Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 10-19-09

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Brandon Beemer (Owen, Bold and the Beautiful)Stuart's killer revealed. Katie has visions. Owen gets his greatest wish. Maggie interrupts Melanie and Nathan. Sonny and Claudia make a formidable team. Gigi and Schulyer find themselves in close quarters. Fresh peeks all soaps starting with...

All My Children

Looks like Adam is becoming more of a focal point in regard to Stuart's murder. Ryan and Zach think

Adam could lead them to the truth. Are they on the money? Either way, they have a plan to get more info out of Adam and they soon put that plan in motion. Can you say truth serum? At the same time, Annie fears Emma might reveal their secret. Will she be able to keep Emma's lips buttoned? One thing we can promise. The murderer will be revealed this week! Then, as Randi is confident her troubles are over, David has a surprising proposition for Amanda. Will either or both of these women be taken off guard? The week winds down with Emma who gives Annie an ultimatum. Could it have something to do with Annie's plans to marry Adam? Find out when you tune in to All My Children this week.

As the World Turns

In Soapdom Sneak Peeks for this week we told you that Kate was in danger. As the week progresses, she has visions of Henry, Craig, Margo, and her unborn son. Why is she having these visions? Do they actually help her out of her predicament? Meanwhile, Jack is convinced that Craig is hiding something. Will he try to find out what it is? At the same time, Janet and Liberty are at an impasse. Will they agree to disagree? Tune in to As the World Turns this week and see.

Bold and the Beautiful

In Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for this week we shared that a proposal of marriage would be made. Looks like it will be Bill asking Katie to be his bride. But its' not long before she finds herself caught between her fiancée and her family. Across the city, Taylor begs Steffy not to interfere in Jackie and Owen's marriage. Will she capitulate? Speaking of Owen, he thanks Jackie for granting him his greatest wish. The week wraps up with Katie who is put on the hot seat by her family, and the media, during the press conference announcing the changes at Forrester. Will she be able to talk her way out of it? Catch all the action on the Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Days of our Lives

In Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for this week we shared that Nathan and Melanie were prepared to hide their relationship. But the cat is soon out of the bag when later in the week Maggie walks in on an intimate moment between Melanie and Nathan. Will she spill the beans? At the same time, Stefano discovers that EJ has learned Nicole's secret. But he doesn't know the whole story. Will he inadvertently tell EJ more than what he's already heard from Nicole? If so, how will EJ react? Keep your remote glued to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

As the week progresses, Jason gets one step closer to nailing Claudia. Even so, Sonny and Claudia make a formidable team. Shortly thereafter, Jax asks Michael what he really remembers about Jerry. Will Michael's memories come flooding back? Then, as a new menace lurks for Jason, Michael remembers the truth about Claudia! Does he run to Sonny with the news? Finally, the week wraps up with Sam and Jason who get exactly what they want. What could that be? Find out when you tune in to General Hospital this week.

One Life to Live

As we mentioned in Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for this week, Gigi is trying to make things work with Rex. But as the week progresses, fate throws Gigi and Schuyler together. Does it lead to romance? Then, someone continues to manipulate Todd. Who is it? More importantly, will Todd see the light before it's too late? It's then back to Rex as Natalie turns to him for help. Will he agree to work with her? Meanwhile, with Blair is up to her old tricks, Tea shares her secret with Rachel. Why is she confiding in Rachel? The week wraps up with Jessica whose troubles are far from over. But isn't Jared taking the wrap for everything? Maybe, maybe not. Find out when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.

Young and the Restless

Talk about stepping up.  Billy takes matters into his own hands when he makes Phyllis a stunning proposition. What does he suggest?  More importantly, how will she respond?  At the same time, Ashley and Nikki face off over Victor. Will it get to catfight status?  Meanwhile, Deacon learns who his next targets are, but will he continue to play the game that his mystery employer has started? Finally, when Sharon brings Ashley a few things for her baby, a twist of fate may bring her face-to-face with someone surprising. Could it be her daughter?  Find out when you tune in to Young and the Restless this week.