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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 8-28-06

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 8-28-06

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Thorne & Taylor kiss. Reva & Cassie face off. Fresh Peeks all soaps.


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All My Children

As the murder investigation continues, Kendall and Zach try and keep their marriage from going under.  Will they succeed?  With Zach pretending to be having an affair with Dixie it will certainly be a challenge, but when Kendall must publicly ask for a divorce will this be the final straw or can they pull off this part of the ruse as well?  Can't say for sure, but it looks like Zach's secrets might present an even bigger problem for the couple.  What is he keeping from her now? Since Kendall still doesn't know what exactly her husband's role in Greg Madden's burial was, will this piece of info be what breaks them up or can they hold it together?  Meanwhile, it seems Tad holds the key to Zach and Dixie's future when he is called as the star witness for the prosecution.  What will he say?  Will his words clear them or close the coffin (so to speak) on their future?  Things are heating up, so don't turn away from All My Children or you'll miss all the excitement.

As the World Turns

Terri Colombino (Katie, ATWT)Katie and Mike's plan to start a family is in full force, but will they be able to accomplish their goal?  Hopefully they can, but it certainly doesn't help that Katie gets distracted from making love to her husband.  What takes her attention away from Mike?  Will she be able to refocus and get operation baby back on track?  In the meantime, Dusty finds himself furious at Paul.  Not really anything new, but what has his brother-in-law done now?  Will Dusty take action against him?  At the same time, Simon extends an invitation to Carly.  Where does he want her to show up and will she accept? Furthermore, is he on the up and up or does he have an ulterior motive?  Up at the lake, it looks like Kevin is starting to come around where Luke is concerned. What happens?  Apparently, Kevin is grateful to his one time friend.  What for?  Word is Luke saves his life.  How does he do this and does it have anything to do with the slasher?  In the meantime, Maddie runs away. Why does she do this?  Is she running from Louis, Casey or some other reason?  Don't know for sure, but where does she go and will she be safe?  Things are coming to a head, so tune in to As the World Turns so you don't miss any of the action.

The Bold and the Beautiful

You may have seen this coming, but this week finds Taylor and Thorne sharing a kiss. So does this mean Taylor's keeping mum about her role in Darla's death?  Furthermore, is Thorne ready to move on so soon after his wife's death?  Meanwhile, Stephanie and Hector face off.  What are they arguing about?  He did just hold Taylor captive, so maybe she's a little upset about that.  But what do they have to say to each other?  Across town, Brooke watches as Donna and Ridge appear on The Rich Ginger Show. What are they doing on the program and what does she see?  We don't have all the details, just that Brooke becomes crazy jealous.  What's gotten under her skin and why does she care what Ridge does?  That's probably what Nick wants to know, as he's made all too aware of Brooke's feelings for his brother.  Will he confront her on them? If he does, what will she have to say for herself?  Watch the triangle grow into a rectangle this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

Her wedding day approaches and Sami is one nervous bride.  Since her last several attempts at walking down the aisle haven't exactly panned out, can you blame her?  We certainly don't, but does something specific happen to freak her out or is it just her old fears coming back to haunt her? More importantly, will she actually become a Mrs. this time?  Meanwhile, John and Marlena discover some chilling evidence. What do they find?  What does it pertain to?  Elsewhere, Abe decides to...





James Reynolds (Abe, ATWT)...date Lexie.  Are they getting back together?  Not quite, as he seemingly asks her out as part of an undercover assignment.  But what does he expect to find while dating his wife?  As if all this wasn't enough, someone is murdered in the sleepy town of Salem.  Whose life is cut short?  Will we find out who did it?  Get all the details this week when you flip over to Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

The lights may have come back on, but it doesn't mean the residents of Port Charles aren't still feeling the repercussions of the blackout.  Who's still reeling from the aftermath? First up is Alexis who even though battling lung cancer does everything she can to keep Sam and Jason apart.  How does she try to manipulate these two?  Will it work?  It seems not, as the exes have a hard time fighting their attraction to one another.  But will they find their way back to each other or will Alexis get her dying wish?  At the same time, Elizabeth decides she will leave Lucky if he starts using drugs again.  Will she be forced to own up to her word or can her husband continue to fight his addiction?  You'll have to watch to find out, but Liz may have other things to worry about when it looks like she might have something more in common with Lulu than just Lucky. What are we talking about?  Oh, just that she might be pregnant!  Not exactly the best time to be expecting, but is this true?  Don't know, but if she is, who's the father-the drug using adulterer or the stoic mobster?  Such choices!  Speaking of Lulu, it seems she's weighing her options about her own pregnancy.  Has she come to any decisions?  Nothing concrete yet, but she's certainly taking the abortion option very seriously.  Is she really thinking about doing this?  Furthermore, what does Dillon think about it?  Find out what life has in store for these three women this week when you flip over to General Hospital. 

