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Joe Mascolo (Stefano, DOOL)Kendall requires a dangerous surgery. It's wedding bells in the fashion world. EJ and Stefano plan a switcheroo. Dante considers turning in his badge. Brody wants to come clean. While in Genoa City, can Sophia trust Tucker? All this and more fresh peeks starting with...

All My Children

As noted in Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for this week, Kendall's new heart fails to live up to the

challenge, yet she miraculously escapes death – thanks in no small part to Dr. Dave's medical prowess. After the scare subsides, Kendall's friends and family try to convince her to get surgery. Will she agree? Thing is – and as Griffin informs Bianca – the surgery is dangerous. Kendall could die during the operation. At the same time, as Kendall encounters a series of additional misfortunes, memories come flooding back for her. Is she thinking about her life with Zach? Does he appear to her? Meanwhile, things are likewise not going so well for Annie. She gets into an accident. Will she walk away unscathed? Finally, some good news. The Hubbard's and Brot have a celebratory dinner for Natalia. What are they celebrating? Find out when you tune in to All My Children this week.

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Bold and the Beautiful

In a nutshell, a family is reunited when a couple, once separated, join in matrimony. Then, Amber delivers devastating news to Liam and Hope.
At the same time, Brooke gets Stephanie to see things her way. What does Brooke do to get Stephanie on board? Shortly thereafter, Brooke makes a confession to Katie. What does she reveal? In the meantime, Jackie uses a special video in an attempt to convince Nick to kick his addiction. She later calls on Stephanie to help Nick face the reality of his situation. Will the intervention work? Tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week to find out.

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Days of our Lives

As the week heats up, EJ and Stefano pow wow. EJ determines that Stefano should definitely go ahead tonight with their plans for Rafe. But you know what they say about those best laid plans. Will Stefano's go off without a hitch? While in more dire developments, Daniel holds Jennifer's life in his hands. Does she pull through? Then, as the week winds down, Rafe and Johnny return from the hospital, but is all well that ends well? Keep your eyes peeled to Days of our Lives this week and see.

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General Hospital

The first part of the week is chock full for Dante. He gets a gun pointed him; he finally gets the truth from Brenda; then, he finds her in his arms. Before the week is out, he will actually consider resigning from the PCPD. Why would he do that? At the same time, his father, Sonny, reassures Brenda that nothing will stand in the way of their wedding. Speaking of Sonny, he soon learns the truth about Michael from Carly. How will he react? Then, despite Sonny's declaration that nothing would stop the wedding, Brenda soon finds her wedding dress torn to shreds. Meanwhile, things go downhill for Lucky when his trap goes awry. He will arrest Siobhan as a result. But why? The week wraps up with Luke who finds Tracy getting arrested for his gem stash. Will he bail her out? Check in to General Hospital this week and see.

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One Life to Live

In Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for this week we shared that Jessica, Natalie, Brody and John were planning a double wedding and that they were out celebrating their final days of bachelor-and-bachelorette-hood. As things heat up, Brody suggests to Natalie they tell John and Jessica they slept together before Marty can. Will Natalie see the wisdom in Brody's recommendation? Meanwhile, young Starr makes her choice. She finally realizes she must tell Cole she has to move on. But will she take the next step? Shortly thereafter, Ford vows to be employed before his Valentine's Day date with Langston. Will his determination pay off? Later, Bo threatens to expose Clint's wrongdoings to the rest of the family, but will he really go through with it? Speaking of Clint, as Rama plots her husband Vimal's revenge on Clint Buchanan,, Aubrey and Cutter fear Clint knows everything. Does he? Watch every second of One Life to Live this week and see.

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Young and the Restless

As Dr. Harding attempts to sort through things this week, Reverend Scott and a police detective appear in Genoa City. That's a cop, a doctor and a reverend. Is someone about to meet their maker due to some illegal activity? Could it have something to do with Sofia learning just how lethal Tucker can be? While in more romantic developments, Diane tries to juggle the men in her life. Does she succeed? Tune in to the Young and the Restless this week to find out.

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