First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 8-14-06

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Siren’s secret exposed. Brooke is serenaded. Fresh peeks all soaps.


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All My Children

In order to stay out of jail, Zach and Dixie pretend they are having an affair.  Will it work? It certainly seems to as they convince half the town they are indeed involved. But how is Kendall handling the situation?  The devoted wife she is, she will do anything to protect her husband including going along with this charade, but is it too much for her to take?  Can she continue to play along when Zach and Dixie do a far too convincing job of being in love? Don't know, but at least she has her good friend Ryan to help her through this ordeal.  How will he get Kendall through it?  By pretending to be her boyfriend of course. But will Ryan's feelings for his ex resurface in the process? Could two new couples come out of this so-called ruse?  Find out the fate of all those involved this week when you tune in to All My Children. 
As the World Turns

Luke signs away his share of the Grimaldi inheritance.  Why would he do this?  Has he found out what Damian has truly been up to and cutting all ties with his father?  Or is there something else going on?  Meanwhile, Will decides to go out with Jade.  What?! You read right, but why would he choose to do this?  Has he given up on Gwen? Can't say, but does Will want to date Jade because he really likes her or does he have an ulterior motive?  As for Will’s wife, Gwen gets asked out herself. Who offers to take her away from all the mess in town?  That would be Casey who’s had his own share of turmoil lately.  But what does he suggest they do?  Where does he want to go and will anything more come out this than friendship?  At the same time, Dallas reports that there was no frat party like Maddie originally said.  So what’s the real story?  That’s what Oakdale’s finest want to know as they wonder if Maddie was even raped.  What will Maddie tell Margo and Dallas when questioned?  Will she reveal who attacked her?  Elsewhere, Simon goes out with Carly and her kids.  Where do they go?  Will all go smoothly?  It seems so until Simon starts to get a little too cozy with Carly and Parker objects.  Will this ruin the happy blended family moment?  Or will Simon be able to smooth things over with the little man of the house?  Catch up with all your old friends in Oakdale to see what they’re up to this week on As the World Turns.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Upon meeting with the Marone Board members, Brooke has a few suggestions for them.  What does she recommend they do?  For starters she thinks they should become eco-friendly.  What exactly does she have in mind?  Will they do what she proposes?  Furthermore, what does Nick think about her ideas?  We don’t know about the business end of their relationship, but it looks like their private life is doing just fine.  What are the newlyweds up to this week?  We hear Nick sings yet another song he wrote for his lovely bride when he belts out “You and Me” written by Jack Wagner himself.  What is his sentiment this time around?  How will Brooke feel about the latest serenade?  Meanwhile, Lt. Baker gets a lead that breaks his case. What has he uncovered?  Does it lead him to Taylor?  Can’t say for sure, but it looks like Hector is a little stressed out when he learns the Lt. has some important information.  Can Hector run interference for Taylor again?  Will he be able to continue his protection of her?  She better hope so, as Baker has some words with Stephanie and then hightails it over to confront Taylor.  Should the drunken doc be worried?  Has her secret come to light? Want to find out?  Then tune into The Bold and the Beautiful all week.

Days of our Lives

Now that he’s back, John isn’t wasting any time as he delves into a mystery. What is he trying to find out?  All we know is he goes undercover.  What’s he after?  Apparently it has something to do with Eve as Mr. Black asks her out on a date. We hope Marlena is understanding, but what does he hope to accomplish by doing this? Will he discover her role in Chelsea’s trial?  Meanwhile, Kate is desperate to stop Sami and Austin’s wedding.  What lengths will she go to in order to ruin the happy day? Will she succeed?  At the same time, Claire’s true parentage is leaked to yet another schemer in town. Who finds out who Claire’s dad is?  That would be...





...the little tyke’s Aunt Chelsea. How does she find out and what will she do with this information?  Stay tuned to find out, but be prepared for Chelsea to deal with yet another secret that may have leaked out.  What secret is that?  Oh, just her hand in the emails that she created between Hope and Bo. Who confronts her about her manipulation of the situation?  That would be her dad.  What will she have to say for herself?  Will Chelsea tell Bo what she did or spin another lie? It’s a big week for the busybodies in town, so get caught up with their latest escapades this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

As we already know, Jason and Elizabeth turn to each other in their time of need.  But what happens when they wake up together the next morning?  Are they ready to give it another try?  It seems not as they decide to stay just friends. Does this mean they want to work things out with their respective others?  It doesn't look that way as Elizabeth heads home to dump Lucky for good.  Will she really go through with it?  She's certainly determined to but gets quite a surprise when she gets to her apartment. What does she find?  Will it change her mind about ending it with Lucky or strengthen her resolve?  As for Jason, he and Sam confess all to each other.  How will they react to what the other has to say?  Will they be able to move beyond this and work things out? Or do they use it as an excuse to remain apart? Across town, Lulu tells Dillon she's pregnant.  That's quite a bombshell, but how will he take it?  Will he accept his responsibility or will he freak out?  And just how will this affect his reconciliation with Georgie?  Only one way to find out, visit Port Charles all week for the dramatic fallout.  

