First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 12-17-07

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Adam propositions Tad!  Luke walks. Fresh Peeks all soaps.



David Canary (Adam, All My Children)All My Children

Oh whatta tangled web we weave.  This week, Adam attempts to make a pact with Tad.  He tells Tad that he’ll find Kate if Tad drops the custody suit.  It is definitely an interesting offer. Will Tad take the bait?  Meanwhile, time is running out for Greenlee and Zach.  As they face death together, Zach opens up in a way that Greens has never seen before. Will her witnessing this different side of Zach change her opinion of him?  At the same time, Kendall and Aidan begin to fear that the worst may have already happened to their loved ones.  In their sorrow and time of need, they turn to each other.  How will they deal with the aftermath?  As Kendall and Aidan get through their fears best they can, the bomb shelter begins to collapse.  But get this!  It’s now not only Zach and Greens at risk!  As Greenlee barely clings to life, who else is endangered?  Find out this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Brad is in a quandary. What shall he get Katie for Christmas?  Thankfully, Vienna steps up to the plate and agrees to help him select the gift.  What will they decide upon?  More importantly, does Katie love it?  While on the other side of Oakdale, it’s a miracle in the making as Luke takes his first steps.  Is he well on the way to recovery?  As things begin to turn around for Luke, we find that Craig is up to no good.  Does his evildoing have anything to do with someone’s pregnancy?   The week winds down with a very special stand alone Christmas episode.  Lucinda, Faith and Nat are entranced by a doll house. It's a very special Christmas in Oakdale.  Is it one you’ll not soon forget?  Don’t miss a moment of As the World Turns this week and find out.

Bold and the Beautiful

With all the Logan’s back in town, it’s no wonder the Logan children band together to protect their own.  Will their stance prove fruitful?  At the same time, Ridge has a man-to-man talk with his father.  He appeals to Eric’s sense of fair play and all the years he shared with his mother.   Lo and behold, Ridge succeeds in convincing Eric not to let Stephanie down.  Does this mean Eric will not leave her now when she needs him the most?  We are not one hundred percent certain, but we do know this. Before the week is out, Eric will divulge his future plans to Donna.  Question is do they include Donna or not?  All we can say is that Eric does give Donna a very special gift. What could it be? While on the other side of the city, Stephen makes amends with his children.  However, just because he does his maya culpa, will that mean that they forgive him? Especially Storm. Will he now see his father in a new light?  Keep your remote glued to the Bold and the Beautiful this week and see.

Days of our Lives

Oh yes. It’s great to see some romance put back into love in the afternoon. This week watch as Kayla does her best to woo Steve. In fact, she is in full seduction mode when he comes home. Does he fall prey to her charms?  At the same time, Lucas steps up to the plate and bares his soul.  Too bad what he has to say is what one might call rather appalling.  Luckily, he makes this horrific confession to Kate.  But how does she respond?  Is she on his side, or does she now think somewhat less of Lucas?   More importantly, what exactly is it that he confesses?  Could his admission have something to do with EJ’s shooting?  While on the other side of Salem, as Philip announces that he and Chole are going out on a date, Belle's jealousy flares.  What will she do to prevent Phil and Chole from dating?  Does she have the moral right to do anything – especially after some of her current antics?  The romance and treachery heat up this week on Days of our Lives.  Do not miss a minute.

