First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 9-10-07

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A Salem crash. Amber finds money.  Fresh Peeks all soaps


Alicia Minshew (Kendall, All My Children)All My Children

In a desperate attempt to seek a cure for Spike's hearing loss, Kendall agreed to give him "vitamins" dispensed by Dr. Hilliard. Instead of helping Spike's affliction, however, the "vitamins" cause a severe allergic reaction. Spike's life hangs in the balance as a result.  Will Kendall get the boy to doctors in time?  We hear from a very good authority that yes, the real MDs manage to save him and inform Kendall that it was Dr. Hilliard's "vitamins" that put Spike's life in danger. As you can imagine, Kendall is sickened after almost killing her son, but when Erica tells her that it was Greenlee who connected her to Hilliard, her guilt turns rage.  She storms over to Greenlee's place and faces off with the "bff" who destroyed her life. In the meantime, Spike's father, Ryan, pays a visit to Annie's brother in prison and gets a word of warning about his wife! Could Annie be the loony one?  As the week winds down, Tad and others take some time to remember the tragedy of 9/11.  Watch how it all unfolds on All My Children this week.

As The World Turns

Carly continues to run on a crash course with collision this week when she receives bad news - is it possible that Sage's health is compromised by the car crash? - in addition to a catty run in with a saleslady.  Out come the claws!  Meanwhile, Jack asks something special of Holden. Could it be that Holden will serve as Jack's best man at the wedding for him and Katie?  Something tells us that Holden would be honored to fulfill the request.  At the same time, Cloak and Dagger a.k.a. Lily and Dusty dig up interesting information about Cheri's past.  Will it be enough to clear Dusty's name?  Elsewhere, the soap opera's formula love triangle takes a twist when Maddie and Noah face off over Luke.  Will Noah finally be honest with himself and admit the person he wants to be with is Luke?  Don't let go of that remote, people! Keep it glued to As the World Turns all week.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Stephanie is about to fall asunder once Ridge realizes who Andy's accomplice is.  The news leaves her son reeling, reviled that his mother could stoop so low.  Stephanie's involvement is even more upsetting to Brooke who is encouraged by Felicia to go to the police and report her rape.  Brooke is encompassed in psychological turmoil as she is forced to deal with repercussions not only from her attack, but also the deep hatred Stephanie harbors for her.  Given the Forrester matriarch's entanglement with Andy's nefarious deed, Eric makes a life-changing decision.  Will he leave Stephanie once and for all?  Find out if Stephanie is prepared to repent by setting the VCR timers and Tivo for the Bold and the Beautiful every day next week!

Days of our Lives

The latest development in the saga between the Bradys and DiMeras takes another turn this week when the past reveals a proposal from Santo to Colleen.  Could her possible rejection be the blame for the families' long standing feud?  Back in the present, situations are looking bleak for....




Josh taylor (Roman, Days of our Lives)....the Brady clan.  Kate is forced to lure Roman into a trap while his daughter, Sami, is held at knifepoint.  Will either get out alive?  The only way to find out is to remain tuned in and turned on to the goings-on in Salem on Days of our Lives this week.

General Hospital

Things are really heating up in Port Charles.  First up, Sam continues with her plan to get even with Elizabeth and Jason.  As Lucky and Elizabeth try to make their marriage work, Lucky can't stop thinking about Sam -- and Elizabeth has only Jason on the brain.  In fact, since Elizabeth's dalliance with Jason, she has avoided "sleeping' with her husband, in the Biblical sense.  When a sexually frustrated Lucky tries to arrange a romantic night with his wife, he is met with nothing but rejection -- again. Now, even more frustrated, Lucky opens up to Nikolas about his non-existent sex life. Then, it's not long before he starts to fantasize about Sam. Shortly thereafter, as if on cue, he just happens to walk in on Sam as she relaxes in a hot tub! Sam, Sam, Sam. Is this a set up?  More importantly, will Lucky dive into temptation? If he does, sure looks like Sam's plan of revenge has worked.  While in other couples developments, Robin and Patrick fans heads up.  When Robin discovers Patrick with Leyla in their apartment, Robin and Patrick see no other recourse than to break up!  Oh no. Is this a permanent parting of the ways, or is there hope for the couple after all?  In the meantime, Sonny wants Carly and the boys to leave town for their own safety.  Why is he so overly concerned for their well-being?  Does the usually stubborn Carly take Sonny's advice this time and head off with the kids?  Find out when you tune in to General Hospital this week.

Guiding Light

Despite her loyalty and devotion to Jeffrey, Reva makes a shocking move and comes to Alan's defense. How will Jeffrey reconcile Reva's decision?  Elsewhere, danger and violence rear their ugly heads into the lives of several residents; a mysterious man from Ashlee's past makes his presence known, while Josh and Billy face off and it gets physical!  Who will come out the victor? The situation doesn't fare much better for Ava when she sticks her nose where it doesn't belong.  And finally, Dinah kisses Matt!  Will a romance be ignited?  Find out if Cupid is on their side by making Springfield your hottest spot this week on Guiding Light!

One Life to Live

All we can say is poor Marcie. Here she just recovered from the ordeal of telling Michael that she cannot ever have children, and now she is in shock upon learning at long last that Tommy's biological father is none other than Todd Manning!  At the same time, an outraged Todd demands to see his son and goes ballistic on Blair, Rex, Michael and Marcie. First, he screams at Blair for her role in putting him in jail. Then, he vows revenge on Rex for lying about his son's death. But when he accosts Michael and Marcie, he is hauled....



Trevor St. John (Todd, One Life to Live)....back to jail as Michael and Marcie take Tommy home. All we can say is poor Todd. This is definitely not a great situation for either or. As you can imagine, both sides get ready to battle over little Tommy. Todd, the boy's read dad, uses legal channels to get a court order for Tommy's DNA test. Marcie and Michael, the only parents Tommy has ever known, play dirty to prove that Todd's an unfit parent! Who will win out?  Sit yourself in front of One Life to Live all week and see!Passions

There are no first looks as the soap is not airing at all this week, but don't be sad Passions' fans because the show resumes broadcast on September 17 on DirecTV.

The Young and the Restless

With trouble in her marriage to Victor, Nikki finds passion in David's arms.  Although his wife finds pleasure in the arms of another man, Victor locates great satisfaction in the ensuing scandal surrounding the release of the recording which names Jack at the middle of Genoa City's biggest business scandal!  Meanwhile, former lovers Nick and Sharon clash when Nick criticizes Jack's dishonest behavior.  Will Sharon find a way to defend the man she loves?  The only happy person in the scandalized town appears to be Amber now that she has recovered the stolen cash. Will she buy herself a fancy sports car or bring it by the way of the Genoa City police department?  Place your bets and watch the Young and the Restless all this week!