Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks Week 1-14-08

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Todd gets Sam. GH gets bombed? Fresh peeks all soaps.


Debbi Morgan (Angie, All My Children)All My Children

Although ABC Daytime continues to promote the fact that the “real” Greenlee is back this week, all we will say is that Rebecca Budig returns to the role she originated in 1999 and on Wednesday, everyone welcomes Budig’s Greenlee and Kendall as they enter the Fusion offices arm in arm. Can you say, “party?”  At the same time, Ryan starts doing some wild and crazy, wacky things. First up, he decides to sell Cambias and the money he earns he plans on giving to charity.  Noble, if not impulsive.  Then, get this! He buries the hatchet to help Richie, the sociopath, find a bone marrow donor. Is he successful?  Then, in his most bizarre behavior yet, Ryan kisses Kendall when he sees her!  And we’re not just talking about a peck on the cheek.  Shortly thereafter, as Ryan and Annie share a romantic evening together, he tells Annie, "This was the best night of my life -- Kendall." Looks like that shot to the head is making Ryan lose his marbles.  Is Ryan truly living in the past?  Meantime, Tad and Krystal reach a new understanding in their relationship that very well might take their marriage to the next level.  Do they realize that they have always loved each other, or is it time to wrap the charade up and call it quits?  While on the other side of Pine Valley, remember Quentin, the homeless vet who helped rescue Greenlee?  It appears he’s suffering from the same symptoms that are affecting Greenlee, so Aidan brings Quentin to the hospital and Joe calls in an infectious disease specialist.  It’s none other than Dr. Angie and we welcome back Debbi Morgan.  Will she get to the bottom of what ails them?  Tune in to All My Children this week and see!

As the World Turns

The week begins as Paul and Rosanna face off.   Their disagreement gets so heated that he out and out threatens her.  He wants a divorce and if she doesn’t agree, he'll make sure she ends up in jail! Will Rosanna agree to Paul’s demands?  Thing is, even if she does, if Paul is going to such lengths to win back Meg, he might as well forgeddaboudit.  Meg feels that no matter what, there is no hope for her and Paul.  Could it be that she just can’t trust him?  While on the other side of Oakdale, Lily tells Dusty she knows that Emily used to be a hooker.  Not only that, she feels that Chris should know, too.  Will Lily spill the beans? At the same time, Carly confronts Parker and finds the stolen cash.  What steps will she take to make things right?  More importantly, how will Parker behave?  The week winds down on a romantic note when Brad tells Katie he loves her. Thing is, he is asleep when he says the words.  Is Katie there to hear them?  Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful

There’s something interesting afoot in the fashion world this week.  It seems that Donna is doing things she shouldn’t and she’s doing them with Jake.  How will Eric deal with it when he finds Donna and Jake in a compromising position?  Is this the only way Donna can get Eric to back off?  Will it work?  We don’t think so. Why?  Because Eric will continue to make it difficult for Donna to keep her agreement with Stephanie.  Does Stephanie’s plan fall apart as a result?  At the same time, there’s a confrontation between Taylor and Brooke.  Naturally, it’s about Nick and baby Jack and Nick is in the monkey in the middle.  Will he be able to bring the women in his life to some kind of copasetic agreement for baby Jack’s sake?  Time will tell and so will you when you keep it tuned to the Bold and the Beautiful all this week.

Days of our Lives

Never one to shy away from responsibilities or family commitments, Marlena takes matters into her own hands this week as she is determined to help her loved ones. What does she have up her sleeve this time?  Meanwhile, on the other side of Salem, Belle finds out that Claire has been kidnapped. She finds it hard to remain composed and ultimately falls to pieces. Will she be able to hold it together so that she can be affective in rescuing Claire?  The week winds down as Lucas gets a big surprise.  When awaking from some much needed sleep, he catches a glimpse of his new prison cellmate.  It’s none other than Stefano!  Will the roomies be civil or cause a commotion in the cellblock?  Keep your eyes peeled to Days of our Lives this week to find out.

