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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 8-7-06

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 8-7-06

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Lucy drugs Damian. John & Marlena return! Fresh peeks all soaps.



GH Photo Gallery

All My Children

This week Zach is arraigned on murder charges and Kendall worries she'll lose him forever.  Can she do anything to save him?  You bet she can, but how far will the new Mrs. Slater go to protect the man she loves?  Rumor has it she goes along with his and Dixie's plan.  What will that involve?  Much to her dismay she must pretend the two are having an affair.  Will her ego be able to take that hit?  Can Kendall keep up the charade and keep her jealousy at bay?  She might have a hard time when Dixie admits there just might be more truth to her end of the lie than everyone thought.  Has the former Mrs. Martin fallen for the dashing Mr. Slater?  What will Kendall do when she learns this bit of information?  Will she continue to lie for them or blow them out of the water? Meanwhile, JR finally tracks down his missing wife.  Will it be the happy reunion he was hoping for?  Um, not exactly as he finds Babe and Josh in each other's arms.  That can't be good, but how will JR react?  Will he put aside his anger and rescue the two or will he leave them to rot?  Get all the juicy details this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Lucy presses on with her plan to find out what Damian is really up to.  What does she have in mind?  After her failed attempts at getting him to submit to a second opinion regarding his terminal illness, she takes matters into her own hands.  What will this involve?  Oh just your everyday drugging of his tea so he passes out and she can draw some of his blood in order to run her own tests.  You know, that old trick. But will he fall for it?  Since she is the master manipulator’s daughter, he just might, but will Damian prove to be craftier than Craig’s offspring? Meanwhile in New York, Simon tells Carly they have to share a hotel room. Is this true or has he arranged things to suit his needs?  Who knows, but will Carly comply with this arrangement? Furthermore, will she agree when Simon suggests they could have a fantastic future together?  As for Simon’s ex, Katie suggests she and Mike start a family.  Will he agree to having a baby? Are the newlyweds ready for this next step?  Elsewhere, Dallas decides to go back to Chicago.  Has he given up on Oakdale already?  Not yet, he’s just trying to get to the bottom of what really happened to Maddie. Will he discover anything new?  Can he help the troubled teen by returning to the scene of the crime?  At the same time, Gwen dumps Will. Has he fessed up to sleeping with Jade?  It seems so as Gwen moves into Crash, but can these two work things out?  We hear they want to, but with Gwen turning to Casey and Will turning to Jade for support is their any hope?  Discover the fates of your favorite couples this week on As the World Turns.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Donna models some lingerie for Ridge.  Since they’ve already been reported as kissing, is she modeling her personal or professional line of delicates?  You be the judge, but will the private fashion show lead to anything more?  Meanwhile, Felicia and Dante become panic stricken. What happens?  What’s every parent’s worst nightmare? Actually it’s probably one of many, as Dino goes MIA. Where’s the little tyke gone off to? Will they find him and will he be okay?  Elsewhere, Thorne continues to mourn for his wife.  How does he cope with her death this week?  Our sources tell us he’s seen reminiscing at her grave. What memories will he share?  How many bad 80’s and 90’s fashions will be recalled?  As for the reason Thorne is grieving, Taylor is ready to accept her fate.  What will that entail? Does this mean she’s confessed to her crime? We’re not gonna let that juicy detail out, but we can tell you that the drunk driver meets with a doctor.  What kind of medical professional does she interact with?  How will she cope?  Since she has the support of Phoebe and Hector at her side she’ll probably get through it alright, but what will the session produce?  There’s only one way to find out, tune into The Bold and the Beautiful all week for the details.

Days of our Lives

The details of Steve and Bo’s pact have been leaked! What do the men agree to?  Word from the top is Steve agrees to help Bo get Hope back if Bo will help find out who erased his memory. It’s great that family sticks together even if one of them doesn’t remember the other, but just how will each of them go about their task at hand?  Will either succeed?  In the meantime, even though they kissed each other last week...




... it doesn’t mean Belle and Shawn are on the road back to each other. You Shelle fans are probably wondering why not, but all we know is the former couple says goodbye to each other.  Will the high school sweethearts truly be able to let go of the past?  Since Belle is pregnant with his child they do have a future together, but how will they cope with breaking up yet again?  Meanwhile big things are happening at the airport.  Like what you ask?  Brace yourself, as the long summer drought finally produces what you’ve been waiting for—John and Marlena return to Salem!  Fans can rejoice as John picks up his lady love at the airport and they start their next chapter in life together. What’s in store for the reunited couple?  We know you’ll be tuning in to Days of our Lives all week for the answers so there’s no need to spoil your fun—enjoy!

