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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 4-7-08

Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 4-7-08

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Mike Kasnoff’s back. Liz says yes. Fresh peeks all soaps.


All My Children

Annie’s had just about all she can take of Ryan’s amnesia.  She’s getting ready to divorce him and when Ryan finds the divorce papers, he makes a heartfelt and honest appeal to Annie.  Will she give him another chance, or is her mind made up?  In the meantime, Zach and Greenlee have a heart to heart.  Zach isn’t so sure about Greens and Aidan and questions her about her feelings for the Brit PI.  Will Zach’s interrogation bring Greenlee to her senses?  We gotta believe that yes, it does as before the week is out, Greenlee uses seduction to win Aidan back.  Will that tactic work?  At the same time, Erica sets out on a mission to help Carmen.  What rabbits will she pull out of her hat this time?  Finally, as Rob tries to get information out of Jesse, Zach grows suspicious of Kendall and Aidan. Was it Annie that tipped Zach off?  Find out this week on All My Children.

Michael Park, Maura West (Jack, Carly, ATWT)As the World Turns

Carjack fans heads up! You may just get what you’ve been clamoring for.  This week, Carly and Jack take a step in the right direction. Is it enough to get them back together for good?  Only time will tell.  At the same time, Alison puts all her cards on the table and tells Chris the truth. Oh no!  How will Chris take the news?  Has Alison bitten off more than she can handle?  And yesserie bob.  Mike is back in town. First he surprises Katie and Meg is next in line. She is literally shocked to see Mike back in Oakdale. It’s no wonder then that Paul soon starts digging for information about his new competition.  Will he succeed in finding out anything of note?  As Paul continues his investigation, Margo puts her foot down. But why? And to whom?  What is Margo so bent out of shape about?  Does it have something to do with Katie and Brad’s wedding?  Keep your remote tuned to As the World Turns this week to find out.

Bold and the Beautiful

Rick has certainly shown his colors where Taylor is concerned and those colors are true blue.  This week is no different as Rick makes a promise to Taylor.  What does he swear to do?  Could it have something to do with always being by her side?  In the meantime, Katie has acted on impulse and kissed Nick.  Unfortunately, Bridget is soon on the scene and confronts them. Will they admit to the lip lock?  We can’t spill all the beans but we can share this.  Katie will step up and make not only a confession, but an apology to Bridget.  Does her sister accept Katie’s overture?  The week winds down as Storm takes Ashley on a date. Too bad it’s not going to go off as planned, especially when Ridge interrupts.  What’s so urgent that Ridge feels it’s necessary to intervene?  Keep your eyes peeled to the Bold and the Beautiful this week to find out.

Days of our Lives

Anna has been trying to get a rise out of Tony and this week, she does just that. He is downright jealous.  Will he admit his feelings to her, or keep them to himself?  In other romantic developments, John wishes for Marlena to love him as he is.  Will his wish come true?  If it doesn’t, remember that Anna is always waiting in the wings someplace. Or is she?  Shortly thereafter, Philip gets a call from Chloe. Is she in some kind of trouble? You betcha. The consulate officers are taking her away.  Is there anything Phil can do to ameliorate the situation?  While on the other side of Salem, Steve kisses Ava!  Will Kayla find out?  Keep your eyes peeled to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

Oh happy day – at least for Elizabeth and Jason. After all they’ve been through, after all the denial, all the hurt, all the unrequited love, Jason pops the question and Elizabeth accepts Jason’s marriage proposal. But is their happiness short lived? At the same time, Claudia gives Nikolas her take on Robin’s pregnancy. Why is Claudia obsessing about Robin’s baby?  Is she acting out because of Robin’s HIV status?  Speaking of Nikolas, Nadine is definitely getting closer. This week, however, he will push her away.  But is it before or after she forces him to face reality?  Meanwhile, as Michael struggles for his life, Carly gets angry with Sonny and Kate.  In fact, it’s not long before Carly becomes utterly furious and faces off with Sonny.  The situation will cause Jason to make the hardest decision of his life.  Does that mean he walks away from Elizabeth yet again in order to protect her and his son from his life in the mob?  Tune in to General Hospital this week to find out.

Guiding Light

She may have a new heart, but what will Olivia do when she finds out that her new heart belonged to Gus?   This week, she will learn about Gus’ death.  Does she also find out who the heart donor was?  While on the other side of Springfield, as Ashlee goes looking for information, Vanessa is shaken by an eerie phone call. Who is on the other end of the line?  At the same time, Marina and Cyrus have a meeting of the minds. In fact, they actually make a deal. On what do they agree?  Finally, the week winds down as Ava shocks Bill with some news.  Does she tell him the truth about her pregnancy?  Tune in to Guiding Light this week and see. 

One Life to Live

That Ramsey is one major mixer.  This week, John, Antonio and Talia are in his cross hairs.  Why is he so heck bent on increasing the tension between them?  What’s in it for him?  While we can’t come clean on exactly what Ramsey has up his sleeve, we can say this.  Ramsey manipulates Antonio to find John and Talia together.  What will Antonio do now?  Then, a surprising duo -- namely Todd and Gigi -- will team up against Ramsey.  Will their strategy work?  Speaking of Todd, his daughter, Starr, is in a predicament.  Langston, along with all the rest of us, wonders what choice Starr is going to make.  Most importantly, will Starr confide in her parents or hide her situation from them.  On the other side of town, now that Natalie knows that Jared is not really a Buchanan, he challenges her to reveal his secret. But why? Is he testing her feelings for him?  You’ll know soon enough when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.


Pretty and Fancy go at each other.  Their argument gets quite heated.  It’s such an ordeal for Pretty that she faints afterward.  Is she going to be okay?  No one is sure. In fact, later Eve will run tests on her. What will the test results reveal?  While on the other side of Harmony, Gwen plans to have a romantic night with Ethan. But little does she know that Theresa has something else in mind.  Theresa’s scheme will soon sabotage Gwen’s plans for a romantic night with Ethan.  What does Theresa do to foil Gwen’s romantic evening?  The week winds down as Noah worries about Roberto living next door to Paloma.  Is he right to be concerned?  Find out when you tune in to Passions this week.

Young and the Restless

Upon their return from the trip to Los Angeles, Victor and Sabrina make love.  Has Victor truly found his new soul mate?  Speaking of a night of passion, as Gloria and Jeffrey finally do the deed, they are rudely interrupted by a very angry ex-lover. But is it an ex of Gloria’s or of Jeffrey’s?  More importantly, what do they want now?  While at the same time, Jack is determined to beat Michael at his own game. What does Jack have up his sleeve?  Keep your eyes peeled to the Young and the Restless this week and find out.

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