Guiding Light

Lizzie is served with papers this week.  What do they say?  We're told they charge her with being an unfit mother.  Who would do such a thing? Will she be able to prove otherwise?  Elsewhere, Jeffrey isn't through with Dinah just yet.  What else does he want from her? As if backing his candidacy wasn't enough, he tells her she still owes him. What does he want and will she do it?  At the same time, Reva and Cassie face off.  You knew it was coming, but what exactly do they say to each other?  Will Reva be able to accept her sister dating her husband?  Can they fix this rift in their close relationship or has too much damage been done?  Only time will tell, but it seems Reva tells Billy how she really feels about this unsettling union. What does she say?  Does she accept it or is she ready to fight for her man? Across town, Mel tells Lizzie to stay away from Jonathan.  Why's that?  Why does Mel want Lizzie to cut her baby's father out of her life?  More importantly, will she do it?  Keep your remote glued to Guiding Light for all the dramatic details.

One Life to Live 

Finally!  Spencer is arrested for framing Todd.  Does this mean Blair is free from her charade?  You bet she is and she can't wait to tell Truman what she really thinks of him.  Just what choice words does she have for the man she forced herself to sleep with in order clear Todd's name? Whatever she says you can bet it'll be a can't miss day, but how will Spencer react to learning Blair set him up?   Furthermore, does this clear the path for a Todd and Blair reunion?  We're not sure about that yet as Todd tells Evangeline he's not exactly comfortable with what his ex-wife did for him.  Does this mean he's not willing to forgive and forget?  Across town, Jessica and Tess have been battling it out for months now and the final showdown is about to begin.  What will happen?  Apparently the two personalities will integrate for good with one of them coming out on top. So who will it be?  Will the dominant personality be Tess or Jessica, making Nash or Antonio a very happy man?  There's lots going on so make sure you do what it takes to tune in to One Life to Live all week.


Ethan gets quite the shock when he walks in on Theresa and Jared. What does he see? Oh, just the two of them having sex!  How awkward for all of them, but how does he end up interrupting them and how will he process what he sees?  Not exactly sure, but in an interesting turn of events, Ethan...






Eric Martsolf (Ethan, PASS)...later gets into bed with her himself.  How does this happen?  Is Theresa one big tramp or is this just one big mix up?  And what about Jared?  Rumor has it he gets himself knocked out.  How does this happen?  Who hits him on the head and will he snap out of it in time to reclaim his woman?  Elsewhere, Luis finds Fancy in a very serious situation.  What's the socialite gotten herself into now?  Our sources tell us Harmony's top cop finds her face down in the Crane pool.  What's happened to Fancy?  Will Luis get to her in time?  Meanwhile, Kay begins her seduction of Miguel.  What does she do to try and conquer him?  Will it work? At the same time, Jessica is assaulted.  Who would do such a thing?  More importantly, how serious are her injuries?  Get the low down on all things wacky this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

Since they're both losing their husbands, Sharon and Dru turn to each other for support.  What can they do for each other?  Will these women be able to help each other through this difficult time?  That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, Dru hopes she hasn't completely destroyed her relationship with Neil forever.  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Can Dru get Neil to come around?  As for Dru's daughter, Lily gets invited out on a date.  Oooh, a new gentleman caller?  No, it's her husband who's trying to make things right with her.  Will Lily accept his offer?  Can Daniel make up for what he's done?  Across town, Jack takes steps to rid his family of Gloria. What does he have planned?  Whatever it is, his father has other ideas, as even from the grave John expresses his wishes for his wife.  Will Jack listen? Or will he press on with his own agenda?  Find out what's in store for the prominent families of Genoa City on The Young and the Restless this week, but don't forget September 4th and 8th will be pre-empted due to U.S. Tennis Open coverage.  



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