Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 11-14-11

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Jack Wagner (Nick, Bold and the Beautiful)Jackie pulls Nick into her latest scheme on the Bold and the Beautiful.  In Salem, Bo and Hope are asked to make a gruesome identification.  Is Johnny dead?  On General Hospital, Jason sets his sights on finding Franco.  While over in Llanview, Rex and Aubrey take a road trip. To Rio!  Say what?  All this and more fresh peeks starting here with…

Bold and the Beautiful

In Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks for this week, we shared that Bill and Nick try to convince Jackie to merge Jackie M with Spencer Publications.  As the week heats up, however, it turns out that Jackie has a plan of her own.  She soon pulls a hesitant Nick into her scheme to get Jackie M back on track. What does Jackie have up her sleeve this time? 

Meanwhile, Ridge minces no words when he interrupts Hope and Liam’s private conversation and makes his feelings about them, and Steffy, known.  How will they react?  Are Ridge’s feelings taken into account by either Liam or Hope?  Shortly thereafter, Pam and Nick strike a deal and seal it in a most unusual way.  Could this new alliance have something to do with Jackie’s plan for Jackie M?  The week wraps up with Thomas, who tries to get Hope to forget about Liam and concentrate on him.  But is Hope able to do that?  Tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week and see.

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Days of our Lives

As the week heats up, we are still focused on two major storylines:  Johnny's kidnapping and John's case.  Unfortunately, each scenario receives major blows.  What occurs that puts a thorne in the side of each of them?  Is Johnny still alive?  One thing is certain. Whatever happens, it causes both Sami and EJ to lash out at those closest to them.  Meanwhile, Austin's report on Alice's mystery leads Bo and Hope to Stefano.  What does Stefano have to do with Alice?  Later, as Bo and Hope are called upon to make a gruesome identification, EJ and Sami are glued to their television sets waiting for news.  Will there be a breakthrough in the investigation?  Is it thanks to Rafe? Meanwhile, as the week winds down, it is time for John to deliver his plea.  Will he really go through with pleading guilty?  Keep your eyes peeled on Days of our Lives this week and see.

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General Hospital Sneak

As things in Port Charles progress this week, Tracy and Lulu are shocked with news.  What do they hear?  Who shares these tidings?  Why is the news so shocking?  Meanwhile, Franco has once again gotten under Jason’s skin and Jason remains resolute to track Franco down. Will he succeed?  Then, as Maxie receives a dozen red roses (from whom?), Luke suffers a setback.  Will he be able to come back from the setback?   Later, Stephen and Maggie discuss their past.  Will they reach any conclusions?  Finally, the week winds down as Carly and Sonny spar over Kate. Is Carly simply letting her jealousy rear its ugly head once again?  Check in to General Hospital this week and find out.

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One Life to Live

By mid week, Aubrey worries that Rex has fallen prey to another one of Cutter’s schemes.  If she’s right, is Rex in any danger?  Maybe, maybe not. Before the week is out, Rex and Aubrey fly to Rio. What leads them there?  Meanwhile, Jessica feels guilty for not coming forward with the new paternity test sooner.  Later, Todd and Baker have concocted a new plan and they soon put it in motion. Who should beware?  The week wraps up with Cutter who, as it turns out, has a surprising connection to a former Llanview resident.  Who could it be?  Alex maybe?  Stay tuned to One Life to Live this week and see.

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Young and the Restless

Young and the Restless First Looks coming soon. Stay tuned.

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