Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 12-26-11

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Joseph Mascolo (Stefano, Days of our Lives)It’s fun in the sun in San Lucas for some of the denizens of the fashion world. Meantime,  Stefano and John continue to face off. Will they end their feud?  Over in Port Charles, Michael is a wreck.  Can Sonny and Carly console him?  While down in Llanview and over in Genoa City, wedding bells ring out.  All this and more Fresh Peeks starting here with…

Bold and the Beautiful Previews for the Week of 12-26-11

Bill and Katie argue over Steffy’s intentions regarding Hope and Liam. Later, as Steffy sets up a romantic beach surprise in hopes that Thomas and Hope will make love in Cabo, Bill calls upon Alison to help him with his and Steffy’s latest scheme regarding Hope and Thomas.  Speaking of Thomas...

he appears to be making progress in his romancing of Hope! But when a wicked deception threatens the strength of a burgeoning romance, is it Hope and Thomas who will pay the price? Finally, the week wraps up  as Donna becomes the unsuspecting target of Pam's jealous prank.   Will Pam wise up before it’s too late?  Tune in to all the holiday festivities this Christmas week on The Bold and the Beautiful and find out.

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Days of our Lives Previews for the Week of 12-26-11

Stefano gives John the chance to end their feud for good, while Melanie avoids fighting with Abigail at all cost by denying her feelings for Chad.  Meanwhile, Daniel stumbles upon support in the most unlikely of places, and Will looks for support in the most obvious.  Shortly thereafter, Sami fears that Will is on to her, but its EJ who is actually on to Will.  At the same time, New Year's Eve brings financial problems for John, heartache for Abigail, and hope for Nicole.  Will everything work out okay?  Keep your eyes peeled to Days of our Lives this week and see.

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General Hospital Previews for the Week of 12-26-11

As the week heats up, Sonny and Carly console Michael, but is it enough?  Meantime, Sam questions Jason about Franco.   What does he have to say?   Whatever he shares, it looks like romance is in bloom. Before the week is out, Jason and Sam renew their love.  While on the other side of town, Spinelli invites Maxie to spend the holidays together.  Will she agree?  Later, it’s Dante and Lulu’s special day -- with a surprise!  What could it be?  Then, as the New Year approaches, Robin receives an important phone call.  Who is on the other end of the line?  

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One Life to Live Previews for the Week of 12-26-11

As New Year’s approaches, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Or is it?  As the week heats up, a beloved couple decides to get married. Who could it be?  Viki and Clint perhaps?  Later, the disco song “Where Were You When the Lights Went Out in New York City,” should be renamed to “Where Were You When the Lights Went Out in Llanview,” because that is just what happens as the week wraps up.  A power outage is inconvenient to say the least in any situation, but when the lights go out in Llanview this time, things will never be the same. Don’t take your eyes off One Life to Live this week to see how it all plays out.

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Young and the Restless Previews for the Week of 12-26-11 

With holiday festivities in full swing, the action turns to Gloria who accepts a dubious offer from Angelo.  Is this an offer she simply just can’t refuse?  More importantly, what consequences will she face as a result of playing along?  While on the other side of Genoa City, Victor makes a shocking proposal. What does he want and from whom?  Find out when you tune in to The Young and the Restless this week.

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