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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 7-3-06

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 7-3-06

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Bauer’s BBQ, Salem's 4th, Sam's free, Greg's dead. Fresh peeks all soaps

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All My Children

Greg's time underground has finally come to an end, but does that mean he walks away from his coffin?  Unfortunately for him, that would be no as someone discovers his lifeless body.  Who happens upon the very dead Dr. Madden?  In what's been three years in the making, the much older Colby Chandler returns just in time to stumble upon the evil doctor.  How does she find him?  Don't know, but the bigger question is, what's she doing back?  Elsewhere, after Josh finds out his father has been killed, he's determined to find out who is responsible.  Got any idea as to who is at the top on his list of suspects?  We hear that JR has that honor, but is Josh on the right track or could the inadvertent killer be someone else?  While Josh tries to uncover the truth, Tad and Dixie realize their hopes of finding Kate may have died with Greg.  Are they right?  Do they still have any chance of finding their daughter or have their dreams been dashed?  Gather the clues this week as Josh tries to track down his father's killer and Tad and Dixie continue in their pursuit of Kate on All My Children.

As the World Turns

The big day arrives as Jennifer and Dusty say their "I do's."  Will their wedding end on a happy note?  We can't give out all the details, but suffice it to say the day definitely brings the whole family together without a single fight. That's certainly saying something, but will Jen's marriage be enough to get her through her illness?  Will she live to see the honeymoon?  Meanwhile, given the tenuous peace treaty everyone seems to have called, Emily asks Paul to let her be a part of her child's life.  How will he respond to her request?  Will he allow her to be their baby's mother?  Elsewhere, Mike and Vienna get news that Simon and Katie have gone overboard.  How will they deal with that fact?  Do they assume they've lost them for good, or do they think they've run off together?  At the same time, Margo figures out Maddie's connection to Dallas.  What does she deduce?  Whatever it is, she convinces Maddie to talk with someone about it as Tom tells Casey he needs to be there for the young teen.  So just what exactly has happened to Maddie that she needs so much support?  More importantly, will she get it?  In other parts of Oakdale, Jessica notices the bond that still exists between Jack and Carly and asks them if she should still go ahead with the divorce papers. What will they say?  Will they change their minds and give into their feelings, or will they tell her to press on with the divorce?  Tune in to see which way lives spin this week on As the World Turns.  

Bold & the Beautiful

This week finds Massimo and Stephanie celebrating.  What are they whooping it up over?  Who or what have they gotten the upper hand on?  Don't know if it's related, but Nick is later seen facing disappointment and hurt.  What's he so upset about?  Does it have anything to do with Brooke?  Maybe, maybe not, as on Friday a certain bride and groom must make a difficult decision. But is it Brooke and Nick we're talking about?  More importantly, will the couple in question walk down the aisle, or away from each other?  In the meantime, a Forrester returns to the fold.  Who makes his way back to L.A?  Our sources tell us it's none other than Rick, but what's he doing back?  Has he come home for the ceremony?  Find out if there's a wedding in the future for your favorite couple this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.   

Days of our Lives

The Fourth of July holds many celebrations for all of Salem.  But just who is getting together to enjoy the holiday?  To begin with, we hear Jack and Jennifer reminisce about past picnics together as Kayla tries to do the same the Steve.  Will the holiday bring these couples closer together?  Will Jack have more July 4th's to look forward to?  Furthermore, will Steve...



... remember his past with Kayla?  Later on, Carrie and Lucas prepare to become husband and wife.  Will they actually make it down the aisle?  Or will something happen to spoil their big day?  Join everyone on the pier and enjoy the fireworks display before Wimbledon pre-empts Days of our Lives on Thursday and Friday this week.

General Hospital

Now that Jason has been arrested, how will he ever find his true love?  Don't worry, we're told that Elizabeth helps Jason escape from the PCPD and he is free to go to Sam.  Does he get to her in time?  Fortunately he does, as he bursts in right as Manny is about to tattoo her.  Nice work Morgan, but what happens next? Will Jason take down the human canvas for good?  That seems to be his plan, but our hero is waylaid by Manny when the psycho shoots him.  That can't be good, but will Jason bounce back?  Of course he does as he chases his enemy to the roof where Lucky is ready and waiting for the perp.  With both Jason and Lucky prepared to finish him off for good, does this mean it's the end of the road for Manny?  Even though we love to hate him, his days are in fact numbered, but who does the deed?  Is Jason or Lucky the reason Port Charles is free from the madman's reign of terror?  After the dust settles and Sam is set free, she thinks that Jason will come back to her.  Is that the case?  Is Jason ready to welcome her back in his life?  Across town, Carly attempts to save Sonny from himself. Will she be successful?  Can she bring the mobster back from the edge of darkness?  Will their old chemistry rear its complicated head in the process?  Find out if old couples reunite this week on General Hospital.

