Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 4-21-08

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Zach, Aidan face off.  Lulu dumped. Fresh peeks all soaps


Austin Peck (Brad, As the World Turns)As those of you who check in with our Sneak Peeks every Thursday evening -- or subscribe to the Soapdom Sneak Peeks Newsletter  -- already know, in the real soap opera that is my life of late, I broke a finger a few days ago and as a result, my hand is in a cast.  Typing is arduous at best.  Ergo, there will only be kinda sketchy sneak peeks and first looks this week, simply cos I can barely type. But feel free to add your own speculation in the comments sections below. 

All My Children

Zach vows that he and Kendall will put the past behind them. Shortly thereafter, it turns out that Zach has forgiven Kendall but clearly not Aidan. At the same time, Annie comes up with a plan to make Ryan fall in love with her again.  Meanwhile, Erica enlists Jack and Samuel to help her fellow inmates.  Finally, Jesse, Angie, Tad and Frankie discover what’s buried in Jesse’s coffin.  The week winds down as Erica lands in solitary confinement.

As the World Turns

Poor Katie and Brad.  This week they will face a new dilemma.  At the same time, Meg is shocked by what she sees. Shortly thereafter, Carly lays down the law for Jack.

Bold and the Beautiful

Stephanie makes a surprising announcement during an impromptu family gathering.  Meanwhile, Donna questions Stephanie’s intentions then later warns Eric to be careful. At the same time, the lives of the Logan family are forever changed when events transpire that are beyond their control.

Days of our Lives

Marlena gives John another reason to live and kisses him. Could Marlena’s timing be more perfect?  Could she stand to lose John forever?  Speaking of John, Nicole arrives at the DiMera mansion for her date with him.  While in some romantic developments, Max and Stephanie make love.

General Hospital

Johnny breaks things off with Lulu and later faces off with Sonny. At the same time, Nikolas is ready to move on with his life.  Meanwhile, Spinelli can’t keep his hands off of Maxie.  On the other side of Port Charles, Anna is a bit too enthusiastic about Robin’s pregnancy.  The week winds down as Claudia begins to open up to Jason.

Guiding Light

Olivia hesitates when Jeffrey asks for a divorce.  At the same time, Alan puts a spot of doubt in Dinah’s mind. While on the other side of Springfield, Cassie begs Josh for forgiveness. Then, as things often pan out on soaps, before the week is out, Marina gets a new partner. Who could it be?

One Life to Live

Surprise, surprise -- Dorian won’t abandon her vendetta against the Buchanans.  Speaking of Dorian, she and Layla later come face to face with Brody.  While on the other side of Llanview, Michael gives Antonio some devastating news.  At the same time, Gigi tells Rex she doesn’t need him protecting her.  Meanwhile, Clint tells Bo they’ll have to play dirty to save the company.  The week winds down with Cole wanting to run away with Starr.


Boy oh boy, Julian is in one heck of a pickle this week.  Just imagine a very important body part being re-attached backwards?  No wonder Sam questions Julian about his attacker this week.  While on the other side of Harmony, Little Ethan plays a trick on Gwen. And as Sheridan faces off with Pretty, Ethan finally refuses to send Little Ethan away.

Young and the Restless

Angry about Sabrina’s affair with her father, Victoria decides to cut her out of Reed’s life.  Oh yes and watch out for Felicia.  LA’s fashion guru is back on the canvas on Y&R.  What’s her ulterior motive?  Does she have one?  Ben Hollander also shows up this week. Why?