General Hospital

It is a sad day indeed in Port Charles when a young girl’s life is cut short thanks to the further mechanizations of the text-message killer.  As another innocent victim is killed, will PCPD get any closer to solving the mystery and apprehending the culprit?  At the same time, Carly has a bone to pick with her former husband and thinks nothing of barging in on Sonny and Kate.  Does she catch them in a compromising situation? More importantly, what’s so urgent that Carly can’t wait to discuss it with Sonny?  While on the other side of town, Luke gets some disheartening news when he learns he’s not out of hot water.  Does that mean that his open heart surgery was unsuccessful?  Are Luke’s days numbered, or is there some additional medical treatment that could bring him back to just about perfect health?  If so, and given his usual stubbornness, will he agree to any additional procedures, even if they could save his life?  Later, in some family-related matters, Felicia and Maxie have a confrontation.  Maxie goes so far as to turn a cold shoulder on her mother.  Why is Maxie so upset and angry with Felicia?  Then, it’s back to Carly as best laid plans go astray.  It seems that Carly’s Christmas surprise for Jax does not go off as planned.  What did Carly have in mind for Jax for the holiday, and why did her surprise go south?  Only one way to find out.  Keep your remote glued to General Hospital all week.

Kim Zimmer (Reva, Guiding Light(Guiding Light

Early in the week, Reva wants to have Christmas with Jeffrey at her place. But guess what?  In a soap like turn of events, Reva’s ex, Josh, invites her and Jeffrey over for a Christmas party!  Do they accept Josh’s kind extension of hospitality?  While on the other side of Springfield, although the sparks are flying fast and furious between Harley and Cyrus, they agree not to act on their feelings. Hum. Wonder how long that will last?  Speaking of Harley, her ex, Gus, is trying to have a nice date with Nat.  Only, Olivia has other plans. She plays havoc with Gus' date with Nat.  Can Gus exact damage control before it’s too late?  Later, as Bill blows Ava off (what’s she done now?), Dinah takes her anger out on some innocent Christmas trees.  What’s Dinah doing selling Christmas trees, anyway?  Ho ho ho and have a happy holiday cos this week on Guiding Light is all about friends, family, romance and Christmas.  Keep it parked right there.

One Life to Live

She’s been hooked on Miles for some time now, and this week, Roxy comes clean and lets him know.  How does he react?  More importantly, does he even hear her admission?  Speaking of romance, John and Natalie spend a morning after.  Are they comfortable with what they did the night before, or do they have any regrets?  Could this be the situation that gets them back together?  At the same time down in Texas, get ready for a free for all when denizens, both new and old, engage in -- yes you guessed it -- a food fight!  But why?  Back in Llanview, Cole receives and invitation to move in with a new family.  Who is willing to take the recently orphaned high schooler in?  Will he accept the new living arrangements?  The week winds down as Natalie confronts Jared, bringing with her some shocking news.  Does she tell him she’s back with John, or has she discovered his deception?  Only one way to find out.  Watch One Life to Live all week!


Sacré bleu!  She’s at it again. Tabitha is up to no good. But this time, Kay steps in and tries to keep Tabitha from causing trouble.  Will Kay succeed, or is Tabitha just too gosh darn determined?  Meanwhile, on the other side of Harmony, Theresa is acting rather strangely and her mysterious ways are out and out confusing to Ethan.  Will he get to the bottom of Theresa’s unlikely behavior before it’s too late?  At the same time, ya can’t help feeling a tad bad for Pretty this week -- especially when Luis tries to let her down.  At least he takes the kind, gentler approach by letting her down the easy.  Even so, how will she take the news?  The week winds down with Harmony getting into the Christmas spirit when Esme and Viki visit Santa Claus. Have they been good little girls?  Does Santa have presents or coal for their stockings?  Tune in to Passions this week and see!

Young and the Restless

Things are really about to be shaken up in the house of Newman.  This week, Nikki has had about all that she can take, especially now that she knows that Victor is adding salt to the otherwise open Newman wounds by calling in her loan.  In a fit of anger, Nikki decides to sue Victor, and guess what?  There are quite a number of Genoa City denizens that are on her side.  Which unlikely allies are enlisted to join her? Can they truly expect to beat the venerable Victor Newman?  Speaking of money, Amber is spending like a sailor on shore leave.  Naturally, Daniel begins to get suspicious of her spending habits.  Will he put two and two together?  Keep your remote tuned to the Young and the Restless this week and see.