Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 1-2-12

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Roger Howarth (Todd, One Life to Live)A chase on ATVs leaves one Bold and the Beautiful denizen at risk.  On Days of our Lives, Jennifer remains conflicted about her romantic involvements.  Over at General Hospital, Alexis confronts Sonny, while on One Life to Live, Todd makes his feelings known.  Meantime, on The Young and the Restless, Angelo gets closer.  All this and more fresh peeks, starting here with...


Bold and the Beautiful Previews Week 1-2-12

As we shared in Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks for this week, Steffy takes a terrible fall from her ATV.  As you can imagine, soon as word of the accident reaches Los Angeles, Ridge, Taylor and Bill fly to Cabo, but are they too late?  We don’t think so. Later, as Steffy lays unconscious in a Mexican hospital, Ridge, Taylor and Thomas hold vigil at her bedside.  Then, the pressure he’s getting from Bill and Thomas, coupled with his own sense of guilt, makes it difficult for Liam to remain steadfast in his recent decision about his marriage.  Will he change his mind?  Finally, the week wraps up as Dollar Bill Spencer makes a cold, calculating move to ensure that his family remains intact.  What machinations is Bill up to now?  Keep your remote glued to The Bold and the Beautiful this week and see.

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Days of our Lives Previews Week 1-2-12

A day at the spa reveals the true romantic intentions of Gabi and Quinn, but devastating news continue to keep Jennifer conflicted about her own.  Meanwhile, Brady continues to try to talk his father into a surprising deal.  Shortly thereafter, Stefano has an unusual feeling. He actually feels guilty.  As he shows this softer side, he comes close to confessing his role in John's freedom to Kate and EJ, while Will comes up with a plan that is very DiMera-esque.  Does he truly choose to leave Salem, or could it have something to do with his choice to blackmail EJ?  The week winds down as John plans his rise. Is it possible that he may be the true Phoenix?  Don’t miss a moment of Days of our Lives this week to find out.

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General Hospital Previews Week 1-2-12

Jason sets Spinelli up for an important task.  What does Jason want Spinelli to do this time?  Then, as we revealed in Soapdom’s Sneak Peeks for this week, Sonny and Alexis make plans to go on a date, but it’s not long before Alexis confronts Sonny. What has Sonny done to cause Alexis concern?  Meanwhile, with the new year comes decisions on future paths, which is why Michael asks Johnny for a job. Does Johnny hire him?  While across town, Liz and Monica – not to mention us viewers -- get a pleasant eyeful of Ewen. Hubba.  Later, Robin turns to Liz and asks for her help.  Will Liz step up? Finally, the week wraps up as the local paper splashes news about another wedding.  Who is about to tie the knot?  Tune in to General Hospital this week and find out.

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One Life to Live Previews Week 1-2-12

Between the blackout and the prison break, havoc takes hold in Llanview.  But that doesn’t stop Todd from declaring his love for Blair.  How will she react to his admission?  Will his secrets mean their happy ending is anything but a sure thing?  Only one way to find out. Check in to One Life to Live this week.

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Young and the Restless Previews Week 1-2-12

As the week heats up, Judge Waterson and Dr. Okamura make their presence known in town.  Who is involved in legal issues?  Who has taken ill?  Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria’s relationship is tested by a shocking revelation.  Will either one of them be able to forgive and forget?  The week winds down as Angelo closes in on Kevin and Angelina.  What will happen when he finds them?  Stay tuned to The Young and the Restless this week and see.

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