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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks 3-10-08

Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks 3-10-08

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Carly fesses up to Jack & Margo. Sonny’s on the spot. Fresh peeks all soaps


All My Children

Kendall is definitely biting off more than she can chew when it comes to Ryan.  Her empathy for his current situation could cause harm to her marriage.  To wit:  When Zach questions her about seeing Ryan, she denies spending time with him.  However, Zach knows better and we can’t help but see that he is privately upset when Kendall.  In fact, Zach is downright annoyed that Kendall is still keeping secrets from him.  Will he confront her or keep his feelings to himself to catch her in the act?  More importantly, why is she keeping things from Zach in the first place? Could her feelings for Ryan be resurfacing?  Speaking of Ryan, Annie suffers a major humiliation and unleashes her fury on her husband.  Will her alienate her even further from Ryan?   Shortly thereafter, the other woman in Ryan’s life, namely Greenlee, also chooses to keep things to herself. She figures it’s best not to reveal to Aidan that she and Ryan shared a kiss. Will her decision come back to haunt her?  Then, as Tad and Jesse’s investigation leads them to a major clue, Erica learns her fate in court. Is she indeed heading for the pokey?  Keep your eyes peeled on All My Children this week and see.

As the World Turns

It was a horrific experience, and Kit pays the price.  Carly steps up and reveals to Margo and Jack that Kit’s fate was due to Carly’s actions.  Will Margo arrest Carly?  While on the other side of Oakdale, Katie tells Jack she can’t get over him.  As he takes this in, he soon admits that he’s not committed to Carly.  Does this mean that Jack and Katie could reunite?  In the meantime, as a wedding between Noah and Ameera seems to be ever more likely, Noah asks Luke to be his best man. It’s a bittersweet moment, but Luke can’t help but be touched and honored.  In fact, he even helps Noah write his wedding vows.  Aw.  Shortly thereafter, even now that Sofie has what she wants, she can’t help but feel an outsider. It’s not long before she turns to Paul for support. Does Paul help her out?  If so, how will it make him look in the eyes of the others?  The week winds down as Chris accuses Emily of drugging him. What would make Emily do such a thing?   Naturally, she denies it – until its repercussions cause Chris his livelihood.  Will Emily be able to talk her way out of this one?  Find out when you tune in to As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful

She’s got an agenda and she’s ready to act on it. This week Pam kicks her plan up a notch when she infiltrates Forrester Creations.  Does her corporate spying yield anything worthwhile?  At the same time, Bridget faces off with her mother.  She feels that Brooke has betrayed loyalties once again and she is not happy about it. Will Brooke be able to assuage Bridget’s concerns, or do Bridget’s accusations hit home with Brooke?   While on the other side of the city, Eric reaches out to Stephanie and extends an olive branch.  Interestingly, she is more than willing to accept it.  What kind of offer does Eric propose?  More importantly, why is Stephanie so ready to agree to it?  The week winds out as we return to Bridget who has had just about enough of Brooke’s shenanigans. Brid decides to take matters into her own hands and seduces Nick!  Does he welcome her advance?  Keep that remote glued to the Bold and the Beautiful this week and see.

John Aniston (Victor, Days of our Lives)Days of our Lives

As the week in Salem gets under full swing, Victor receives extremely disappointing news thanks to John.  John tells Victor that the Salem shipyard deal between the DiMera and Kiriakis families is off!  What has Victor done to make John kill the deal?  Or, is John simply being contrary?  At the same time, Ava seeks professional help.  Unfortunately, it’s not long before the shrink questions Ava’s sense of reality.  Is the therapist on the right track or is Ava simply fooling everyone, even the shrink?  Finally, things take on a serious note as Chelsea passes out. Thankfully, Dr. Jonas is on hand and rushes her to the hospital. What has caused Chelsea to faint?  Keep that remote glued to Days of our Lives this week and find out.

