Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 1-21-08

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Jesse’s back.  Holden’s arrested. Fresh peeks all soaps.


All My Children

It’s all about Angie’s return and the breakout in Pine Valley of a rare disease this week. But first, you may recall that Ryan executed a severe faux pas at the end of last week, when, as he and Annie were about to engage in a night of romance, he inadvertently called her Kendall!  Sacré bleu!  He will address his mistake first up this week. Does he have a plausible excuse?  More importantly, does Annie give him the benefit of the doubt?  At the same time, Angie shows up in Pine Valley at Joe’s request. After catching up with old pal, Tad, she is shocked to see that her patient, Quentin, is none other than her own son, Frankie!  The surprise of that aside, Frankie/Quentin is in critical condition.  Plus, he’s not the only one. Greenlee continues to exhibit symptoms as well. Despite Greenlee’s growing camaraderie with Zach – something that is not lost on Kendall – it is Aidan who finally convinces her to go to the hospital and get checked out.  Meanwhile, Aidan and Zach return to the bomb shelter with Angie in tow to attempt to determine the cause of the mysterious illness.  When someone else dies from the same disease, Angie gets the sobering realization that it’s life and death for Greenlee and Frankie, and she may be the only one in a position to save them. Will she make a diagnosis before it’s too late?  Or, will the return of another to Pine Valley be the answer?  Can you say Jesse?   While on the other side of town, it’s back to Kendall who gets an offer she can’t refuse.  Then, before the week is out, as Jack and Erica seem to be reconnecting, he discovers something about Erica’s financial dealings that could be considered shady. What is Erica up to now?  Find out this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

After giving it her all, Rosanna finally comes to the conclusion that she and Paul are through. Or does she? She does offer to fly Paul to the Caribbean for a quickie divorce, but is that really what she has in mind?  More importantly, will he agree to go?  At the same time, Craig is a suspect in the murder investigation. Naturally, he is incredulous about this, but is his demeanor just a shame to hide his guilt?  Maybe, maybe not.  It’s not long before someone is arrested. Is it Craig?  We don’t think so because Susan tells Margo about seeing Holden by the drugs the night of the murder.  Did Holden have something to do with the crime?  Will he confess to hiding the syringe – the same syringe that is probably what killed the victim?  While in more romantic developments, Brad wakes up to find that Katie is gone.  Does he go after her?  Keep your remote glued to As the World Turns this week and find out.

Hunter Tylo (Taylor, Bold and the Beautiful)Bold & the Beautiful

With each passing day, Taylor sinks lower and lower down a path of dependency.  This week, Taylor turns to alcohol to quell her continued hallucinations of Brooke.  But won’t the booze worsen the problem?  Taylor, Taylor, Taylor heal thyself, kiddo.  But no, that would be too easy. Instead, Taylor hides her drinking from Nick -- a classic sign of addiction.  Will she seek or get help before it’s too late?  At the same time, Donna is naturally upset about being blackmailed.  So, she suggests the unthinkable to Katie.  Does her recommendation have anything to do with eliminating Stephanie?  How will Katie react?  Speaking of Stephanie, she returns home from Chicago and the first thing she does is head straight over to Donna’s.  Is she taking her life in her hands?  Find out when you tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Days of our Lives

On the hunt to find clues about Claire’s whereabouts, Shawn and Chloe go to Crystal's storefront. Will they uncover anything significant?  At the same time, Marlena finally comes clean and admits the truth to Belle.  How will Belle deal with this newfound info?  Does Marlena’s confession cause a rift between the two of them or bring them closer together?  Speaking of opening up, Stephanie reveals to Steve that Ford had raped her.   Will this help Steve gain a better understanding into what Stephanie has been going through these past few months?  Or does he take matters into his own hands to try and make things right?  Only one way to find out.  Watch Days of our Lives all this week.

