First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 7-31-06

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Maddie's the killer? Carrie & Austin busted. Fresh peeks all soaps.


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All My Children

As Josh takes flight from Pine Valley with Babe on board, things don't exactly go as planned. What happens to the fleeing duo?  We hear the plane goes down and they end up on a stranded island. Are they injured?  What will happen to them?  Will they be able to find enough sustenance to keep them alive?  Probably, but the real question is, will anything juicy transpire between the two?  It just might, as rumor has it Josh tells Babe he loves her.  Is it the trauma of recent events talking or does he really mean it?  Can't say for sure, but how will she respond?  Could Babe possibly have feelings for Josh as well?  Back in Pine Valley, an arrest is made for the murder of Josh's dad. Who do the cops nab?  The buzz is Zach and Dixie are hauled in for the crime, but on what evidence?  Did these two do the deed or have the fuzz handcuffed the wrong suspects?  Furthermore, is there more going on between these two than meets the eye?  Visit Pine Valley all week to find out on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Even though it looks like Maddie may be the killer, the tables are turned this week.  What happens?  The buzz is Maddie is the murderer’s latest victim.  Don’t panic, she isn’t killed, but she is attacked and almost drowned by whoever is stalking the teens of Oakdale.  Since she was lucky enough to survive, does this mean she isn’t a suspect anymore?  Not so fast, Margo thinks she may have staged the attack to make herself look innocent.  Could this be true? Did Maddie attack herself, or is someone out there looking to do away with all of the teens in town? In the meantime, Barbara warns Gwen about Jade. What does the overbearing mama tell Gwen?  Why is she concerned about the new young lady in town?  What will Babs do to protect her son’s marriage?  Across town, Carly quits on Simon.  Why does she walk away from the only person who was willing to back her company?  Is she really through with him or does she reconsider?  Elsewhere, Lucy moves in with Damian.  Why would she do this?  What happened with Lucinda?  Considering how Holden and her grandmother feel about him why would she risk alienating her family? At the same time, Meg continues to worry that Emily will come between her and Paul.  Is she right? Since Em is later heard telling Susan she wants Paul and Meg to suffer, it would seem so.  But will Emily succeed in making them pay?  Will she use her baby to do so? Jump on the bandwagon and watch As the World Turns all week to find out.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor sets out to ease Alexandria’s heartache.  But can she really do that?  Is she trying to ease her conscious by replacing the little girl’s mother?  Will it work?  Elsewhere, Ridge bares his soul to Brooke. What does he tell her?  What more can he possibly say to her that hasn’t already been said?  At the same time, Stephanie becomes unhinged. What has Brooke done now?  Actually it’s the other Logan that’s got her so riled up.  What’s going on?  Oh just something to do with the possibility of Donna and Ridge getting together.  Can she put a stop to this budding romance? Or is La Forrester fated to deal with Logan’s for the rest of her life?  As for Donna, she has her first fashion show.  How does it go?  Our sources tell us she gets a standing ovation! Not bad for a first timer, but just what does the show preview? What kind of fashion sense does Brooke’s sister have?  You’ll have to tune in to find out, but we can share that Brooke makes a stunning decision. What does she do?  We don’t have that info, but we do know it definitely surprises Ridge and Donna.  What could be so shocking?  Only one way to find out…visit sunny Los Angeles for all the details this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

Caroline urges Kayla to fight for Steve.  Will she follow her mother’s advice?  We certainly hope so, but what will she do to get back the man she loves?  Elsewhere, Max and Chelsea have dinner at the pub.  What’s the occasion?  Will all go well?  Will it be the romantic evening they are hoping for?  Across town, Carrie and Austin are interrupted on the roof by EJ. Just what are the two exes doing up there?  What does he see and will he tell Sami?  As for Sami’s sister, Belle is seen doing...  




...some kissing of her own.  Is it with her husband Philip?  Um…no.  Then who is the very married young lady smoochin?  For all you Shelle fans, you do not want to miss this week as Belle and Shawn do some lip locking.  What brings them to finally succumb to each other?  What will this mean for their respective spouses?  It’s getting juicy, so do what you gotta do to make sure you don’t miss any of Days of our Lives this week.

