Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 7-14-08

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Catfight brewing in Port Charles.  Holden wants Carly.  Fresh Peeks all soaps.


Brandon Barrish (Johnny, General Hospital)All My Children

By mid week, Kendall is faced with a dilemma where Greenlee is concerned.  What’s Green’s up to this time?  Could it have something to do with Ryan? We think yes, cos before the week in out, Annie, warns Greenlee – in no uncertain terms -- to stay away from Ryan!  Will Greenlee pay attention?  Meanwhile, speaking of Annie, Zach doesn’t buy her story.  What is tipping him off?  Across town, although he is undoubtedly smitten, Randi is reluctant to open up to Frankie.  Will she get him to come clean?  Then, as Jesse gets proof that Colby’s car was at the scene of Richie’s hit and run, Ryan gets some surprising news at the hospital. Does he find out that he can have kids after all, or could it be? Is Annie preggers?  Find out when you tune in to All My Children this week.   

As the World Turns

And they say women are fickle.  This week, Holden says he will leave Lily for Carly if Carly says the word!   Will she or is she now very taken with Neal?  Meantime, Barbara’s lawyer has an expert who can get Paul off the hook. Barbara is surprised to learn it’s none other than Rick Decker. (John James)  Does Decker do the right thing?  While on the other side of Oakdale, Emily gets devastating news. She finds out that Tom refuses to back off in regard to her visitation rights.  How will she cope with this news?  Finally, Lucinda and Noah counsel Luke on whether or not to take Damian’s money. Are they in agreement?  If so, do they say go for the green? Keep your remote glued to As the World Turns this week and see.

Bold and the Beautiful

Felicia is fit to be tied and Owen is at the root of her chagrin.  It seems he has imparted some information and it totally frustrates Felicia.  What tidings does Owen deliver?  More importantly, why have they affected Felicia so?   While on the other side of the city, Ridge and Brooke shock Eric and Donna. They have some surprising news of their own and think nothing of laying it on the line with Eric and Donna. What do Ridge and Brooke declare this time?  Could it have something to do with Forrester Creations?  Here’s what we were able to find out. Before week’s end, he future of Forrester Creations hangs in the balance.   Will someone, anyone bail it out in time?  Keep your eyes on the Bold and the Beautiful all week and find out.

Days of our Lives

First up, Sami is in for an earful when she learns that Chloe and Lucas had sex.  Will she take kindly to this, or blow her stack?  We’ll give you three guesses and the  first two don’t count.  Later, the cat is out of the bag when Kate learns of Philip’s deadly threat.  How will she react? More importantly, will Phil make good on his scheme?  At the same time, Max is in for a major shocker.  Stephanie surprises him by showing up on the train.  Is he happy to see her or not?  Finally, it’s a redux of here comes the judge. But why are court proceedings in order this week?  Tune in to Days of our Lives and see.

General Hospital

Things could be very compromising for Lulu this week.  It’s no wonder Johnny fears for her safety.  Will he be able to ascertain her well being?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we are at liberty to share this -- Johnny jumps into action when he fears Lulu is making a huge mistake.  What is Lulu trying to accomplish? Why does Johnny think it’s a bad move?  Meanwhile, not only has Maxie opened up to Spinelli about the night of Logan’s murder, before the week is out, she will also divulge the truth to Jason.  How will he react?  At the same time, Anna has a new hero when Patrick defends her honor.  Question is who is making disparaging remarks about Robin’s mom?  The week winds down with what appears to be a catfight brewing.   As Carly continues plotting against Kate, Kate tries to turn the tables on Carly.  Meow. Whose eyes will get scratched out first?  You’ll find out when you tune into General Hospital this week.

Guiding  Light

Imagine poor Lizzie when she finds out what Bill is facing – namely that he is about to lose everything.  Will she be there to comfort him and forgive any of his past misdeeds?  At the same time, Reva has never been one to keep a secret, especially from the man she loves.  This week she confesses to Jeffrey that she and Josh kissed.  How will he react to her admission?  Speaking of Reva coming clean, Cyrus also gets her to confess that she set Grady up. Will she face any repercussions?  Later and armed with the proof that Grady was only a pawn, Cyrus offers to help Grady, but only if Grady stops seeing Daisy.  Will Grady do Cyrus’ bidding or stand on his own two feet and refuse for the sake of his relationship?  The week winds down when Jeffrey authorizes Grady’s immediate release.  Does Jeff now know that Reva played a major part in Grady’s situation?  Watch Guiding Light all this week to find out.  

One Life to Live

Uh oh.  We’ve heard that things are going to get very electrifying for Bo. In fact, Bo gets the shock of his life, literally!   Sacré bleu! Does that mean he somehow gets electrocuted?  We are not one hundred percent certain, but we do know this – before the week is out, Bo and Rex’ lives are on the line.  Will they be saved?  While on the other side of Llanview, Jessica pleads with Tess to end her vendetta against Natalie and Jared.  Will Tess listen to Jess or is it too little too late?  At the same time, Carlo exposes Tina and Cain as the frauds they really are then makes his plans perfectly clear. What sinister scheme does Carlo have in mind this time?  Finally, the week winds down when Dorian makes a startling discovery about Viki.  What does she find out?  Tune in to One Life to Live this week and see.

Although early in the week Tabitha made the ultimate sacrifice to save Harmony, Tabitha can’t help but be depressed as the week winds down.  Did her efforts fail?  Is Harmony doomed?  At the same time, Miguel and Pilar come close to discovering Juanita’s bomb.  Close is no banana, as they say, so what prevented Miguel and Pilar from finding out about the explosive?  Meanwhile, Sheridan musters up all her courage and asks Luis to leave Fancy.  How will Luis react?  The week wraps up as Theresa plans to leave before Ethan and Gwen exchange vows. But you know what they say about the best laid plans and all. Will Theresa’s plan come to fruition?  Keep your eyes peeled to Passions all this week to find out.

Young and the Restless

This week you can expect lots of developments at the charity gala and in the Chloe/Cane/Lily love triangle.   Plus, Jack’s near slanderous article on Sabrina’s past causes conflict with Nick and Phyllis. In fact, their face off over this piece of literary skullduggery is so severe; it threatens to tear up their partnership. Will they be able to get past it and move on, or is it too late?  Not to mention the fact that a furious Victor confronts Jack about the damage to Sabrina's reputation. At the same time, we learn that Michael will help Jeff and Gloria, but his aid does not come cheap. What price does he name for his assistance?   Then, on the other side of Genoa City, the week winds down as Jill and Brad form an unlikely alliance. What do the two team up to accomplish?  Only one sure fire way to find out.  Watch the Young and the Restless all this week.