Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 10-18-10

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Adrienne Franz (Amber, B&B)Greenlee wants Ryan removed from court. Amber channels Sally Spectra, or at least Sally-type machinations. Vivian is in for a surprise. Sonny and Claire realize that Carly set them up. There's a major face off with Eli at the warehouse. Ronan has a decision to make. More Fresh Peeks all soaps starting with...

All My Children

Madison upholds her promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when on the stand. She confesses that Ryan was eager to help Greenlee escape David's influence. How will her honesty affect Greenlee's case? As the trial progresses, Greenlee asks the judge to have Ryan removed from court, and is later hurt by Jackson's betrayal. Will their father-daughter relationship once again be put on ice? Elsewhere, Annie realizes she needs to pull it together for Emma's sake. Will she be able to reel the crazy in and stay strong—and more importantly, sane—for her daughter? All this, plus Asher and Colby disagree on how to deal with family issues, and the hotness that is Zach Slater returns to Pine Valley. What will he have to say about what his wife's been up to in his absence? Keep it glued all week to All My Children to find out.

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The Bold and the Beautiful

Amber's bad girl ways swing into full effect when she lures an unknowing Oliver into her web of deceit. What role will he play in her wicked games? Later, she uses Sally Spectra's "tricks of the trade" to come up with her new Jackie M. Designs. Elsewhere, with encouragement from Stephanie, Dayzee tells her story to Taylor, Liam and Hope. How will they react to her confessions? All this, plus Taylor voices her concerns to Ridge about Thomas working side by side with Brooke. Will her words prompt Ridge to have second thoughts about their collaboration? Don't touch that remote—tune in all week to The Bold and the Beautiful to find out.

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Days of our Lives

So much for Vivian's entrapment in the sarcophagus being a secret between Brady and Nicole. She's in for a surprise when he tells her that Victor knows about their secret, too. Of course, Victor isn't particularly fond of Vivian, so will he keep mum about his wife's "disappearance?" Later, guilt begins to eat at Brady and he is forced to choose between his conscience and Nicole. Which will win out? Also, by week's end, look for Arianna to fight for her life. Will she be fighting a losing battle? Get a front row seat to all that goes down by staying tuned to Days of our Lives all week.

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General Hospital

There is no shame in Carly's game and this week her game involves Jason, whom she plants a passionate kiss on. Will Jason go so far as to sleep with Carly? Meanwhile, Sonny and Claire realize Carly set them up. How will Sonny react to his ex-wife's shenanigans? In other matters, Jason and Suzanne press Brenda to reveal the truth behind the Balkan's attack on her. Snooze. Later, Brenda makes an admission to Spinelli. What information does she share with the loveable geek? Finally, look for Luke to collapse in front of Tracy. Will his and Spanky's reunion be short-lived? Keep it locked to General Hospital all week to find out.

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One Life to Live

Starr and Hope's kidnapping has everyone racing to their rescue. Eli arranges a meeting place with Todd to drop the ransom. Desperate to find them, Blair gets a shocking surprise. What does she come upon? Later, Todd, Blair, John and Bo face off with Eli at the warehouse. Will one of them be unlucky in making it out alive? Meanwhile, Greg makes a confession to Natalie and also finally reveals his deep dark secret. What has the not-so-good doctor been hiding all this time? In the midst of all this doom and gloom, room is made for happy times when Destiny has a birthday party. Will it end on a good note? See what plays out by watching One Life to Live all week long.

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Young and the Restless

With the aftermath of the disaster still fresh in everyone’s lives, Nina has a passionate plea for Ronan. What does she ask of him?  More importantly, will he welcome her request with an open heart and mind, or flat out reject her?  As Nina hopes that Ronan will be on her side, Phyllis sets out to destroy Diane.  What does Phyl have up her sleeve this time?  Tune in to the Young and the Restless all this week to find out.

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