Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 10-31-11

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Happy Halloween -- MuahahahahahaBoo and other salutations of the Season!  Soapdom wishes everyone a very happy Halloween, and as it’s Halloween in soapdom, everyone is gearing up, dressing up and some may even be messing up. 

On the Bold and the Beautiful, watch for Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas in scenes with Amber and Thorne on Monday, October 31.  Over at Days of our Lives, the new Horton Town Square is alive with Halloween party goers decked in the most amazing costumes.  But will the event prove to be more than fun and games? 

Meanwhile, there is a mysterious clown lurking at General Hospital, and just as Rex is about to pull the mask from Stacy’s face on One Life to Live, Billy, in Halloween costume, visits the loves of his Genoa City life on the Young and the Restless. All this and more for Halloween week starting here with…

Bold and the Beautiful

In Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks for Halloween week, we shared that Eric turns to Jackie after a devastating encounter with Stephanie.  As the week progresses, Jackie eavesdrops as Ridge ferociously confronts Eric about Stephanie.  Will she step in?  Shortly thereafter, Thomas brings reassuring news to Hope as the Logan women attempt to console her broken heart.  What tidings does Thomas impart?  Finally, as Ridge urges Brooke not to interfere in Steffy’s marriage, Steffy seeks Taylor’s love and guidance and admits she’s keeping a terrible secret.  Will she come completely clean to Taylor?  Tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week and see!

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Days of our Lives

As we revealed in Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks for this week, Halloween partying at the Horton Town Square takes a turn for worse.  Later, Kate tells Stefano she has a plan to take down Madison.  Will the two team up? If so, is Madison at risk, or can she handle herself?   While on the other side of town, the situation for John remains tenuous at best.  Carrie decides she could use some assistance. She reaches out to Rafe and enlists his help John's case.  What will Rafe bring to the table?  Then, just as romance is about to bloom again for Jack and Jennifer, a blizzard hits Salem – much like it did the east coast this past weekend.  The snow, wind and ice definitely stalls their first date.  Will Jack be able to make the most of the situation?  Keep your eyes peeled on Days of our Lives this week.

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General Hospital

As the week heats up, it’s more than sibling rivalry at play when Dante and Michael are at odds.  What are they disagreeing about this time?  Meanwhile, Carly is upset at Shawn at Jake’s.  How has Shawn angered her?  What’s more it turns out that Sonny is on hand to witness Carly’s blow up.  Will he step in?  Then, as Emma’s birthday draws near, Jason awakes to a surprise.  Finally, Anthony reminds Johnny about Claudia.  Does this mean Sonny could again be in grave danger?  Don’t miss a moment of General Hospital this week to find out.

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One Life to Live

As Todd trick-or-treats with Blair and Sam, you can always count on Roxy to spill the beans. As the week heats up, Roxy tells Tina about John’s feelings for Natalie.  Can Tina keep a secret?  Speaking of John, he comes upon Natalie in her wedding dress.  You can just imagine the stitch in his heart.  Later, Jessica tells Natalie she needs to see her and it can't wait.  What does Jessica have to tell Nat?  Finally, the week winds down with Dani who notices that Tea isn’t eating.  Could Tea be having a relapse?  Oh no!  Don’t miss a minute of One Life to Live to find out.  

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Young and the Restless

As the week progresses, things between Adam and Heather go from bad to worse.  In fact, he coldly betrays Heather in way that could destroy her career.  Will she be able to bounce back from this?   Maybe, maybe not.  Either way, Adam’s vengeful machinations are not the only things that Heather must contend with this week.  Phyllis’s tirade continues.  Her latest exposé in Restless Style has drastic repercussions for not only Ricky, but Heather, too.  Will Heather seek her comeuppance?  Meanwhile, in more romantic developments, Kevin is concerned about Chloe’s rush to schedule their wedding.  Does he see through her?  Keep your eyes peeled on the Young and the Restless this week and see.

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