General Hospital
Kate must be on the road to full recovery.  At the very least, she’s feeling better.  We know this because by mid week, she is feeling well enough to put Sonny on the spot.  What does she do or say that stops Sonny in his tracks?  Could it have something to do with Claudia?  Speaking of the mobstress, her life is in danger. In fact, her days could very well be numbered.  Who is after her this time, and will she be able to defeat her foe before it’s too late?  Meantime, the mob thing continues to rear its ugly head, but this week, Marianna refuses to let Trevor walk all over her. Instead, she bravely stands up to his threats. Is she digging her own grave? While on the other side of Port Charles as Jason makes his choice, Elizabeth can’t help but be upset by his decision. Has he chosen wisely?  At the same time, Sam can’t believe Lucky’s latest betrayal.  What has Lucky done now?  Finally, the week winds down when Luke -- who oddly enough has only one thing on his mind and that’s MURDER -- overhears Scott’s confession to Lulu.  Is Scott now Luke’s target?  Only one way to find out.  Keep it glued to General Hospital this week.

Guiding Light

Ava asks Bill if he loves Lizzie, but he can’t quite admit it. Could his hesitation cause him to lose Lizzie for good?  At the same time, Natalia tells Olivia she wants Gus back, but what will Gus want, now that he knows about Olivia’s rapidly failing health?  While on the other side of Springfield, Mallet gets a job offer he may not be able to refuse.  If he accepts, it could take him far away from Springfield. Will he follow his career, knowing that Dinah is turning her back on him?  Meanwhile, and although she is loathe to admit it, Reva believes that Will tried to kill her and Josh. What makes her think this?  More importantly, is she correct?  Then, as Marina takes her frustrations out on Harley and calls Harley a whore, Beth gets a chilling text message from Phillip!  What does Phillip say?  Tune in to Guiding Light all this week to find out.

One Life to Live

As we know, Marcie has been struggling to stay afloat after her sojourn with little Tommy (now Sam) and facing court proceedings as a result – not to mention having to live life without her adopted son.  Well, this week, Viki attempts to make things just a tad bit easier for Marcie, and assures her that she holds no hard feelings against her.  Will Marcie be grateful?  Speaking of Viki, she and Charlie soon vow not to let Dorian sabotage their relationship.  Is Dorian going to let them get away with that?   One thing we know for certain. Before the week is out, Dorian will face yet another obstacle when Jared turns the tables on her.  What does Jared do to thwart clever Dorian?  Shortly thereafter, as Jared spills his guts, he has no idea that his confession is being caught on tape. Who is he confiding in and more importantly, who is recording it for posterity?  The week winds down a s Ramsey does his research on Antonio and Starr forces herself to break up with Cole to protect him from her dad.  Will that be enough to satisfy Todd?  Watch One Life to Live all week and see.


From Sneak Peeks we know that Sheridan has foiled Pretty’s plot to get Fancy to kill Paloma. But later in the week, Fancy is found unconscious.  Thankfully, Luis is soon on the case and tries to revive her. Why was she knocked out in the first place? Did she faint or was it the result of some act of violence?   Will Luis succeed in bringing her around?  While down in Mexico, Theresa is becoming more and more desperate to return to the good ole U S of A.  Will she make it happen this week?  As Theresa tries to get back across the border, Ethan is affected by a strong memory.  What does he recall?  Does it have something to do with Theresa or Little Ethan?  The week winds down as Tabitha finds herself worrying about the troublemaking imp.  What’s that “lil debil” done now, and why is it causing Tabby concern?  Tune in to Passions this week to find out.

Young and the Restless

As Nikki runs full speed ahead with her new responsibilities at Jabot, she may also run into some controversy as Jill might not be ready to give up control.  Will the two face off, or find some amenable workaround?  Speaking of Jabot, Lily is not having an easy time.  Thankfully for her, her father is there to watch her back. But will she be happy or not about his attempts at intervening on her behalf?  At the same time, Brad continues to attempt to exploit David’s weaknesses. Will his investigation succeed in undermining David’s intentions?   Only one sure fire way to find out. Keep that remote glued to the Young and the Restless all week.

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