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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 12-3-07

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 12-3-07

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Kendall teams up.  Jack’s situation worsens.  Fresh peeks all soaps.


Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children)All My Children

It’s time for the poo to hit the fan in Pine Valley.  First of all, we know that Ryan is no dope (although he did maintain his death a few years ago for some stupid reason, but we digress).  It doesn’t take him long to figure out the revenge plot Richie has up his sleeve. What is it with that guy, anyway?  Why so evil?  Regardless, Ryan finds out that Richie was released from prison by his shrink, one Dr. Chambers.  But get this. The only reason Chambers let him out of prison was because Richie got himself a life insurance policy naming Chambers as the beneficiary.  Not sure what kind of bedside manner that is but it sure did work for Richie.  Here’s the catch, however.  Chambers can claim benefits only if Richie is murdered.  If Richie dies from natural causes, Chambers gets no money.  So, Ryan figures out that’s why Richie wanted Annie to give him the poison. He’d be murdered, Chambers would get the money, and Annie would go to jail. To complicate matters, Lily gets caught in the middle of Richie’s evil doing this week, poor kid.  Will anyone come to her rescue?  Meantime, Kendall is beside herself with worry over Zach. She has a dream that makes her believe that Zach and Greens are together.  She soon joins the search effort, much to Aidan’s chagrin. Will teaming up bring them closer to their loved ones before it’s too late?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we will share this.  Aidan finds a drawing of the charm bracelet Zach sent Kendall.  Interestingly, he finds it at the same spot that he earlier found Greenlee’s cell phone.  Could Kendall be on to something? We know she is, but now, maybe Aidan will buy into Kendall’s beliefs.  One way to find out. Keep it glued to All My Children this week.

As The World Turns

Surprisingly, Craig coaches a pregnant woman giving birth in the elevator.  Should this touching moment become known to Meg it may make her look at Craig in a different light, especially when it comes to fatherhood.  Also having some difficulties in the family department is Henry who admits he’s not ready to be a father.  How will this effect his relationship?  Meanwhile, another gentleman facing commitment issues is Dusty!  He hesitates to make firm plans with Lily.  What an insult!  He seduces her and then leaves her out to dry on her own!  Tacky doesn’t even begin to describe his actions.  Elsewhere, Will banishes Barbara from his life once he learns her role in the baby scandal.  Will he be able to keep his mother out of his life forever?  Lastly, Emily cautions Chris not to go behind Bob’s back.  Does he heed her advice?   Nothing appears to be peaceful in Oakdale, so if you enjoy drama make As The World Turns the place to be all week long!

The Bold And The Beautiful

The identity of the gunman behind Stephanie’s shooting becomes more obvious to many on the prowl for the criminal.  First, Katie and Jake make a shocking discovery about the shooter!  Will they immediately go to the cops with their evidence or will something hold Katie back from moving forward.  Meanwhile, Stephen faces off with Eric and Stephanie as Pam watches on.  Why is Pam so interested in this exchange?   Not long after, Stephanie makes a positive ID.  Our money is on the fact that she names Brooke!  But wait!  Didn’t she originally say the shooter was Donna?  Who will she accuse this week?  Find out if you agree with Stephanie’s assessment or is there someone else you believe should be fingered instead?   Play detective yourself when you tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful all week.

Days of our Lives

Bo and Hope, forced to do their job as officers of the law, strategize to find the final suspect involved in shooting EJ.  Little do they know that their planning will lead them to the one person they would do anything not to finger. Who could it be?  We won’t keep you in suspense because not long after, Roman faces the hardest task of his career when he arrives on his ex-wife’s doorstop in order to arrest Marlena!  How will she plead?  More importantly, what was her motive?   Elsewhere, the Theta girls summon Max to the sorority house for his help.  Will he come through in time?  Days of our Lives is full action all this week so tune in and not out!

