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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 10-20-08

Soapdom Soap Opera First Looks/Fresh Peeks 10-20-08

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Lives hang in the balance in Pine Valley. Eric and Donna share a special moment in LA. Fresh peeks all soaps.


John Paul Lavoisier (Rex, One Life to LIve)All My Children

As the week kicks in, Babe opens up to JR and admits that she knows what’s really going on.  How will JR deal with her announcement?  Meanwhile, Bianca and Zach swear Greenlee to secrecy.  What do they want Greenlee to keep to herself?  Then, as Ryan and Annie get chilling news about little Emma, Ryan comes to Adam and Erica’s rescue.  The week wraps up with Angie who demands the whole truth and nuttin but from Jesse. Will he tell her all that she wants to know? Finally, as Kendall’s life continues to hang in the balance, Zach blames Jake for Kendall’s condition.  Is it Jake’s fault?  Keep your eyes peeled on All My Children this week and find out.

As the World Turns

Paul arranges to plant drugs on Dusty.  Does he intend to do the dirty deed himself, or recruit someone else to do it for him?  If it’s the latter, who will fall prey to Paul’s manipulation?  At the same time, Jack pops a question to Janet, but is it “the” question?  More importantly, does she accept?  While on the other side of Oakdale, Henry and Vienna break the lock on the suitcase under Spencer’s bed and find that it’s full of cash. What’s their next move?  Finally, the week winds down with Aaron who has bad news for Alison. Does it have anything to do with ending their marriage?  Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful

They say a mother’s love can right any wrong.  This week, Brooke’s love and devotion for her son gives Rick the strength he needs.  At the same time, Pam reveals the truth behind her actions to Stephanie.  What will Stephanie do with this newfound information?  We’re not one hundred percent certain, but we do know this. Before the week is out, Stephanie will recount her past in an attempt to heal the present and the future.  Do her efforts pay off?  Finally, as the week winds down, Eric expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Donna.  Could this be the start of a reconciliation?  You’ll find out when you tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Days of our Lives

Well, well, well. Talk about easy come, easy go.  As the week heats up, Melanie arrives at the conclusion that it would probably behoove her to leave town while she still can.  Does she make a clean getaway?  While in an immediately more dire situaiton, Sami’s life is in danger when the killer takes aim and fires at her.  Is it a direct hit?  Is Sami dead or alive?  Then, as the week winds down, the news is revealed when Daniel shares Kate’s final test results.  Is there hope for Kate?  Keep your remote glued to Days of our Lives this week to find out.

General Hospital

As the week progresses, Scott and Lulu get the shock of their lives at Shadybrook.  Does Laura come out of her catatonic state again?  If so, it sure would help Lulu’s case, right?  We think that’s exactly what’s about to occur, cos before the end of the week, Laura will do anything to protect Lulu.  Back in town, Jason and Claudia dare each other to carry out their plan.  Will that be the incentive for them to get going on it?  Meanwhile, Luke realizes that Edward has no plans of helping him and Tracy.  Later, Olivia becomes evasive when Sonny questions her about her son.  Wait, how does Sonny know about the kid?  Finally, the week winds down as Nikolas assures Nadine there’s nothing going on between him and Carly. But is he speaking prematurely?  Keep your eyes peeled on General Hospital this week and see.

Guiding Light

Bill realizes that his life is empty without Lizzie. Shortly thereafter, Reva’s hopes for a career move are dashed. What bursts her bubble? Could it be her baby bump?  Speaking of the baby bump, Josh bumps into Jeffrey and can’t help but ask if he is ready to be a father. How will Jeffrey respond to Josh’s inquiry?  Shortly thereafter,  Olivia is reminded just how much Emma and Ava mean to her. Just then, Olivia collapses into Natalia’s arms.  Will she pull through this time?  Finally, the week winds down as Remy arrives to take his MCATs and Mel accuses him of being afraid to succeed. Will Remy take the test after all?  Find out this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

Early in the week, Marcie is instrumental in getting Gigi to see Rex.  By mid week, it’s Marcie’s ex who comes to Gigi’s rescue.  Michael helps Gigi before Adriana discovers what she’s up to.  While on the other side of Llanview, Tina’s playing with dynamite – literally!  Does it blow up in her face?  Shortly thereafter, Brody comes to his senses and when he does, he is horrified to realize what he’s done.  On the up side, the power of Gigi’s love brings Rex back to her.  Adrianna is not going to be happy about that, now, is she?  Meanwhile, as Tess and Tina have each other over a barrel, Starr and Blair anticipate the birth of Starr’s baby.  Will the Doc be forced to go along with Toddy’s evil plan?  Find out when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.

Young and the Restless

Imagine Michael’s shock and chagrin when he learns that Gloria had a part in the bombing.   The first thing he does is demand details from her. Does Gloria fess up? If so, what will Michael do now that he knows all?  At the same time, and speaking of spilling the beans, Billy corners Chloe and insists that she divulge everything about Cane and Lily's history.  Will Chole open up to Billy?  If she does, how will Billy use the information he’s just gleaned?  Keep your remote glued to the Young and the Restless this week to find out.



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