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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks 2-18-08

Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks 2-18-08

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Carly appeals to Lily. Eric’s exposed. Fresh peeks all soaps

All My Children

Ryan continues to be tortured by his memories of Kendall and no matter how hard he tries he cannot shake what they had.  He is feeling, lost, alone and, most importantly, guilty because it is not his choice to cause any more people pain.  Someone will have to take a step forward and help Ryan…the question is who?  At the same time, Zach and Greenlee decide that they have a mystery on their hands and the only way they believe they can solve it is through Aidan and Kendall.  Kendall does not take the news very well, but even so, once again Kendall and Aidan are left alone.  Will their secret come out?   In the hospital, it is a homecoming for Jesse as he comes face to face with his son after so many years have passed.  Now that Jesse feels he’s gotten all that he’s wanted from his trip home to Pine Valley, he must return to life on the street.  He simply didn’t figure in this minor kink in his plan; Angie refuses to allow Jesse to walk out of her life again!  Will he stay or will go?    Elsewhere, Richie is finally the proud owner of a new working kidney, but it comes at JR’s expense.  Will complications strike the young Chandler heir?   Tune in to All My Children all this week to see who is staying and who is going!

As The World Turns

After much debate back and forth, Paul denies giving Meg the rose and he is indeed telling the truth because the rose in question was dropped off by Paul.  Nothing good could come out of this situation!  On the other side of town, Carly asks a huge favor of Lily for the sake of Parker in the hope that she can stall him being punished for his crime.  Will Lily agree?  For Carly….not likely!  For a child…very likely!  Elsewhere, Noah makes it known for the last time that he wants nothing to do with his father.  In time, his heart may change because in reality everyone needs a dad, especially a dad who is reaching out to you.  Finally, Katie admits she’s jealous of Brad’s interest in Bonne.  Will Brad actually go on the date or was it all simply a ploy to get Katie to admit her true feelings?  Later, Matt makes another mysterious phone call and says it’s good.  Who is on the other line?  See if your guesses are correct by not missing a minute of As The World Turns!

John McCook (Eric, Bold and the Beautiful)The Bold and the Beautiful

Now that Stephanie is well aware of the fling between her hubby and Donna, she feels it is only fair to renege on her part of the deal which includes throwing Storm back in jail.  The Logan sisters break the news to him gently, but it is Katie who pleads with Stephanie to show compassion. There’s no proof that Steph was born with anything close to the feeling Katie suggests!  The Logans and the Forresters converge when Lt. Baker and Charlie arrive at Stephanie’s request.  Someone is going to the po-po!  Elsewhere, Taylor shocks Nick with her intentions about baby Jack.  Does she plan on raising the child herself or giving away total parental rights so he and Brooke could bond like the real family he so desperately wants?   Will Nick fight for his marriage?   The Bold And The Beautiful holds many answers to all of your questions this week so don’t miss out!

Days of our Lives

Abe and Roman get news that the crash site has been spotted and renews their faith in the chance that they can save some survivors.  Elsewhere, Victor lays into Chloe for answers about Brady’s disappearance!  Will she succumb to the pressure?   As if Kayla hasn’t had a bad enough day it is what with injured during the crash and worried about the baby growing inside her, now she has to deal with being threatened.  By who, you ask?  This remains under wraps, but Steve may offer another piece to the puzzle when he receives an alarming note from a mysterious woman.  Don’t miss all the excitement coming your way on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

After shooting Kate point blank, Carly and Jason realize that Michael is missing.  He will probably continue to run until he’s just far away enough for his father’s hand to swipe his bottom. It’s true that Michael is frightened but it is mostly because he took Sonny’s warning to heart.  Who will bring Michael home?  In the meantime, Sonny goes into full mob-mode and vows to take no prisoners in his war against his enemies- the man is out for revenge!   Speaking of those who lurk in the underworld, Trevor’s next step in dealing with Marianna is to put the heat on her.  Will she crumble to his latest barrage of threats?   Finally, Sam learns something important about the Text Message Killer, but will it be enough to create a sketch?   Take cover and hit the deck all this week while watching General Hospital!

Guiding Light

After uncovering Bill’s secret job at Spaulding Enterprises, the two men duke it out.  Who will be the winner?  Or will it not even get to that point if the two can strike up a deal that works for both their benefits?  On the other side of town, Marina finds out that Cyrus and Harley are hiding their relationship!  How any more obvious could they be before Marina figured it out!  Elsewhere, Beth tells Rick if he wants to be the dad, he needs to pin the paternity test swap all on Cassie.  Not far off, Alan makes his case for being the one to take of Emma.   Will he be awarded?  Find out this and more all week on Guiding Light!

One Life to Live

Allison is on the loose again it appears to be Antonio’s job to question Jessica about her role in the warped nurse’s escape.  How will Jessica answer his question?  Will she tell the whole truth?   On the other side of town, Gigi gives in to Ramsey’s threats which not long after he makes it known to Todd in addition to letting Mr. Manning know that he no longer calls the shots!  Only Ramsey!  Elsewhere, Jared feels the weight of his lies but doesn’t know what to do about it.   One thing stays the same:  Natalie and Jared continue to yearn for each other.  Will their romance even have a chance to get out of the gates given all that Jared has yet to confess?  In a similar situation, Langston fights her feelings for Cole because she does not want to hurt Starr.  How long will she be able to control her urges?  Find out all this week on One Life To Live!


Not one presumed death is good enough for Juanita as she vows to continue her plans for revenge!  Will anyone be able to stop her?  Elsewhere, Ethan plans to destroy whoever is responsible for Theresa’s death after all of the ups and downs she has always played a major role in his life. Ethan should know never give up hope.  Meanwhile, Ivy and Sam make a commitment to each other; we will see how long this one lasts!  Finally, Fancy is stunned that Marty is so afraid of her….will they agree to communicate as long as they stand a few inches a part?  Find out if Theresa finds her way out of the dark sea and into the loving arms of Ethan while watching Passions all this week!  If not, Tabitha will put a spell on you!

The Young and the Restless

Heather’s career is in jeopardy after refusing to step down on a case even after she discovered that one of her witness’ was being paid for their testimony.  Help is on the way but it comes from the most shocking of sources!  Meanwhile, Michael begins to investigate Jeff’s mysterious Korean paramour—she may be his ticket out of town! On the other side of Genoa City, Jana plays matchmaker for Amber and Daniel desperately trying to make more of their one night stand than what it was.  Will it work?  Gloria believes she will win the battle for the mansion, but the only problem is Jeffrey is one step ahead of her!  Can these two work on some kind of custody arrangement for the mansion?  It’d be easier.  The games continue to build all this week on Young And The Restless!

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