First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 7-17-06

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Erica spills the beans.  Brooke and Stephanie face off.  Fresh peeks all soaps.


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All My Children

Kendall gets the DNA tests back and is shocked by the results.  Apparently, they reveal that Greg could indeed have been Spike's father.  Good lord is it true?  Or does the DNA match only because Josh is her brother?  Let's hope it's the latter, but Kendall, who knows nothing of Josh’s true family heritage, is certainly FREAKED OUT.  Wouldn't you be? So, what will she do?  Even though she's told the tests are inconclusive, she's in utter despair and there's only one person who can ease her fears and that's her mother.  What will Erica do for Kendall?  It's been a long time coming, but she finally breaks down and admits that Josh is her son.  How will Kendall react?  As horrified as she is by Madden's actions towards her mother, Kendall gets a little bit of hope and decides to run another test.  Who will she have tested this time? That would the daddy she's hoping for and that's Ryan.  But will the results turn out the way she wants them to?  As for Ryan, he learns what Annie's true story is and agrees to help her.  What's she running from?  How will Ryan be able to help and will it work?  Big reveals are coming; so don't be left out in the dark this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Meg lays down the law with Paul this week.  What does she tell him?  We hear she wants him to stop obsessing over Emily and start focusing on them. What does he do to make her confront him?  More importantly, will he do what she asks?  Meanwhile, Maddie is trying to deal with her past assault as well as the fact that Lia keeps coming on to Casey.  What will she do with all her bottled up emotions?  Since she's been seen wielding a knife lately, combined with the fact that Lia is attacked later in the week, could this mean Maddie channels her anger into an overtly aggressive manner?  Could she possibly be the one who comes after Lia?  Across town, Katie and Mike try to deal with Simon's presence in their life. How will they do this?  Don't know, but you can be sure they don't exactly believe him when he tells the couple he is independently wealthy.  Is this just another con he's pulling, or is he in fact loaded?  The newly married couple thinks it's the former, but are they right?  Seemingly Jack has the answer, as he's checked out Frasier's story, but what will he tell Mike and Katie?  Will he confirm or deny Simon's millions?  Speaking of Jack, he tries to come to Carly's rescue.  Why does she need assistance? Furthermore, will she accept it?  Elsewhere, Luke gets talked into having a drink.  After everything that happened last year, why would he even consider this?  We'll let you figure that out on your own, but the more pressing issue is what happens when he gets into a car accident while driving drunk?  Furthermore, which father will show up to bail him out?  Witness the many lives that spin out of control this week when you check out As the World Turns.

Bold & the Beautiful

The Forresters are forced to deal with the loss of a family member.  Who are they grieving for? Since Taylor was last seen mowing Darla down with her car, you can probably assume they're grieving for Thorne's wife.  But how will they cope with their tremendous sadness?  Furthermore, will they discover it was Taylor who's at fault?  While the Forresters gathers to grieve, Brooke gets a visit from a member of her own clan.  Who shows up this time to drop in on the newly married Mrs. Nick Marone?  Our sources tell us that it's none other than her sister Donna.  But what's brought her back to town?  Furthermore, what will she think of her sis's new husband?  We don't have that intel, but we do know Brooke later has a run in with Stephanie.  What happens when these enemies get together?  Will it be another blow out or in the wake of recent events do they find some common ground?  Our sources tell us that even death can't keep these ladies from drawing out their claws as they call an end to their truce.  What brings about their latest rift? Does it have anything to do with Brooke's recent marriage and rejection of Ridge?  As for Brooke's daughter, she has family issues to deal with as well as she has...




...a heart to heart with Dante. What do they discuss?  Apparently, they're already looking to start a family.  Why the rush?  What else do they have planned for their future together?  Get the goods on all things Bold and Beautiful this week when you tune in.

Days of our Lives

Philip's mad as heck and he's not gonna take it anymore. How does he plan to rid himself of his frustrations?  Like the macho man that he is, he solves his problems on the racetrack.  But is he qualified to handle a sports car at such high speeds?  Will he be able to whip around the track in Max's car safely?  It looks like not, as the young Kiriakis is later seen clinging to life as emergency workers try to save him.  How did he lose control of the car?  Will he survive his accident?  No pun intended, but what got him so revved up, if you will, in the first place?  Could it have anything to do with Philip overhearing Shawn confess his love to Belle?  Yep that's right, both Mimi and the brave soldier hear his admission, but why has Shawn decided to fess up now?  How will Belle react?  While Philip plays fast and loose with his car, Max has other matters on his mind.  Like what you might ask?  According to the grapevine, he hits the sheets with Chelsea.  Does this mean she's gotten him to forget about Stephanie?  Are they finally a real couple, or just having fun?  Find out what the youth of Salem is up to this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

