First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 8-21-06

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Jack’s cruel stunt. Claire’s DNA tested.  Fresh peeks all soaps.


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All My Children

It's no secret that Erica and Krystal aren't exactly best friends, however they do have one major thing in common.  What could that be?  Aside from both of them being Mrs. Adam Chandler at one time or another, these over protective mothers want to keep their children away from each other.  Why's that? You can probably figure that out for yourselves, but how will they go about it?  Will they team up to make sure Babe and Josh stay on opposite ends of town?  It's possible, but if they do, these ladies are losing their touch as Josh and Babe go away on business together.  Awfully cozy, maybe even a little too cozy.  Will anything romantic transpire between the two? You'll have to watch to find out, all we know is Babe tries to keep her little excursion a secret from her husband.  Will she succeed?  Or will JR find out about it all on his own?  Meanwhile, Lily turns to the Internet to chat up new friends.  Will she meet anyone she can feel comfortable with?  It seems so as she starts chatting with a friendly teen and agrees to meet with him in person.  Is this a good idea, or is she setting herself up for trouble? It appears to be the latter, because as we already know, the "teen" turns out to be none other than Terry the predator. What will happen when Lily goes to meet her new "friend?"  Will she find herself in danger or will she figure things out before it's too late? Find out if Lily walks into or avoids Terry's trap this week when you tune in to All My Children. 

As the World Turns

Meg is back to work at the hospital. How did she swing that?  It doesn’t really matter as the nurse is back in action, but how will her first day go?  Let’s just say her first patient proves to rub Meg the wrong way. Who does she tend to?  Unfortunately for her, it turns out to be Emily. But what does Emily need and will Meg be able to remain professional?  Across town, Gwen finds a photo of Casey with a mask on.  What’s the significance?  Apparently, it’s the same mask the slasher wears. Uh-oh, does Gwen have reason to be worried for her safety?  Maybe not as he tells her the mask is actually Maddie’s.  So what’s the deal, could either Casey or Maddie be the slasher?  Will this mask be the clue that brings them closer to his/her identity?  Can’t say for sure, but it looks like the teens all head up to the lake for a little escapism. Can they kick back and relax or do they have reason to fear the slasher even there?  Across town, Jack gets upset with J.J.  Why’s that? What’s his adopted son done now?  We hear he starts talking in an Australian accent.  That can’t go over well, but what will Jack do when faced with Simon’s perceived intrusion in his family’s lives?  You’ll have to watch and see, but does this mean Simon and Carly are spending more time together and getting cozier?  They just might as Carly later walks in on Simon naked. Is this just a coincidence or is it planned? More importantly, will they act on the situation or will Carly run out of the room embarrassed?  Get the low down on all things Oakdale this week on As the World Turns.

The Bold and the Beautiful

It looks like Stephanie comes across a bound Taylor and an unconscious Hector in a burning house.  Will she save them?  Eventually maybe, but not until she gets some of her questions answered. What does she want to know and will it satisfy her curiosity enough to rescue them?  Meanwhile, Lt. Baker gives Thorne some things to think about.  What does he tell the grieving husband?  Whatever it is it brings Thorne to a devastating realization. Does this mean Taylor’s secret is out?  Does Thorne now believe Taylor was responsible for Darla’s death?  As for the third accessory after the fact, Phoebe is found in a delusional state. What’s happened to her and who finds her?  The buzz is her grandfather comes upon the distraught Forrester.  How does he find her and can he bring her back to reality?  In the meantime, our sources tell us “an epic must see moment” is in the works that will change the lives of your favorite characters forever.  What will happen?  We can only tell you that it’s an edge of your seat week, so don’t miss a second of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

Abby is furious and directs her anger at someone specific. Who’s she so mad at?  That would be her almost stepdad, Frankie.  But why’s she so upset?  We only know she wants him out of their lives for good.  How will Frankie take her tirade?  Furthermore, how will Jennifer react to what her daughter has to say?  Meanwhile, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag as...




Lexie tells Shawn and Philip they should submit to a DNA test in regards to Claire. How did they find out Philip might not be her father?  Will they get to the bottom of her true parentage?  And just how will Philip take this latest blow to his and Belle’s relationship?  As for Belle’s sister, Sami finds herself arrested.  What’d she do this time? We don’t have those details, but we do know EJ is involved.  Is he the reason she ends up in the slammer?  More importantly, will this affect her wedding?  Find out if Sami spends her wedding night in jail or makes it to the altar this week  on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