General Hospital

The results of Patrick's HIV test are in. What will they reveal?  We're not gonna let that one out as it's too interesting to ponder just how he would deal with contracting the disease.  Would living with HIV bring Dr. Drake down to earth a bit or make him spin out of control?  Can't say for sure, but Robin is certainly terrified at the thought of her love interest coming up positive. How will she deal with waiting for the diagnosis?  Apparently not well, as the thought of Patrick being infected sends her into a deep depression. Will memories of Stone continue to creep into her thoughts?  Will she be forced to deal with yet another man in her life succumbing to the deadly disease? Or will things turn out differently this time around?  Meanwhile, Sonny officially ends things with Emily.  How will she handle the break up? Since she's been spending an awful lot of time with him lately, something tells us Nikolas might be an excellent distraction for her. But will Nik and John be able to fill the void left by Sonny?  It certainly seems so, but Emily just might want to watch her back as Helena's minion has other plans for the prince and his ex.  What does Colleen have in mind? Will she be successful in her mission?  It's a week you won't want to miss, so keep it tuned to General Hospital for all the intense drama.

Guiding Light

Alan asks Alan-Michael to get him out of the slammer.  Will he agree to it?  Or will he let his old man rot in jail?  It looks like the former, as A-M then tells Jonathan that if he takes on Alan, he takes on the whole Spaulding clan.  So what is A-M prepared to do to fight Jonathan?  Will Jon back down or will this only fuel his hatred of the family?  Elsewhere, Reva gets her latest test results from Colin.  What do they say?  Is she getting better or worse?  In other parts of town, Mallet tries to make things up to Dinah.  How will he go about this?  Can he get her to forgive him?  It looks like not, as Dinah is later seen skinny dipping in the pond…and she’s not alone.  Who’s she with?  Will anything happen?  Meanwhile, Blake wants her and Jeffrey to go public with their relationship.  Why would she want to do this?  Whatever her reasons, how will Jeffrey feel about it?  Over at the Beacon, with the entire building up in flames, Ava finds herself trapped under a beam.  How does she get in this predicament? Will she be rescued from the inferno, or will she be left to burn up with everything else?  It’s touch and go all week, so don’t miss any of the action this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live 

It's a scare for the Manning family this week as Starr is rushed to the emergency room.   What happens to the precocious teen? We don't have all the details, only that she has a nasty fall.  Will Starr come out of this incident alright? We certainly hope so, but we're told the more pressing issue is will this accident bring her parents closer together?  Meanwhile, Adriana is having a crisis of her own when she finds evidence exposing her stalker. What does she find?  Can't say, but just does she suspect?  You may not want to hear this, but all roads apparently lead to the one person she thought she was safe with and that's Rex.  Oh say it ain't so!  Could Rex really be the one behind Adriana's nightmare or does she misconstrue what she uncovers?  That's one bit of info we're not privy to, but what will she do when faced with this possibility?  There is only thing she can do and that's run. But where will Adriana go?  Will Rex be able to find her?  Don't' get lost among all the twist and turns, tune into One Life to Live all week to keep up to date. 


Chris better watch out as it appears Spike has it out for him.  Why’s that? Don’t know exactly, but it appears the slimy hood shoots Sheridan’s mysterious...




...husband.  Why does he do this?  More importantly, will Chris survive?  It looks that way, as Luis is later concerned with his rival’s behavior. What does Chris do to raise suspicion?  What will Luis do get to the bottom of things? Elsewhere, getting one step further away from Theresa’s obsession with Ethan, Jared kisses her. Yay for her, but will she kiss him back?  Could this be the one man who can get her mind off her married ex?  Maybe, as they further bond over lost loves.  We know Theresa’s story, but what’s Jared’s past love life all about?  As Theresa continues down the path of flirtation, it looks like she has other things to be concerned about when Julian threatens to sue her for custody of Little Ethan.  Why would he do this?  What will she do to make sure it doesn’t happen?  Finally, someone pops the question. Who asks who to marry them?  Will the woman in question say yes? Find out who the lucky lady is this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

Victoria discovers Brad’s true identity. Will she be able to handle this information?  Can she continue to live with the man she married when she learns who he used to be?  Meanwhile, Nick and Brad team up.  Why are these two coming to together for a common goal?  Word on the street is they put their heads together in order to find Sharon and JT. Can they put aside their differences long enough to bring these two home safely?  In the meantime, Daniel considers telling Lily the truth about Alex. Wow, he must be desperate!  But will he do this, or can he find another way to disarm the sleezeball’s blackmail?  Across town, Dru confronts Carmen about Neil. That won’t be pretty, but what will Carmen have to say for herself?  Will Dru declare war on the sexy PR exec?  To get all these details and more, keep your remote glued to The Young and the Restless.