First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 7-10-06

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Tad beds Krystal. Life lost in LA. Chad's secret. Fresh peeks all soaps

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All My Children

Even though he's dead it doesn't mean Greg has stopped wreaking havoc in Pine Valley. What chaos is he creating from the grave?  Since he's done it oh so many times already, Kendall figures it isn't that much of a stretch to assume he did it to her. But did he?  Could Dr. Madden have impregnated Kendall with his goods?  That's what she's determined to find out and goes to Josh for help.  But what can he do?  Whatever it is, will it give Kendall the answers she's looking for?  While her daughter is busy figuring out the paternity of her child, Erica is freaking out that her secret about Josh being her son will come out.  Is she right?  Will mini La Kane stumble upon the truth when she goes digging for Madden DNA?  Elsewhere, JR is being blackmailed.  Who would do such a thing and why?  We don't have the who, but the why is they think Junior is Greg's killer.  Are they right?  Don't know, but JR sets out to get the person behind the threats and gets quite a shock in the process.  Does he figure out who's trying to take him down?  Will it be who you think?  Put all the pieces together this week when you tune in to All My Children.

As the World Turns

The jig is up when Mike finds Simon and Katie on the island.  How does he come upon them?  What will Mike and Katie do when they learn about Simon's ruse? Furthermore, how will they react when Simon decides to stay in Oakdale?  Across town, Hal lets Parker move back in with Carly.  Awfully generous of him, but why the change of heart?  What makes him change his mind?  At the same time, Emily's hearing approaches and she scrambles to get Paul and Dusty to forgive her.  Will she succeed in time for them to stand up for her at the proceedings?  Will either man give Jen her dying wish and forgive the woman who saved Johnny's life? In other parts of Oakdale, Maddie sets a fire at the club.  How does that happen?  Is it intentional or an accident?  An accident is a good guess, but she denies she was anywhere near the place anyway.  Unfortunately for her, Jade knows better.  Will Jade rat her out?  Or does she have other plans for the accidental arsonist? Over at the hospital, Damian asks Lucy for a favor.  What does he ask of her?  Just that she let him know when Holden isn't sitting vigil at Lily's bedside.  Why does he need this info and will she do what he asks? There's a lot going on, so keep it all straight by tuning in to As the World Turns this week.

Bold & the Beautiful

The Forrester clan gathers for Alexandria's birthday party.  Will it be a happy occasion with everyone getting along? It seems so, as word around town is the family shares some beautiful moments. However, they better cherish them as the rumor mill is buzzing with news that an unexpected tragedy strikes a beloved character. What happens?  Who is affected and is this a fatal event? All we know is, while one person is consumed with overwhelming guilt, another's life hangs in the balance.  What on earth occurs this week?  One thing's for sure, you do not want to miss a second of this intense week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

She's been getting her way lately, but her luck may be running out as this week finds Chelsea bitten by the green-eyed monster.  Who's she seething with jealousy over? Even though she's just hit town, Stephanie is making up for lost time and sets her sights on Max. How do these two acquainted? Does Chelsea truly have something to be envious over?  It seems so, as later Max and Steph are spotted moving in for a hot kiss.  My, she works fast!  But is there really anything between these two?  Or is Max just trying to get to Chelsea?  Elsewhere, Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Philip learn there may have been a problem with the In Vitro process. What could have gone wrong?  Come on, this is Salem, the sky's the limit!  But does this...



...mean this round was a bust?  Will they have to try again?  Meanwhile, Lucas and Carrie enjoy their honeymoon night. But even though the wedding went smoothly, it doesn't mean they're in the clear. What happens? All we know is a candle somehow sets a curtain on fire.  Uh-oh, will the happy couple escape unharmed?  Will this put an end to their romantic night?  Find out what the all the couples of Salem are up to this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

As Sonny tries to deal with his illness, he realizes there are only two people who can help him. Who could that be?  This is an easy one, but we'll tell you anyway…Jason and Carly.  But will the two people closest to him be able to see him through his dark time?  They certainly try and even get him to make an appointment with Lainey. But while he's on the road to recovery, where's Emily?  Unfortunately for her, Sonny's pushed her away leaving plenty of room for his ex-wife.  Will Carly take advantage of her new position in Sonny's life?  Perhaps, as she admits to Jason that her feelings for Corinthos have returned.  Does Sonny feel the same?  Could this mean Carly's back in and Emily's out?  Elsewhere, Lucky and Maxie find themselves in another lip lock.  Oh boy, how does this happen again?  Is Lucky actually succumbing to the mixed up teen's advances?  Whether he is or not isn't as important as the fact that someone sees them together.  Who spies the cop and his dealer in a compromising position?  That would be the already suspicious Dr. Patrick Drake.  What will he do when he comes across the very married Lucky kissing a very young Maxie?  Will he tell Elizabeth, or keep quiet?  See how it all plays out when you visit Port Charles this week on General Hospital.

