Soapdom soap opera first looks/fresh peeks week 12-5-11

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James Franco (Franco, General Hospital)It’s all about fashion collections this week on the Bold and the Beautiful. On Days of our Lives, a new, yet forbidden romance begins.  Over on General Hospital, Franco continues to meddle in the lives of Port Charles denizens.  On One Life to Live, Rex is the bearer of shocking news for Shane.  In Genoa City on The Young and the Restless, Sharon has Victor’s back. But is it enough to prove his innocence?  All this and more fresh peeks starting here with…

Bold and the Beautiful First Looks/Fresh Peeks Previews

Bridget’s back and she stops by Forrester Creations to show her support for their upcoming collection debut.  At the same time, Jackie and Nick host a crowd of press and buyers to introduce their latest line. What will the popular reaction be?  We can’t spill all the beans but we are at liberty to share this. Stephanie is very put out.  In fact, she holds nothing back and unleashes her fury on Jackie Marone.  Will Jackie take it lying down? Finally, the week wraps up as Ridge, Brooke, Eric and Hope realize that they’ve trusted the wrong person… but they are unsure of who that person is.  Do you have any ideas?   Find out when you watch the Bold and the Beautiful all this week.

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Days of our Lives First Looks/Fresh Peeks Previews

As the week progresses, the truth behind the mystery of the illegal gambling on the website is revealed.  Who might be a risk?  Here’s what we were able to ascertain.  Chad and Melanie may be taking the downfall.  But Bo and Hope are on their side and race to find out who is really behind it.  At the same time, Sonny, Will, and Abigail debate taking matters into their own hands.  Before the week is out, however, Chad and Melanie's nightmare comes to a shocking conclusion.  Are they exonerated?  One thing is certain.  All the tension and pressure forms an unlikely bond between Jack and Daniel, and an unlikely hero in Austin. What does Austin do to come to the rescue?  While in more romantic developments, a new and escalating, yet forbidden, romance blooms.  Could the two parties in question be Sonny and Chad?  Find out when you tune in to Days of our Lives this week.

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General Hospital First Looks/Fresh Peeks Previews

As Soapdom reported in our Sneak Peeks for this week, although Sam and Jason vow not to let Franco cause any additional rifts in their relationship, another gift from Franco surfaces later in the week. What is the sociopath artist up to this time?  Meanwhile, one of the first things Sonny does upon his return to Port Charles is pay Kate a visit.  Well, guess what?  The situation gets heated between them.  Is this “heat” of the antagonistic kind or of the romantic chemistry kind?  At the same time, Maxie enlists someone important in town for help.  To whom does she turn for assistance?  Later, as Mac rounds up the possible suspects in Lisa’s demise, Jason loses his temper.  Is his anger directed at Sam, Franco, or…?  Finally, the week wraps up with Dante, who with his usual investigative prowess makes a surprising discovery. What does he uncover? Find out when you tune in to General Hospital this week.

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One Life to Live First Looks/Fresh Peeks Previews

As the week heats up in Llanview, Shane plans to get justice for his mother.  What does he have in mind?  Will he resort to devious tactics?  Speaking of Shane, Rex reaches out to him but has shocking news to share. How will Shane deal with this latest bit of intel?  Shortly thereafter, Bo gives John advice.  Is it a romantic or business recommendation?   In the meantime, with Viki and Clint recently sharing a memorable lip lock, Clint is naturally thrown when he discovers that Viki is really leaving town.  Will she reconsider?  Either way, Clint is in for even more life changes when someone surprises him. Who could it be and what do they do or say to catch Clint so off guard?  Keep your remotes glued to One Life to Live this week and see!

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Young and the Restless First Looks/Fresh Peeks Previews

As particular Genoa City denizen(s) face Judge Click this week, a new romance blossoms.  Could it be that Daniel and Eden begin a passionate relationship?  If so, is it destined to last?  Meanwhile, Victor’s situation continues to escalate, but he has at least one ally.  The commrad in question is Sharon, who will stop at nothing to prove his innocence.  Is that why Detective Mauro is in the picture this week?  Don’t miss a moment of The Young and the Restless this week to find out.

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