Guiding Light

Lizzie is seen shooting someone this week.  What happens to make her go to such extremes?  More importantly, where’d she get the gun and who does she shoot?  In the meantime, Mallet asks Dinah point blank if she torched the Beacon.  What will she tell him? Does she fess up?  We’re not exactly sure as she refuses to answer his question, but insists on being arrested.  Why would she do this?  Will Mallet comply and lock up the woman he loves?  It seems he gives in to her demands as she’s later questioned by Gus and Harley.  What will she tell them?  Will she admit to setting the fire?  At the same time, Billy tells Reva it’s time to tell Josh what’s going on with her.  Will she do this?  Does Reva finally break the news to her husband that she’s dying?  In typical Reva fashion, she refuses until she gets better. But will that eventually happen?  Will Reva be able to turn her disease around in order to gain the strength to win the love of her life back?  Elsewhere, the Cooper men find themselves locked up in jail.  How on earth does this happen?  What do they do to get arrested? With Frank being the top cop in town, does this mean he’s placed in the slammer as well? Don’t know for sure, all we do know is the men find some common ground and make peace.  How do they reach family harmony once again?  Will it last?  While all this is going down, strikes again.  Who do they target and who is implicated as being the one to expose everyone’s secrets?  You don’t want to miss this one, tune in to see who might be behind the tabloid website this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

Evangeline is torn between Todd and Cristian this week.  Why is she caught in the middle of these two men?  Apparently, they both ask her to the hospital gala.  Whose invitation will she accept?  In it must be nice to be her news, she takes both of them up on their offer. How will that work?  Are the three of them really going on a date together?  How exactly will Todd and Cristian handle that?  Meanwhile, Adriana's stalker is revealed.  Who is it? Does Rex turn out to be the one who's after his lovely girlfriend?  Nope, in an interesting twist it turns out the stalker is Adriana's mother!  That's a truly stunning reveal, but why would Dorian stalk her own daughter?  That remains to be seen, but apparently she's enlisted Nash's friend Bruce to do her dirty work.  However it looks like her plan backfires when Bruce gets greedy and holds the young model hostage.  What does he want?  More money of course, but will he get it or will he be forced to hurt Dorian’s offspring?  Elsewhere, Starr has a revelation of her own.  What's the brain injured teen got up her sleeve?  Just that...she's not really injured and she remembers everything.  But why is she faking her amnesia?  To get her parents back together of course, but will it work?  Tune in for all the major surprises this week on One Life to Live. 


Now that she has Sheridan’s reluctant approval, Fancy goes to great lengths to impress Luis. What is the socialite up to now?  All we know is it involves getting down and dirty. But will her efforts pay off or is the normally primped heiress getting roughed up for nothing?  It just may be paying of for her as she’s later seen having dinner with the man of her desire. Is this a romantic get together or are they just discussing by the book police training?  Either way Sheridan sees them and is more than a little jealous.  Will she do anything to break up their evening?  Furthermore, can Sheridan really live with her niece dating her one true love?  Elsewhere, Simone and Paloma risk their lives in order to save Jessica.  Why does Spike’s wife need assistance?  More importantly, what will her friends to do help her out? Speaking of the slimy Spike...





...setside sources tell us he shoots Pilar! Oh no!  How does this happen?  Will she survive the bullet wound?  Meanwhile at the carnival, Kay exposes Siren’s secret. How does she do this?  We’re just speculating here, but isn’t there always a dunk tank at one of those things?  Could this be how the fact that she’s a mermaid come to light?  In addition, what will Siren do when everyone finds out what she’s been hiding? Big things are going down so don’t be the only one left out of the loop, tune in to Passions all week.

The Young and the Restless

Dru continues her efforts to put her marriage back together.  What will she do this week?  Will she be able to win Neil back, or has he already moved on with a lovely PR exec named Carmen?  As for their daughter, Lily attends a family celebration.  What’s the occasion and more importantly, will Daniel be there?  It seems he will, so then is it too much to hope for that this is the catalyst that brings Daniel and Lily back together?  Can these two crazy teens fix their own marriage? Meanwhile, Brad, Nick, Paul and J.T face Brad’s enemies in their attempt to rescue Sharon.  What will happen during their standoff with these bad men? Will they all walk away in one piece?  Moreover, will they succeed in getting Sharon back safe and sound? It’s touch and go so don’t miss a second of this exciting week on The Young and the Restless.