Guiding Light

Now that Jonathan has basically declared war on Alan, what will the fall out be?  Knowing Alan, he'll go to extremes to make Reva's son pay, but just how far will he go?  For starters, he shuts down Outskirts, cancels Jon's credit cards and freezes his bank accounts.  You can only imagine how Randall will take that, but when Alan goes after Tammy, Spaulding had better watch out.  What will Jonathan do to retaliate?  All we can tell you is it might not be what you'd expect as Jonathan takes a different tactic when it comes to getting back at Alan. As for Jonathan's mother, Reva gets some test results back.  What do they say? Do they give her hope, or does she suffer a set back?  Meanwhile at the Bauer BBQ, everyone is there except one noticeable picnic goer.  Who doesn't partake in hot dogs and hamburgers this year?  That would be the main Bauer's wife, but where is Mel and why doesn't she show up to the annual event?  Across town, Vanessa continues to push wedding plans on Dinah.  What does the mother of the bride envision for her daughter? Will Dinah agree with her mom or does she have something else in mind? While at the same time, Olivia tells Frank she's ready to go ahead with their relationship and wants to move in with him.  Since it's what he's wanted, will he take her up on it?  You'd think so, but in a surprise move he turns her down and they break up! Why does Frank have an about face?  Could it possibly have anything to do with Buzz? Sit back with a burger and hot dog as you witness all the new developments befalling Springfield's finest this week on Guiding Light.  

One Life to Live

With the stalker lurking around, Rex creates a rouse to distract him.  What does he do and will it work?  It certainly seems to trick said stalker for the time being as Rex and Adriana are able to share a romantic night together.  But are they truly in the clear? Not exactly, as the blissfully happy couple aren't quite as safe as they think. What happens to burst their...



... bubble when they wake up in the morning?  Is the stalker closer than they know?  Meanwhile, Jessica deals with the possibility of what integration will actually mean for her.  What does she realize?  Apparently, she starts to have flashbacks of Tess's life and is faced with her alter's memories and feelings.  What does that include?  More importantly, does this mean she'll start to share Tess's feelings for Nash?  Watch as Jess and Tess begin to become one this week on One Life to Live.


Miguel and Kay find themselves trapped on Tabitha's roof, as it becomes engulfed in flames.  Will they get to safety before the fire gets to them?  We don't know about that one, but we do know they have little Maria with them and will do anything to make sure she escapes the inferno.  What’s their plan?  Rumor has it; they throw her from the roof!  Good lord that's drastic, but as it's their only option, will their baby fall to safety?  Meanwhile, Alistair unleashes a vicious attack on Luis and Fancy.  What exactly does he do?  We can't give out all the details, but we can share that it involves some unhappy lions.  Why does he go to such extremes and will the unlikely twosome escape their wrath?  Elsewhere, Teresa tracks down Ethan to share some shocking news. What does she tell him?  All we know is she lets him in on what she learned from J.T.  How will he take this newfound info?  Will it turn out the way Theresa hopes it will?  In the meantime, Chris destroys important evidence.  What does he cover up?  The grapevine is buzzing with news that he gets rid of info linking him to the vendetta in Rome.  That's awfully interesting, but just how is he involved and what exactly is he up to?  There's more mystery to unlock, so keep it tuned to Passions this week until Thursday and Friday when NBC’s Wimbledon coverage begins.

Young & the Restless

Sharon has a surprising proposal for Nick. What does she suggest?  Will he take her up on it?  Elsewhere, Katherine counsels Nikki. What does she need advice on? What's got her so concerned?  Does it have anything to do with Victor?  Across town, Devon becomes concerned about Neil.  What's he so bothered about?  Apparently, he doesn't exactly like the fact that his dad has the hots for the sexy Carmen.  Will he confront Neil about it?  Or will he just brood about it until Dru comes home?  Meanwhile, Michael has some patriarchal issues of his own when he starts to think about his birth father.  Will he try to track him down?  It seems so as Mikey turns to Gloria for help. Will she give him the info he's looking for?  Furthermore, what's got him so interested in re-connecting with his dad all of a sudden? Find out when you visit Genoa City this week on the Young and the Restless.

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