General Hospital

There’s a bun in the oven on General Hospital this week, and it’s Robin’s bun.  Just as she was hitting up the sperm bank for a possible donor, she discovers she’s already preggo.  But how can that be?  More importantly, will she break the news to Patrick?  Speaking of Robin and Pat, she later overhears him recommending to Leo that  he steer clear from dating a single mother.  Boy, good ole Dr. Pat sure has something against small fry.  In the meantime, can you say McSoapy?  Yessiree a new McDreamy, McSteamy doctor hits Port Charles and it turns out he’s an old friend of Patrick’s.  Although he seems like a player -- ladies beware – there could be more to him than meets the eye.  But what?  Thing is what meets the eye is pretty darn hot, so it will be fun to see this play out.  While on the other side of town, Nikolas must come to a major decision and it has to do with Emily. Will he choose wisely?  Finally, as Alexis is down at the docks, she is attacked. Is she the next victim of the Text Message Killer?  More importantly, is she seriously injured or worse?  Keep it glued to General Hospital all week to find out.

Guiding Light

Harley gets a talking to this week when Buzz confronts her and tells her not to hurt Marina.  Can Harley help how she’s feeling about Cyrus?  Probably not, as it’s hard to ask one’s heart to stop pumping.  Will she at least try to do as Buzz asks?  Meanwhile,  Lizzie tells Bill it's time for him to grow up.  Does he take her advice?  Speaking of Lizzie, before the week is out, she gets some disappointing news.  Does it have anything to do with the possibility of her being pregnant – or not?   While on the other side of Springfield, Nat overhears Olivia and Alan talking and realizes they've been working in cahoots.  Uh oh. Now that the cat is out of the bag, will Natalie reveal that she knows what they’ve been up to?  Then, the week winds down when Josh brings up the boarding school.  However, Cassie stops Josh in his tracks when she admits that she promised Tammy she'd never send Will away.  Will she be forced to break that promise?  Be sure to tune in to Guiding Light all week and find out.

One Life to Live

Oh boy oh boy. Blair is having a very difficult time adjusting to Sam’s presence. She is seeing visions of Margaret and is screaming at one such vision as Todd arrives.  A concerned Todd questions Blair who is forced to come clean about “seeing Margaret.”  Although Todd attempts to talk her down, she shares that since Sam is Margaret’s child, she does not think she will ever be able to accept him as her own.  Todd may not take this kindly. What’s interesting here is that Todd and Blair rekindled their marriage based on the idea of getting Sam back.  Will he now be the reason that they will end up splitting for good?  While on the other side of Llanview, can you say Food Fight?  Lindsay and Nora sure can.  A pleasant dinner out with Nora, Bo, Lindsay and Clint go to turns ugly when Nora accuses Lindsay of faking her insanity. Plus, Bo throws Nora's infidelity in her face and it’s food fight time! Meanwhile, Jared does a disservice to Jessica when he has her committed to St. Ann's!  Can Jared even do that?  Regardless, get this.  While at St. Ann’s, Jessica encounters Allison Perkins. How will that play out?  Keep your eyes peeled on One Life to Live this week and see.


She may be a witch, but that doesn’t mean she’s clairvoyant and this week, Tabitha’s misplaced Miguel’s letter.  As you can imagine, she is desperate to find it.  Does she succeed?  We can’t spill all the beans but we will share this.  Endora is worried that Tabitha will get rid of Miguel.  Is she right to be so concerned?  At the same time, Theresa tries to get through to Juanita. Will her efforts pay off?  Meanwhile, Gwen and Sheridan bond as they discuss their romantic situations.  In fact, they both agree to do whatever is necessary to win the men they love.  To what lows will they sink this time to get what they want?  Tune in to Passions this week and see.

Young and the Restless

Although Victor and Nikki's divorce settlement has met with a ruling, the ruling itself yields shocking results.  To what has the judge stipulated?  More importantly, how will Victor take the court’s decision?  Will Nikki be more pleased by the judge’s ruling?  At the same time, a startling revelation disrupts the announcement of the “Fresh Face of Jabot” finalists.  What could cause such a commotion?  More importantly, can Amber continue to carry off her ruse?  Be sure to tune in to the Young and the Restless all week to find out!