General Hospital

As if everything that happened during the Black and White Ball wasn’t enough, this week the Text Message Killer attacks again!  This time, he/she texts the Port Charles police department directly.  The message states that Anthony did not kill Emily.  If not Anthony, then who did?  Meantime, Trevor orders Ric to pin Emily’s death on Anthony regardless.  Trevor wants the case closed quickly. Wonder why?  Did he have something to do with Emily’s demise?  Either way, Ric and the rest of us are on to the fact that Trevor is covering for someone else – the real culprit.  At the same time, Maxie gives her statement to the police and unknowingly exposes Coop without an alibi.  Will Coop be able to talk his way out of this?  Later, when Maxie goes home, she is attacked by the strangler! Does she survive?  Shortly thereafter, Lulu and Johnny find Luke drunk and rush him to GH when he collapses. Luke wakes up to face his toughest challenge yet – life or death.  Does Luke finally agree to have surgery? More importantly, if he agrees to have it, will he survive?  Keep it parked in front of General Hospital all week to find out.

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, Guiding Light)Guiding Light

Gus and Natalie enjoy total bliss with their wedding day quickly approaching, but when they come to the decision to use the Beacon for their wedding the couple is quickly rebuffed.  This immediate refusal by Olivia makes Natalia think that her nemesis is up to no good.  Is she correct or is Olivia struggling with a lot more than anyone realizes?  On the other side of town, Buzz receives a reprieve one Doris promises to win the election fair and square.  May the best man or woman win!  Elsewhere, Bill continues to carry on like a train wreck.  His indiscretions fire up Lizzie when he actually hits on a potential client.  How much further can Bill go before he winds up hurting himself or someone else?  Later, Edmund threatens to out the paternity of Beth’s baby.  Does this man possess any redeeming qualities?  Find out by being a faithful viewer of Guiding Light each and every day this week!

One Life to Live

Another one bites the dust this week and from what we gather, many fans won’t miss her.  Here’s how it shapes up:  The van holding Marty and Cole goes over a cliff. John  is soon on the scene. He finds Marty pinned under a large wooden crate. He tries to move it but she screams out in pain. She thinks her legs are broken.  She then cries out for Cole. He is not in the fan.  She begs John, over his adamant protests, to find Cole as the boy is her life.  John looks around and sees that Cole has been thrown from the van. He approaches and revives him. But just as they are both about to head back to the van to rescue Marty, the van explodes! Cole goes crazy and tries to run into the flames. John holds him back. Later, Cole is overwhelmed and blames Ramsey for the accident. He grabs Ramsey's gun and is ready to shoot the FBI agent when another Llanview resident arrives on the scene and gets shot instead!  Who?  More importantly, do they survive?  Meanwhile, David confronts Marcie and tells her he wants the reward money offered for her capture. Unless Marcie comes up with a million dollars, he's turning her over to Todd!  Marcie heads off to contact Michael (notice the new actor playing Michael this week) and although they are both in tears, he tells her that he cannot help her as he does not believe she is doing the right thing for the child.  Will Marcie be able to fend David off?  Find out when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.


Nothing is worse than feeling left out in the cold which is exactly the way Fancy feels when she stumbles upon Luis and Pretty making love!  What will she do in retaliation – go the  “Fatal Attraction?” route?  No one would blame her.  On the other side of the spectrum, Pretty fantasizes about a future with Luis.  At the same time, a desperate Vincent enacts a new form of rehab in which he attempts to kill Eve!  Something tells us that this method is not approved by the American Medical Association.  Meanwhile, Tabitha sacrifices sleep in order to create new stirs; her latest?  She plots to create trouble at the Harmony Christmas celebration.  Bah humbug!  Finally, once Pilar’s sister is murdered, the shocked one comes to realize how high the cost of keeping her murderous secret for so long.  Her entire danger is in family now!  How far will she go to protect them?  Harmony is the town of death all this week.  Are you up for the scares?  Only one way to find out.  Tune in every day.

The Young and the Restless

What a shocker!  Nikki has a difficult time tolerating living under the same roof as Victor.  Does she walk out?  Her roommate, on the other hand, gives little thought to his current living situation since he is at risk of being charged with Ji Min’s murder.  Will Victor be able to find a way out of this mess?  Meanwhile, Brad and JT both hope his is the father of Victoria’s child.  They will learn the truth sooner than they think!  Meanwhile, Victor’s enemy is in some water himself when Gloria uncovers damaging evidence against Jack!  Could he be the actual killer behind Jim Min’s death?   Finally, Cane and Heather make an important decision about their relationship – whether they stay or go it’ll be an interesting, if not heated, conversation.   Set your Tivo to The Young and the Restless all this week in order to learn which “good” guys wander around aimlessly in the hopes that no one will uncover the monster inside!

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