General Hospital

It’s bursting flames, bombs away, and buns in the oven this week on General Hospital.  First up, things are looking dire for Jake as the house erupts into fire around him.  A frantic Liz acts quickly, breaking through a window to rescue Jake, but once she has him safely outside, she realizes that he's not breathing!  Even more panicked, she rushes him to the ER, and runs right into the bomber who's holding the hospital hostage! Word about the fire at Liz’s house and the fact that Jake and Liz are now one of the hostages at the hospital soon reaches Jason who drops everything and dashes to the emergency room. Upon arrival, Jason notices that Joe is and has been holding on to the detonator.  It doesn’t take Jason long to figure out if Joe removes his hand for any reason, the bomb will explode!  However, it’s then that Lucky arrives to help defuse (no pun intended) the situation, but is unaware that Joe’s hand must remain on the detonator for them all to survive.  Unsuspecting, Lucky sneaks in and lines up the shot that will take Joe out!   Will the ER go KABOOM?  While in more romantic developments, Sonny promises to give Kate a night she'll never forget.  What does he have in mind?  Could it be something to do with proposing marriage! Meantime, the week winds down as Robin gets some exciting, if not a little unexpected, news.  She is shocked when Kelly tells her she's expecting.  All we can say is – who’s the daddy?  Will Robin share her good fortune with Patrick?  Keep that remote glued to General Hospital this week and see.

Guiding Light

It’s decision time for Harley this week as Remy reveals he's gotten word that Phillip is in New York City.  Will Harley chase down this lead?  We think yes, and we have a sneaking suspicion that Cyrus is going to follow her to the Big Apple. But what about Marina?  Will Cyrus cancel plans with her to run off after Harley?  Speaking of Harley, she has an interesting "dream” where she encounters many of the men from her past.  Is it a sweet dream or a nightmare?  On the other side of Springfield, as Gus defends Olivia, Natalia calls the wedding off.  Why is Gus standing up for Olivia this time, and is it the reason Nat has cancelled the nuptials?  At the same time, Cassie convinces Jeffrey to allow Will to stay at the cabin for the night with her and Josh.  Does the evening progress without incident, or will tempers flair?  Meanwhile, Reva is on the phone with Jon.  She is making him promise not to return to town.  Does he agree to stay away?  We think not!   If you've got any questions the situation, get them answered this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

It’s been a long, arduous few months on the run for Marcie and young Tommy, and this week, it’s the end of the line for the fugitives.  Marcie is finally forced to hand baby Tommy over to Todd on Monday.  From what we hear, it’s going to be a heart-wrenching experience for all involved, so keep those hankies at the ready.  Just how it will go down remains to be seen, but we do know that Todd will officially name his son “Sam” and then take him home to Llanview where things will not go as hunky dory as Todd would have envisioned.  Will Sam miss his mommy, Marcie?  You betcha.  In fact, he cries his eyes out for her.  At the same time, Starr is slighted when in all the excitement of the new child’s arrival, both Todd and Blair totally forget Starr’s birthday, and it’s a big one – Sweet Sixteen!  Will she show her disappointment?  Not to mention the fact that Blair is having a difficult time accepting Sam as her son, knowing full well how he was conceived.  Which brings us to this:  She’s back. Yup, loony Margaret returns. Just how she makes her presence known we are not quite certain, but we do know she is about to make some waves.  While on the other side of Llanview, Jared is taking full advantage of his new status as a “Buchanan.” He is about to propose a plan to the board of Buchanan Enterprises when Bo arrives with a surprise guest. It seems that after digging into Jared's past, Bo's found someone who can shed light on who Jared really is. Is it Charlie?  Speaking of Charlie B, Dorian has a few tricks up her sleeve and cajoles him into staying away from Viki!  How long will Charlie remain in the dark where Viki is concerned?  Be sure to watch One Life to Live all this week and find out.


Sort of short and sweet far as fresh peeks into Harmony this week.  We don’t have too much to go on, but we do know this. In true soap opera fashion, Viki utters her first words.  How will everyone react when she speaks?  At the same time, Theresa has a chance encounter when she runs into Juanita.  Is she happy to see her?  Meanwhile, Pretty continues on her quest to make Luis hers.  What machinations does she employ this time to make her fantasy a reality?  We are not one hundred percent certain, but we can share this -- Pretty is pretty darned determined to get what she wants. Will she succeed?  Then, on the other side of Harmony, Tabitha is surprised when her kitchen magic backfires.  Will she be able to resolve the situation before it’s too late?  But that’s not all.  There’s a Hit Man in town. Who hired him and more importantly, who is he gunning for?  Keep your remote glued to Passions this week and see.

Young and the Restless

It doesn’t look like Brad is about to let sleeping dogs lie.  Instead, he has hopes of rekindling the love affair with Sharon, so he follows her to Chicago. Will Sharon give into temptation, or let him down nicely?  While back in Genoa City, Nick and Victor go at each other again.  Afterward, Victor takes drastic measures to get back at Nick. Just how drastic we can’t say, but Nick better watch his back.  Then, on the other side of town, Heather comes to a decision regarding Jana's case. Will Jana get off on a medical technicality?  Only one way to find out.  Tune in to the Young and the Restless this week.