Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 12-13-10

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Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL)Ryan asks Kendall to hear him out.  Liam and Hope’s romantic dinner is interrupted.  Philip comes clean to Daniel.  Sonny is out to get Jerry Jax once and for all.  Viki teams up with an unlikely ally.  Kevin opens up to Chloe.  All this and more fresh peeks starting with…

All My Children

Trying her best to get through each day one day at a time, Kendall agrees to hear Ryan out. Will what he has to say assuage her sorrow at all? Meantime, Jake is rattled after he has another flashback of Cara. At the same time, Amanda takes the bull by the horns and suggests to Cara they do lunch to get to know each other. Will Cara agree? On the other side of Pine Valley, Madison tells Frankie the decision she made regarding Ryan. Shortly thereafter, Madison confides in Kendall that she's thinking of leaving town. Will Ryan find out before Madison rides off into the sunset? Meanwhile, Liza delivers big news to Ryan and Greenlee. Does it have to do with Madison? One way to find out. Tune in to All My Children this week.

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Bold and the Beautiful

As the week heats up, Oliver attempts to dissuade Amber from moving forward with her latest scheme, but will his pleas fall on deaf ears? Later, Bill interrupts Liam and Hope's romantic dinner to announce a party he's throwing for Liam; a party he plans on keeping Hope away from. Shortly thereafter, Bill pulls out all the stops as he hosts a celebration where he will announce to the world that Liam is his son and heir to the Spencer dynasty. But are his plans foiled? Like by Brooke who encourages Hope to attend Bill's party while Amber manipulates Marcus into getting her an invite. What havoc will ensue? Find out when you tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week.

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Days of our Lives

In Soapdom's Soap Opera Sneak peeks for this week, we told you that Melanie opens up to Stephanie and tells her the truth about Nathan. As the week progresses, it's Philip's turn to come clean. He admits to Daniel that he cheated on Melanie. Will Daniel keep his secret? At the same time and speaking of confidences, EJ overhears Sami and Johnny discussing their secret code. Does he confront them on the spot, or choose to keep quiet about what he's just overheard to hold the info over their heads at a later date? Plus, watch for the appearance of a new doctor in Salem. His name is Dr. Kim. Just who is heading for a doctor's visit and why? Find out when you tune in to Days of our Lives this week.

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General Hospital

Ah yes. Things always heat up in Port Charles with even the mention of Jerry Jax.. Well, this week, Sonny wants to bring Jerry down once and for all. What scheme does he have up his sleeve to do just that? Will Jerry be foiled once and for all? Then, as we revealed in Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for this week, Theo wants to sue General Hospital. It's Robin to the rescue when she tries to sway Theo out of the malpractice suit. Will she be able to make him change his mind? Then, in some dire developments, Carly's life is put in danger. Will she walk away unscathed? Later, we are one step closer to solving the Balkan mystery. What new information will be revealed? Meanwhile, the green-eyed monster – aka jealousy -- begins to rear it's ugly head as Lulu worries that Dante is in love with Brenda, and Liz witnesses Nik and Brook Lynn growing closer and does not like it. Are Lulu and Liz right to be concerned? Find out when you tune in to General Hospital this week.

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One Life to Live

As you can imagine, Viki is pretty fed up with Echo being in town. As the week progresses, she agrees to let Dorian help her get Echo out of her home and life. What does Dorian have up her sleeve this time? Meanwhile, as Matthew tells Destiny he saw his dad with Inez, Clint continues to blackmail Inez. At the same time, a worried Bo looks for Nora. Shortly thereafter, Blair and Tea grill Todd about Eddie Ford. Then, Starr gets Tea to represent James. Will the truth come out? Keep your eyes glued to One Life to Live this week and find out.

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Young and the Restless

It's time for Kevin to open his heart to the one he loves. He finally admits his feelings for Chloe. At last the truth is out, but will she return his affection? Later, a face-off between Heather and Ronan leads to an explosive result. Are either of them injured? Meanwhile, watch for Rev. Fulton to make his presence known in Genoa City sometime mid week. Who will the good reverend be interacting with this time? Find out when you tune in to the Young and the Restless this week.

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