Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 1-26-09

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Kendall’s back.  Horror strikes GH. Fresh peeks all soaps.


Alicia Minshew (Kendall, All My Children)All My Children

Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks for this week revealed that Reese and Zach were caught in an awkward position.  Not one to sit idly by and watch her daughter’s life blow up in smoke, Erica stirs up trouble at Bianca’s bridal shower.  Later, Reese squares off with her mother.  Then, Reese confesses her feelings to Zach.  Are Bianca’s worst fears realized?   Speaking of Zach, if Reese is harboring feelings for him, it’s not likely he’s about to return them.  Before the week is out, he and Kendall share a romantic reunion.  At the same time, Tad first confronts Krystal about her drug use, and then tears into her for destroying their family.  Will Krystal see the light before it’s too late?  Flip the remote to All My Children this week and see.

As the World Turns

As is typical in any broken family, Sage wants Carly and Jack to reunite. Will he have to wait to hell freezes over?  Meanwhile, Holden is furious to learn that Meg has been embroiled in a sham marriage with Dusty.  Does he confront her about it?  Later, Emily offers Jade a huge amount of money.  Will Jade accept it? More importantly, if she does, that means it would be incumbent upon her to do Emily’s bidding.  Can Emily count on Jade?  Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful

As the week heats up, Bridget makes a courageous decision.  It is so monumental; it will change the course of her life.  What does she decide to do?  Meanwhile, Eric’s words of wisdom and compassion cause Steffy to reconsider her recent decision.  Does this mean she will give Rick another chance?  We are not at liberty to spill all the beans, but we can share this much. Before the week is out, Steffy sends a special message – that includes an unforeseen invitation – to Rick.  At the same time, Brooke is floored by Ridge’s outrageous accusation.  What does Ridge say that causes Brooke such concern?  Find out when you tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Days of our Lives

As noted in Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks, Melanie has come to a conclusion. In order to get the best outcome, she initiates a bidding war between the Kiriakis and DiMera families.  Who will put up or shut up?  Across Salem, things get dire when the killer and Rafe have their final face off.  Is it too late to stop it?  Which one will walk away the victor?  Finally, Chloe comes to a harsh realization.  She determines that Maggie now knows about her affair with Daniel.  Will she confront Maggie on it?  Tune in to Days of our Lives this week to find out.

General Hospital
As the week continues, Robin grows more and more depressed.  Could she be suffering from post partum depression?  Meantime, when Nik cops a gander at a very familiar looking young woman, he can’t help but believe that his brain tumor has returned.  Has it?  Later, as Claudia has the power to destroy Anthony, Kate holds Claudia’s fate in her hands.  What does Kate have over Claudia this time?  Meanwhile, Claudia is not the only one in a precarious situation.  Elizabeth’s life is in jeopardy and more lives are in danger at the hospital.  What tragedy is befalling Port Charles this time?   Check in to General Hospital this week and see!                                                                    

Guiding Light

Alan has a big meeting scheduled but is upset by Lizzie’s actions.  What does Lizzie do to tick Alan off?  Could it have something to do with her bringing Cyrus to the meeting?  Meanwhile, Beth tells Coop to pull the book and erase it from his computer. But has she even read it yet?  At the same time, as Dinah saves Shayne, or is it Shayne who is saving Dinah, Edmund returns to stir things up by making claims to parentage.  Is Edmund truly Lara’s father?  Keep your eyes peeled to Guiding Light this week to find out.

One Life to Live

Todd and Tea set out to tarnish Lee’s credibility.  Will they succeed?  Speaking of Lee, Marty soon wants answers from Lee.  Does she get the info she’s after?  Later, as emotions run high at Todd’s trial, Starr takes the stand.  Will she be a considered a hostile witness?  Then, after Natalie has it out with Jessica, Tea makes a shocking discovery.  What does she uncover?  Tune in to One Life to Live this week and see.

Young and the Restless

As noted in this week’s Sneak Peeks, Kevin and Amber try their best to help Kay bring back her identity.  However, does their good deed turn around and bite them in the butt?  From what we can tell, they get in over their heads.  Will they be able to extricate themselves before it’s too late?  Meanwhile, Victor and Brad face off at which point, Victor gives Brad an ultimatum. How will Brad react?  Speaking of Brad, he opens up to Sharon and reveals his feelings of love for her.  Will she return the sentiment? Only one way to find out. Tune in to the Young and the Restless this week.