General Hospital

Things heat up in Port Charles when the lights go out this week.  What are we referring to?  The buzz is a black out sweeps the town and changes the dynamics of all your favorite couples.  For example, in a twist you wouldn't have expected a year ago, Sam and Ric turn to each other out of anger and do more than commiserate.  But while they're hooking up it appears as if two people see the whole thing.  Who witnesses the tryst?  Could it be their respective counterparts?  Elsewhere, Elizabeth confronts Lucky regarding his months of deceit.  How will he respond to her accusations?  Will he fess up?  We're not sure, but it appears as if their argument results in him turning to Maxie.  But while he's seeking comfort in his drug supplier's arms, who will be there for Liz?  Who do you think?  If you didn't come up with Jason's name then you must watch General Hospital this week to catch up.

Guiding Light

Both Reva and Cassie head out of town to leave Springfield behind. Where are they going and why?  You’ll have to watch to find out, all we can tell you the sisters are definitely not leaving together. But when Josh arrives at the airport, who is he chasing after?  His wife or her sister?  Meanwhile, Jonathan wants to go after the men who attacked Tammy.  How does she feel about this?  The peaceful girl that she is, Tammy doesn’t want any part of it and refuses to let him do that. But what about the mother of his baby?  Oh you know Lizzie, she agrees with him and gives him some information that helps him find the men. Just what will happen when he tracks them down?  Will he carry out his mission of revenge?  Elsewhere, a face from the past comes back to haunt Jeffrey. Who is this man and what threat does he pose to the politician?  All we can share is Jeff  flashes back to his days of impersonating Richard. So just what does this mysterious man want and will Jeffrey comply with his demands?  Across town, Alan-Michael offers Ava a job.  Is this a legit offer or does he have an ulterior motive?  Let’s just say the job opening arises after A-M gets a cryptic phone call.  That’s interesting, but what does the junior Spaulding want with Ava and should she run from him or take the job?  For your fill of all things Springfield, flip on over to Guiding Light all week.

One Life to Live

Last we saw, Starr was lying in the hospital unconscious.  Will she come out of it okay?  It seems so as she wakes up this week, but there is a slight problem.  What could it be?  Apparently, Starr can't remember the whole last year of her life.  That could create some complications especially for her parents who she thinks are still together.  What will Todd and Blair do?  Will they pretend to be a couple for the benefit of their daughter, or will they break Starr's heart all over again?  We hear it's the former.  So then, is it to much to hope for that this pretense will bring them back together? At the same time, Adriana continues to run from Rex, but is this a smart move?  Or is she only playing right into the stalker's hands?  Get the low down on all things Llanview this week on One Life to Live.


Jared shows up at Crane Industries. What’s he doing there?  Has he arrived to seek out Theresa?  In a manner of speaking, as he’s there for a job. How interesting, but will Theresa be conducting the interview? If she does will she hire him or send him packing? She might not get the chance to...




... do either as Jared becomes furious when he learns she deceived him.  Is this pertaining to her running CI?  Will they be able to patch things up? Meanwhile, Luis is outraged himself when he becomes of aware of Fancy’s decision. What has she done? Why’s he so upset?  Across town, Kay and Tabitha set out to rid Harmony of the resident mermaid. How will they go about this?  All we know is they search for a spell book to assist them in their mission.  Will they find what they’re looking for in their quest to send Siren out to sea?  Will it work? Elsewhere, two major secrets are revealed this week. What are they and who do they pertain to?  We can only answer the latter as it seems some things about Chris he would prefer to keep quiet come to light.  What do we learn about him?  You know the drill, you have to tune in to witness it first hand this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

Now that Lily knows Daniel’s secret, will this young marriage have a future? No one knows for sure, but can she ever forgive her husband for what he did to her?  Will Daniel ever be able to make it up to her?  From a new marriage to an established one, Dru and Neil continue to grow apart.  What happens this week to widen the divide between them?  Can Lily’s parents repair what’s been damaged or is it too late?  Over to a happier union, Lauren encourages Michael to find his father. Is he getting closer to locating the man who abandoned him years ago? What will he find when he turns up the father he’s been searching for?  Elsewhere, Hope assists Victor on his spiritual journey.  How does she do this?  Does she realize there’s something wrong with him? Take the road less traveled with Victor when you watch The Young and the Restless all week.

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