ex, Blair, finds herself leaning more and more on John for support.  Is it any wonder then that they will end up sharing a kiss?  To see the sparks fly, tune in to One Life to Live all this week


It really is a week of weddings in Harmony. Like the one Tabitha performs for Norman and Mrs. Wallace.  Will it be a happy occasion or will there be any surprises?  Speaking of surprises, Sheridan gets a shocker when she sees that Antonio has returned!  Has he come back for her?  At the same time, Ethan leaves the church in search of Gertrude. Is that before or after a knot is tied?  Finally, the week winds down as we return to Tabitha who has her hands full when the demons arrive to destroy her. Will she be able to best the beasties?  Find out when you tune in to Passions this week.

Young and the Restless

Amber and Daniel decide to take their differences public when they appear on the Loveline radio talk show.  Will this be just what they need to sort out their complicated relationship?  While on the other side of Genoa City, Chloe proceeds with her scheme to prevent Cane from proposing to Lily.  Will it blow up in her face?  Finally, as Victor continues to sever his ties to Nicholas and Victoria, Sabrina can’t help but be concerned. Will she be able to talk some sense into him before he totally alienates his children?  Keep your eyes on The Young and the Restless this week and see.