Ric better watch his back this week.  What's going on with Sonny's little bro?  It seems everyone is on to him and his creative way of helping Sonny through his ordeal.  Who's out to get to the bottom of Ric's manipulative ways?  First up is Carly who starts to put the pieces of Emily's mystery dress together.  Will she get evidence that links Ric to the frock in question?  Next in line is Jason who confronts his nemesis about his role in Sonny's breakdown.  What will Ric have to say for himself? What crafty tale will he spin to cover his tracks?  Finally, the don himself confronts his brother about the way he assisted him through his dark time.  What will Ric say to the man he desperately wants to be accepted by?  Will he be able to convince him of his loyalty or is he finally running out of excuses?  Meanwhile, Sonny has other things to deal with when he realizes he's starting to have feelings for Carly again.  Will he deal with this head on and confront his ex?  What about Emily?  More importantly, is Carly having the same feelings?  It certainly looks that way, but will she do anything about them or is she too scared of getting hurt again?  Elsewhere, Noah decides to take a new role in his son's life. What could that be?  Word around town is he's ready to play matchmaker and sets up Patrick and Robin on a date.  Will they fall for the senior Drake's machinations?  Or will they turn around and run when they figure out what he's done?  At the same time, Anna encourages Robert to get Skye out of town.  We know Red wants to leave, but why does Anna want to see her take off?  Since we know she's in PC to get Alcazar that would be a good guess.  But how will Skye's absence further DeVane's agenda?  Will it work?  Find out what everyone is up to in your favorite city this week on General Hospital.

Guiding Light

Billy offers to donate his bone marrow when it's discovered he's a match for Reva.  Will he be the one to save her life, or will complications arise?  It seems the latter, as Reva decides to finally call Josh to tell him she needs him.  But what's happened to ruin Billy's attempt to rescue his friend and will Reva actually get through to Josh to fill him in on all that's been happening?  We can't answer that but we do know while Reva is battling cancer, Josh is battling his feeling for his sister-in-law.  Will he hold firm and continue to fight his attraction, or will he give in to their mutual affection?   Meanwhile, Mallet comes across a photo on the internet. It’s of Dinah and Gus kissing.  How does he stumble upon this?  Who would have posted this on the web?  Can't say for sure, but all those involved think it's Alan-Michael.  Are they right?  Is he the one behind this embarrassment?  Elsewhere, after Tammy's ordeal with the robbers at Company, Jonathan rushes over to confront Alan and blames him for the incident.  But is he right?  Is this Alan's latest move against Randall or was it truly a random burglary?  Find out what all of Springfield is up to this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

Evangeline discovers there's an eye surgery available to her, but it's ultra expensive.  Since she's a big shot lawyer, will she be able to afford it?  It seems like not, as Cristian decides he'll be the one to get it for her.  But he's a down and out artist/boxer, how can he help her?  With one big prizefight, that's how.  But will he be able to pull it off, or will his bum hand get in his way?  Meanwhile, Todd wants to be the one to take care of Vangie and gets into it with Cris about who should be the one to care for her.  What will the rivals have to say to each other?  Since Todd probably has the money, shouldn't he be the one to pay for it?  He does owe her you know!  Anyway, Evangeline and Cris start to share a night of romance after he tells her he loves her, but as luck would have it, Todd bursts...



...their bubble by interrupting them.  After the two men go round two over who will be the one to pay for her surgery, Evangeline takes a bad fall.  What happens to her? Will she be alright?  Will she get the surgery she needs and will it restore her eyesight?  Find out if Evangeline will ever see the light of day again this week on One Life to Live.


This week finds Sheridan suffering another tragic loss.  Since we already know she mourns Marty this week, is that what we're talking about?  Or does something else happen to her?  Elsewhere, Kay slips a little something extra into Miguel's drink.  What does she give him?  Word from the top is, Kay gives her ex a little shove in the right direction by putting a lust potion in his beverage.  Will it work?  Will Miguel be put under her spell?  It certainly looks that way as the two are spotted getting it on shortly after he drinks her concoction.  How long will her spell last?  Will he remain affected after they make love?  While Kay uses her magic on Miguel, Siren has some tricks of her own in mind.  What's she up to?  It seems she makes a little aphrodisiac-laced stew, but who is it intended for?  We're not exactly sure, but we do know Sam eats it.  Is he the intended target or is he just an innocent victim?  Meanwhile, Theresa runs into the new stranger in town.  Who is he and how does she meet the oh so very attractive Jared? Will he be the new object of her affections?  At the same time, Eve makes a choice between the men in her life.  Who does she choose?  Unfortunately for Julian, she decides to spend the night with TC instead of him.  Why does she opt to be with her ex and how will Julian take it?  Stir up some Passion of your own when you visit Harmony this week.

Young & the Restless

Now that he knows what's wrong with him, will Victor listen to his doctor's advice?  His wife certainly wants him to, but will Newman do what Nikki tells him to?  More importantly, is Vic's condition treatable and will he do what it takes to fix it?  While The Mustache is dealing with his diagnosis, Jack does what he can to encourage his rival's reckless behavior.  What does that entail?  How far will Jack push his enemy to get what he wants?  Meanwhile, Daniel and Kevin get a visit from a shady person from their past. Who shows up in Genoa City?  Why does he threaten the duo?  Across town, JT gets some info on Brad's past. What does he dig up?  To add another piece to the puzzle, it appears as if Carlton was involved in a murder investigation once upon a time.  What was his role in it?  Will JT confront his girlfriend's father about what he's learned?  Elsewhere at Newman Enterprises, Dru is still out of town leaving Neil all alone with the tempting Carmen.  Will he act on his growing attraction towards his colleague?  More importantly, will Dru return before it's too late?  Find out what's in store for your favorite characters this week on The Young and the Restless.