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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 4-14-08

Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 4-14-08

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Zach knows.  John dates Nicole.  Fresh peeks all soaps.


Heather Tom (Katie, Bold and the Beautiful)All My Children

Looks like Kendall may ride out the waves of her one-night dalliance with Aidan after all.  Zach tells a guilty Kendall that he knows about the “mistake.”  He then goes on to say they’ll make it through this rough patch, but are his words enough to assure Kendall?  Are they enough to assure him?  We’re not so sure as later, Zach finds himself harboring a bunch of anger, despite his comforting words to Kendall. In spite of everything, however, he agrees to hire Aidan. Does that mean that Tad is out a PI partner?  At the same time and in a more macabre situation, Jesse tells Tad about his plan to dig up his own coffin. Ewww.  Guess Jesse knows what he’s doing. Maybe digging up the coffin will equate to digging up a new clue.  Meanwhile, as Tad and Jesse deal with that “grave,” situation, Krystal has sound advice for Adam.  Does he heed her words? While over at the prison, we hear that Erica better “make it happen” – or else!  Whatever it is that she is to make happen remains to be seen, but the fact that there’s an ultimatum attached makes the prospect all the more intriguing. The week winds down as Ryan does his best to recapture the chemistry he and Annie once shared.  Do his efforts pay off?  Check in to All My Children this week to see.

As the World Turns

It’s a tender moment as Lily and Lucinda say a final goodbye to Dusty. Whether it’s a hanky day or not remains to be seen, but we recommend having one on hand just in case.  At the same time, Katie is shocked when Kim has a new idea for Oakdale Now.   What does Kim want to do?  Will Katie allow it? Speaking of Katie, current paramour, Brad, asks former paramour, Mike, a favor. Is Mike ready to oblige, or is he feeling a tad bit uncomfortable regarding Brad’s request.  More importantly, what does Brad ask of him? While on the other side of Oakdale, Casey gives Luke some unwanted news. Does the newfound info uplift Luke’s spirits, or damper them?  The week winds down as Paul tries to sweep Meg off her feet. He may be Meg’s new hero, but how will she respond to his attempt to woo her?  Is it possible that his strategy fails?  Find out this week on As the World Turns.

Bold and the Beautiful

The situation regarding Baby Jack takes a turn from left field this week when Katie throws her hat into the ring as an alternate mother for the child.  What causes Katie to make such a declaration?  At the same time, Rick proves his devotion to Taylor.  The question is how?   Speaking of the mental health professional, the results of Taylor’s own psychological evaluation are revealed.  Do the results put forth any surprises?  Then, babies and shrinks aside, before the week is out, a proposal of marriage is made.  Who pops the question to whom and what will be their answer? Keep you remote glued to the Bold and the Beautiful this week to find out.

Days of our Lives

Fresh peeks for Days of our Lives are a tad sketchy this week. However, we were able to dig up some juicy tidbits.  First up, as we already know, Nicole asks John out on a date. Well, guess what?  He accepts Nicole’s invitation!  But didn’t he just propose to Marlene that they try anew?  Speaking of Nicole, it’s not long before Chloe returns to the mansion and gets into another cat fight with Nicole.  Boy oh boy. These two love to go at each other. As the femmes duke it out, the love story of Ava and Patch is revealed.  Does Kayla have cause for concern?  Stay tuned to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

There is no greater wrath than that of a mobster scorned.  This week, Sonny is set on avenging Michael’s shooting.  What will he do to get what he wants?  We have it on very good authority he will search his soul aloud to his comatose son.  Could be a three hanky day.  Speaking of Michael, Jax assures Carly he’ll never give up hope that Michael will recover.  Shortly thereafter, Jerry threatens to silence Ian for good.  At the same time, as Claudia attempts to cover her tracks, Johnny sees through her charade.  What does she have up her sleeve this time? Meanwhile, Robin’s pregnancy puts a damper on her and Patrick’s date. Then, the week winds down as Luke revels in being a power player again as he reopens the Haunted Star. Will his venture be a success this time?  Check out General Hospital this week to find out.       

Guiding Light

We all know that Ava has been lying up the kazoo.  But does she get found out? We don’t think so because this week, Ava gets her wish. How will she handle it?  Speaking of coping, Lizzie does her best to deal with her jealousy.  Does she allow the ugly green-eyed monster to make her life a mess?  Meanwhile, Daisy finds herself in a dangerous situation as Dinah catches a look between Marina and Mallet. Will she confront Mallet about the glance?  Finally, Harley opens up and tells Cyrus her plans for the future. Is he on board?  Watch Guiding Light all week and see!

One Life to Live

As the week progresses, Starr and Langston try to pull off an elaborate ruse.  Will their efforts pay off?  Try as they might to stave off Cole, he’ll have nothing of it.  He demands that Langston tell him what’s going on with Starr.  Will Langston cave?  At the same time, John convinces Talia to go out with him.  How is Antonio going to deal with that?  Speaking of Antonio, he questions Jessica about her doubts concerning Nash and Sarah. Does Antonio make Jess feel better or worse about Nash and Sarah’s trip?  Shortly thereafter, as Adriana warns Gigi to stay away from Rex, Jared’s jealousy rears his ugly head when Natalie agrees to spend time with Miles.  What will he do to prevent that from happening?  Find out when you watch One Life to Live this week.


Darn those demons.  Harmony does seem to have it’s fill of them, right?  And this week is no different as The Demon Elf targets Noah and Paloma.   Are they in danger? At the same time, Gwen and Rebecca want to send Little Ethan away.  Will Ethan allow that to happen?  While across Harmony, Sheridan confronts Pretty.  Who will win the face off?  Finally, Viki worries about being exposed.   Does she have cause to be concerned?  Check out Passions this week to find out.

Young and the Restless

Like father, like son this week in Genoa City, or is it?  Imagine Nick surprise and chagrin after he agrees to a business arrangement with Sabrina, only to learn Victor has the upper hand in the deal. Wonder why?  Could it be because Victor and Sabrina now know each other in the carnal sense?  At the same time, a certain Madame Estelle Chauvin shows up on the canvas this week. Just who is she and how will her presence impact those around her?  More importantly, which Genoa City denizens will she be dealing with and will she be a good omen or a bad one?  Finally, the week winds down as Lily’s pregnancy causes a rift in Neil and Karen’s relationship. Which one of them is on Lily’s side?  Keep your eyes on the Young and the Restless this week and see.



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