Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 9-22-08

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Annie’s gotta gun.  Big surprises in LA’s fashion world. Fresh peeks all soaps.


Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children)All My Children

Looks like the drama continues with Ryan and Annie this week. When Ryan finds a gun in Annie’s room, he takes action.  Does he confront her?  Speaking of Ryan, his one true love, Greenlee, is now conflicted over her feelings for Ryan. Will she come clean to him?  We’re not one hundred percent certain, but we do know this. Before the week is out, Greenlee takes her anger out on Annie.  While on the other side of the valley, Jesse finally opens up and confesses his secret to Angie.  Shortly thereafter, Angie asks Tad to stop investigating Jesse, but will her request be enough to make him stop?  The week winds down as Babe wonders what Adam and Pete are up to.  Will she get clued in?  Keep your remote glued to All My Children this week and find out. 

As the World Turns

Now that Barbara knows that Paul is alive and well, he breaks the news to her that Meg is missing.  Shortly thereafter, Paul gets news of Meg from Derek who tells Paul that James took Meg.  What will Paul do next to get her back? More importantly, is she okay?  In the meantime, Janet rushes to the station to see Jack.  It appears that she is not happy about the fact that he sent Carly with a message instead of telling her himself.  What did Jack want her to know?  Later, a close moment between Alison and Chris leads to a kiss – again. Plus, Lily and Holden make love. Janet fears she will never be able to compete with Carly. Meg makes a shocking discovery. Finally, the week wraps up as Casey presses Emily about starting a family.  Does this take her off guard?  Find out when you watch As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful

Poor little Jack. His plight has been front and center with the denizens of LA’s fashion world for many weeks.  This week is no different when Brooke faces a difficult conversation with Ridge regarding Jack.  Will she be able to get through it? More importantly, how will Ridge react?  While on the other side of the city, another discussion is underway. This one is between Katie and Bridget but it’s an awkward, yet revealing, conversation.  What are they talking about?  Finally, keep your Tivos and VCRs set for Friday.  It will be a hot night in the city of Los Angeles, with twists, turns, unbridled passion and unexpected surprises for Ridge, Brooke, Nick, Bridget, Katie, Rick and Taylor. Be sure to tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful to see how it all plays out!

Days of our Lives

It’s an interesting week for the younger sect in Salem. First up,Trent and Caroline run into each other at the cemetery.  Will they be happy about the encounter? More importantly, what are they doing at the cemetery to begin with?  Speaking of Trent, he and Max later get into an altercation in Trent’s hotel room.  Do they come to fist-to-cuffs?  What are they fighting about, anyway?  Finally, the day winds down when Kate gets bad new from Daniel. After he evaluates her, he delivers a serious diagnosis. What’s wrong with Kate? Is it life threatening?  Keep your remotes glued to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

As the week heats up, Carly finds out about Kate’s past and she couldn’t be more tickled to learn the truth.  Will she share her findings with anyone else? While on the other side of town, Nadine is in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Wasn’t being caught in the clinic fire enough? Guess not.  Will she come out of this dangerous situation as unscathed as she came out of the first one?  At the same time, Elizabeth is on cloud nine, thanks to Jason.  Could this be the start of their getting back together?  Liaison fans stand by. Meanwhile, Anthony pays Sonny an ominous visit, but Sonny does not appear to be too fazed.  He and Kate still prepare to walk down the aisle.  Finally, the week winds downa when Johnny sneaks Lulu out of Shadybrook to take her to the wedding. Will they get to enjoy the day?  Keep your eyes peeled on General Hospital this week and see.

Guiding Light

When Olivia and Natalia go to visit Rafe in prison, they find him bruised and beat up.  What happened to Rafe?  Is he okay?  Meantime, Natalia best beware. It turns out she has a secret admirer.  Who is the gent in question?  It is none other than Russo, who admits to Olivia that he has eyes for Natalia.  Will he act on his feelings?  Shortly thereafter, Rick has bad news for Alex, Beth and Lizzie.  Is Alan’s life on the line?  Speaking of Alan, he gives Bill and earful when he tells him that “the ride is over.” How will Bill take the news? Plus, sparks fly when Dinah enlists Grady's help. Daisy finds herself in serious danger. Olivia comes to Natalia's rescue.
Lizzie and Bill are left stunned after Alan wakes up.  Finally, when Cyrus dumps on Grady’s plan, Grady leaves, humiliated.  But does Grady have a plan B?  Be sure to tune in to Guiding Light this week and see.

One Life to Live

It would appear that Brody is being unreasonable in regard to Shane.  By mid week, the pressure starts to get to him and he begins to crack.  Will he resort to drastic methods to keep Shane?  At the same time, things could be looking up for Cristian.  Will he get released from the prison after all?  Meanwhile, Dorian is her own worst enemy when she doesn’t get what she wants.  Luckily, however, Langston’s friends rally around her in her time of need.  Then, as fate would have it, Cole catches Clint with Ray.  Does Cole learn of Clint’s scheme?  Finally, the week wraps up as Rex, Bo and Gigi make a horrifying discovery about Brody. What do they uncover? Is it something from his past?  Keep your eyes peeled on One Life to Live this week and see.   

Young and the Restless

Victor is back from Mexico and has been acting strangely ever since his return. This week, things take a turn for the worse when Victor collapses.  Thankfully, Nick and Victoria are nearby and struggle to do what’s best for him.  Is Vic’s life in danger for real this time?  While on the other side of town, Jack and Adam will stop at nothing to find out what happened to Victor in Mexico. What’s first on their agenda?  Plus, an FBI guy shows up in Genoa City.  What’s he doing in town?  Find out when you watch the Young and the Restless this week.