Guiding Light

After all the problems the baby has created, Lizzie comes up with a solution to put an end to them all. What's her solution?  For starters, she wants to give the baby up for adoption.  What will Jonathan's reaction be?  What about Tammy?  Will Lizzie truly give her baby away?  Elsewhere, Reva is expecting good news from Colin. Will she get what she's after?  Or will she be disappointed?  Perhaps the latter, as she's informed she needs to come back to the hospital in order to be isolated.  What's happening? Why the need to separate her from everyone else?  Will she now finally tell Josh what's going on?  She might want to start thinking about it, as Cassie tells Josh she has feelings for him.  That's not very sisterly, but just how will Josh respond? Will he rebuff her affections or reciprocate them?  In other parts of Springfield, Dinah and Mallet start to plan their wedding. What do they have in mind?  We'll let you sort that out for yourself, but we will let you in on the fact that while they're blissfully unaware, a mysterious pair of hands rips a photo of the happy couple. Who is lurking around? Why are they unhappy with the twosome and what will they do next?  At the same time, Coop urges his father to go after Olivia. Will Buzz take his son's advice?  Don't know, but word on the street is Olivia blames Ava for her losing both Buzz and Frank.  Why does she hold her responsible?  Furthermore, what will she do to even the score?  Don't be left out in the dark, keep up with all the big doings this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

Blair steps up her plan to take Spencer down. What does she have in mind? Word on the street is, she drugs him with truth serum in order get him to admit what he's done.  Will it work?  Not exactly, as he realizes what's happened and freaks out on her.  Is Blair in danger from the man who claims to love her?  It seems so as he goes after her in a violent rage, but will she survive Spencer's wrath?  Or will she pay for her scheming ways?  Across town, Rex and Adriana continue to evade the stalker, but he isn't far behind. What will the junior P.I do to protect his fair maiden?  Seeing as it is summertime, we sense a little love on the run. But where...



...will they go?  Will it be all fun and romance or will the stalker track the couple down? Take off and hide out with your favorite star crossed lovers this week on One Life to Live.


This week finds Theresa fearing for Ethan's life.  Why does she think Ethan might be in danger?  Is there really a chance that he could die?  Moreover, will she take any action to prevent this from happening?  Elsewhere, Luis urges Noah not to give up on Fancy.  Why does Noah need some encouraging?  Is he getting ready to throw in the towel or will he take Luis' advice?  Can't say for sure, but Luis's attention is quickly diverted when his search for Alistair, Beth and Marty ends in an explosive tragedy.  Oh-no!  What happens?  Will one of these four not make it back to Harmony alive?  More importantly, will Luis be able to bring his son home safely?  In the meantime, Chris tries to cover up his past.  Will he be able to successfully rid all evidence of his former life?  It looks like not, as he appears to miss something that could link him to his mysterious bad deeds.  What is it? Will it expose Sheridan's husband for the man he truly is?  As if all this weren't intriguing enough, Chad is seen making a secret phone call himself. What is that all about? Who's he calling and why so mysterious?  As one adventure raps up, another begins, so get in on the ground floor when you tune in to Passions all week.

Young & the Restless

As she continues to try and dig up dirt on her father, Colleen fears she and Lily may be connected to Brad's mysterious past.  How is this possible?  What link could they possibly share?  We don't have that info yet, but we do know Colleen is starting to feel confused and more than a little off due to the investigation that JT started.  But even though she's in on it now, will their relationship survive the probe into her father's life? Can Colleen forgive her boyfriend for the mess he's started?  Elsewhere, Phyllis confesses her pregnancy to Jack and Daniel.  How will they react to her news?  Will they stick by her side and help her through her ordeal?  Meanwhile, Victor's condition takes a drastic turn. What happens now?  More importantly, will he able to continue to hide the truth from Nikki?  Be there for all the shakeups in Genoa City this week on The Young and the Restless.