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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 3-24-08

Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 3-24-08

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Erica’s on the lamb. Olivia gets married. Fresh peeks all soaps


Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children)All My Children

Fugitives from justice, Erica and Carmen, continue to evade the authorities. Surprisingly, the two women actually begin to bond – in a way. So much so that Carmen gets Erica to open up about her feelings for Jack.  Will Carmen use this info against Erica?   At the same time, Ryan steps up and comes clean with Kendall.  Does he reveal that he’s been guiding Annie down a primrose path?  Shortly thereafter, Zach forces Ryan to face the man he really is.  Will it bring Ryan to his senses? Namely, does he now remember the past four years?  Later, Annie and Greenlee have a conversation and it’s clear that Annie isn’t going to let Greenlee off the hook so easily.  Finally, as Greenlee and Kendall vow not to repeat their past mistakes, Jesse wonders if he’ll ever get all the answers he seeks. What causes him to now be so skeptical?  One way to find out. Tune in to All My Children all week.

As the World Turns

Now that Paul knows that Meg could be free from Craig, Meg opens up to Paul.  Paul believes she is sincere and tells her to sign the divorce papers.  Meg and Paul grow closer, but will she really cut bait with Craig and go forward with the divorce?  At the same time, Gwen tells Barbara the good news -- that Sofie has agreed to let the adoption stand.  Then,,Will drops the bomb. He explains that he, Gwen and the baby are moving away.  How will Babs take the news – especially considering her own situation?  While on the other side of town, Margo realizes that Gray has escaped with Matt.  What does she do next?  Plus, get this -- Vienna is arrested by the FBI!  For what reason?  The week winds down as Jack and Carly join forces to do what they can to clear Parker.  Looks like Jack’s septic shock has passed.  Will Jack and Carly be able to help their son?  Tune in to As the World Turns all week to find out.

Bold and the Beautiful

The situation between Taylor and Rick heats up. In fact, Taylor finds it cathartic to tell James of her true feelings for Rick.  How will James counsel her?  Speaking of Rick, he receives a love letter.  When he arrives at Taylor’s home, he is surprised by who he finds waiting for him there.  If it’s not Taylor, than who?  Ashley perhaps?   At the same time, Donna suffers more appearance mishaps – but guess what?  Stephanie has nothing to do with them. It’s all thanks to Pam!  Will Donna get her due against Pam or continue to be the brunt of Pam’s malfeasance?  Shortly thereafter, Taylor makes a huge sacrifice for her daughter.  What does Taylor choose to do?  Has she chosen wisely?  Finally, Rick makes a romantic declaration and it startles everyone.  To whom does he profess his love and affection?  More importantly, will they respond in kind?  Tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week to find out.

Days of our Lives

As just about everyone in Salem starts to believe that Chole may very well have been involved somehow in Brady’s disappearance, she can’t help but struggle with knowing how everyone is feeling about her. Luckily, Philip seems to be on her side.  At the very least, he does comfort Chole, but is it possible?  Could Chole be involved?  At the same time, Steve receives a phone call and learns what Ava has done.  What will he do to rectify the situation?  While in more romantic developments, Marlena sets up a candle-lit dinner for herself and John at Chez Rouge.  Does he show up?  Keep your eyes peeled to Days of our Lives this week and see!

General Hospital

Early in the week, Ric does Trevor’s bidding in order to protect Marianna.  But before the week is out, Ric has second thoughts. In fact, he confronts Marianna about her ties with Trevor.  Will Marianna come clean?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we can share this.  Ric will actually take an intriguing offer to Anthony Zacchara. Is it an offer Zacchara can’t refuse?  Does it concern Marianna?  More importantly, does it have something to do with Trevor?  As Ric deals with Trevor, Marianna and Zacchara, his brother, Sonny, warns Kate that Claudia is dangerous. Will Kate heed Sonny’s warning, or refuse to believe him?  Speaking of Claudia, Jason rejects her latest proposition.  What does she suggest, and what makes him pass on it?  Then, as Tracy lays down the law with Luke, Carly enlists yet another Spencer – namely Lulu – to be her spy.  What does Carly want Lulu to spy on?  Keep that remote glued to General Hospital this week and find out.

Guiding Light

Harley did the magnanimous thing and offered to bail Cyrus out of his financial situation. Later in the week, however, she is frustrated when her checks bounce, her credit card won’t work, and she runs out of gas!   Why are her accounts now not in order?  Has her trust in Cyrus backfired?  At the same time, Olivia tells Josh she wants him to marry her and Gus. Will Josh think it’s a good idea? More importantly, will he agree to perform the marriage ceremony? Not likely, as shortly thereafter, it’s Jeffrey who offers to marry Gus and Olivia and she’s overjoyed. But will Gus be?  We think not as before the week is out, Jeffrey will ask Olivia to marry him!  Say what? Yup, you heard correctly.  He hopes Reva will understand. Will she?  More importantly, why has Jeffrey stepped up to wed Olivia?  Then, as Harley and Gus finally determine that they can be just friends, Dinah watches as the agents take Alan and Alex away.  Will Alan be able to talk his way out of this one?  Keep your remote glued to Guiding Light this week and see.

One Life to Live

Tension mounts between John, Talia and Antonio. When Talia questions Antonio on his behavior, he accuses her of acting inappropriately with John!  Is Antonio projecting, or could chemistry be smoldering between John and Talia?   Speaking of undeniable chemistry, Natalie is rattled after nearly kissing Jared. Later, and coincidentally, Jared and Natalie find themselves trapped at the cabin alone together.  Will it lead to more romance or total frustration for the two?  Finally, the week winds down as Blair confronts Markko about Cole trying to sneak into the house to see Starr.  Does Markko fess up? Meantime, John convinces Cole that he has to keep his distance from Starr.  Will Cole agree?  You’ll see when you keep it glued to One Life to Live all week.


As revealed in the Sneak Peeks for this week, Pretty is determined to destroy Fancy to the point of killing her.  Later in the week, Pretty will actually push Sheridan to go along with her plan. What does Pretty have on Sheridan that could make her even consider being Pretty’s accomplice?  Will Sheridan allow jealousy to rear its ugly head?  Speaking of Fancy, she will soon tell Luis that she wants a baby.  Is this what Luis wants or needs to hear?  How will he respond to Fancy’s declaration?   While on the other side of Harmony, Gwen encounters her nemesis and all she can do – for the moment, anyway – is panic when she sees Theresa. Does Theresa confront Gwen?  Meantime, Ivy laments her past misdeeds to Sam. Does he lend a sympathetic ear or chastise her for her wrongdoings?  Keep your eyes peeled to Passions all this week and find out!
Young and the Restless

As the Restless Style party gets well under way, Ashley Abbott and Felicia Forrester arrive and make a splash at the event.  Will Felicia help or hinder the magazine’s success?  At the same time, Jill worries about damaging revelations in Katherine’s memoirs. Should she lighten up or does she have cause to worry?  What will Katherine write about her?  Speaking of the Genoa City matriarch, Kay fesses up about her health problems. To whom does she come clean? More importantly, will this person help Kay’s situation?   Finally, the week winds down as Adam and Victoria clash. However, it seems that their father, Victor, and Sabrina grow closer. What could their budding relationship mean for the entire Newman clan?  Keep your eyes peeled to The Young and the Restless this week and see!

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