As memories of Stone's death continue to plague her, Robin struggles to deal with the effect AIDS has had on her life.  Will she ever be able to put his death behind her?  She certainly tries, but current events prevent her from doing so. What happens this week to trudge up old memories? Sadly, her new friend April dies on what would have been Stone's birthday.  Talk about a tragic coincidence.  How will this impact an already emotional Robin?  Understandably she's devastated and tries to push Patrick away when he offers to console her.  But will he walk when Robin puts up her defenses?  Or will Dr. Drake stick by the women he professes to maybe someday love?   Elsewhere, Sam is reeling from the news that Alexis has cancer.  How will she handle this turn of events?  The only way she knows how and that's to turn to Jason for support.  Will he be there for the woman he's spent months pushing away?  Will this be the catalyst that brings them back together?  We can't give out all the answers, but we can tell you that even in her time of need Sam reaches out to help someone else. Whose back does she have?  That would be Elizabeth's as she promises to keep her secret about sleeping with Jason.  Mighty big of her, but will Sam truly be able to do that and will Liz be able to keep Lucky in the dark about her one night stand?  It's gonna be an emotional rollercoaster, so grab a hankie, strap in and go along for the ride this week on General Hospital.

Guiding Light

Alan-Michael continues to pursue Ava in regards to working for him.  Will she take him up on his offer?  It seems she’s unsure and Coop weighs in with his opinion. Does he encourage her to work for his niece’s ex-boyfriend? Or does he think it’s a bad idea?  Meanwhile, Lizzie is arrested. What’s happened?  Oh that’s right, she shot her grandfather.  But did she do any damage?  Will she go to the slammer or will the charges be dropped? Don’t know for sure, but it looks like things get worse for the young mother-to-be when she’s served with papers claiming she’s an unfit mother. Who would petition such a thing? Only one person we can think of. So does this mean Alan’s bounced back from the shooting so soon?  Meanwhile on the internet, has more than one person in their sites this week.  Who do they take aim at? Our sources tell us they target Olivia in addition to Josh and Cassie.  What do they post in regards to them?  What are they after?  Will the person behind this website ever be revealed?  Don’t know, but you can bet everyone wants to know who it is as a bounty has been placed on the blogger.  Will this prove successful in drawing the mystery person out?  Elsewhere, while pondering the fate of her marriage, Mel tries her hand at two other men in town.  Who is she after?  Apparently, she goes out with a colleague and then throws herself at Jeffrey. What exactly is going on?  Will anything come of these interactions?  More importantly, does this mean she’s done with Rick for good?  Or could she possibly change her mind?  But if she does will it be too late?  Juicy things are in store, so make sure you tune in to Guiding Light all week.

One Life to Live

After Blair accepts Spencer's marriage proposal, Todd becomes more suspicious of her than ever before.  Will he get to the bottom of what she's been up to?  It appears so, but not before he figures out Starr has been faking her amnesia.  How does he uncover what his precocious daughter has been doing?  Will he tell Blair?  It seems not, but he does confront his ex-wife on what her real motives are with good ole Spence.  What will she have to say for herself?  Perhaps she can't take Todd hating her anymore because she finally confesses all to the man she loves.  How will he take this new twist?  Pretty well apparently, as the exes end up making out and then making love.  So is all forgiven?  Will they be able to put their relationship back together after Blair reveals all she's done to make things right with Todd?  Or will he remain stubborn and refuse to forgive her?  Don't miss this major step in the Manning's relationship this week on One Life to Live.


With the leverage he has over him, Spike forces Chris to help him out of a tight situation.  What has Spike got involved in now? Will Chris help him out?  It looks that way as Spike later orders Chris to betray Sheridan again.  What  does the slimeball want Sheridan’s husband to do?  Will Chris be able to go through with it?  Meanwhile, it looks like Luis is on to Chris as he...





receives proof of a link between him and Spike.  What does he discover and who sent it to him?  More importantly what will he do with this newfound information?  Whatever happens, it seems Luis has other things to tend to as he has a steamy encounter with Fancy.  Under what circumstances do they find themselves drawn to each other?  Will they act on it?  In other parts of Harmony, Jared helps Theresa.  How does he do this?  Word around town is he assists her in standing up to Julian and Ethan. But why does she need his support and what is she going head to head with them about?  You’ll have to watch to find out, but we also hear Jared later accepts Theresa’s offer. What’s on the table? Does it have to do with work or something else?  Jump in and mix things up with Harmony’s finest this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

Nick’s committed to a new relationship, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his old one.  What happens to make him worry about Sharon?  Will he reach out to his ex in order to help her out?  More importantly, would she accept his assistance?  Meanwhile, Jack apparently embarks on a cruel stunt that would prohibit Gloria from mourning John. What does he do to his step mother?  Don’t know for sure, but it certainly leaves Michael, Lauren and Kevin more than a little upset. Will they be able to do anything on their mother’s behalf? Or will Jack have the last laugh?  At the same time, Colleen is crushed by her grandfather’s death and turns to someone for comfort.  Who does she go to?  JT of course, but does this mean they’ve put everything behind them? Or does she just need him to get through her grief? Visit Genoa City this week for the inside scoop on The Young and the Restless.